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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Yercaud June 19th 2016

For a change, this time our trip timing was entirely dictated by Anagha’s summer break from badminton coaching. This being the final year in under-13 for her, there was very little scope for us to skip the training/coaching sessions. It was only towards end of April that 1 week break was announced and we immediately looked for availability of resorts in a drivable distance (less than 1000 KMsJ). This decision was easy we have learnt to respect our agreements. We narrowed down to Yercaud based on weather conditions, availability and closeness to Bangalore. Motto was to enjoy whatever Yercaud has to offer and relax rest of the time. “There are times when you get what you like, and there are times when you have to like what you get” The broad plan – start 11th May ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Kanha National Park October 25th 2015

Kanha National Park, MP – 5th to 8th Oct 2015 We are at the mercy of Club Mahindra to decide our travel plans. So, first week of September, we ended up choosing ‘Kanha National Park’ in Madhya Pradesh. We had heard a bit about it, but certainly didn’t know enough to block the dates and also book flight tickets within an hour (not putting any effort to get additional information). We wanted our kids to experience flight journey, so we went ahead and booked the tickets to Jabalpur which is the nearest airport, yet 150 kms away from our resort. That’s our (rather mine) habit ‘Take test from life and then learn’. Following lessons were learnt this time… · Overall travel is 6 times costlier by flight (for 5 people) · Our flexibility is totally lost ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » East Godavari District » East Godavari January 16th 2015

No planning, not much hype, we just wanted to visit some place during my parents’ stay @ Hyderabad. Inspired by few of my colleagues, we chose to go to Rajhamundry & Papi Kondalu. As always, my selfish interest to go on a long drive with full load (7 ppl) on Mobilio certainly played a part in the decision of this trip. The quick plan was to start early morning @ 5 AM on 27th, reach Rajahmundry for lunch, and visit few places there. 28thwas dedicated to Papi Kondalu and drive back to Hyderabad. I must say, this plan worked perfect, but for the part that wasn’t planned, we did have lots of surprises which again made this trip memorable. With the inputs from several people and help of ‘google guru’, the decision was to take Vijayawada ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Varca November 14th 2014

Preparation Learning from past experiences (in fact mistakes), we booked Varca Beach resorts in Goa on the first day (2 months in advance) when bookings were available. We had faint hopes of getting our new car (Honda Mobilio RS) which was booked in July. On the morning of Saturday, 11th Oct 2014, even though we were told the car will only arrive in Nov, I convinced Grishma to visit the showroom. Initial response from the manager was on expected lines. As a last try, we narrated the story of Indigo XL, and our plans to go by drive to Goa. Suddenly the person looked up his list, and there was a car available for immediate delivery. Moral of the story: ‘keep asking and presenting your case, there is nothing to lose, but everything to gain’. We ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg November 16th 2013

Coorg Travel-log (21/10/13 to 24/10/13) by Aravind Prelude It’s after more than 12 years that I am at writing a travel-log again. Not that, in 12 years we haven’t travelled, but for one reason or other, it simply didn’t happen. I dedicate this to the dearest family! When I make a comparison between ‘the then’ and ‘now’, I realise that slowly I have distanced myself from making detailed planning and preparation for the trip. As for everything else, this approach has its positives and negatives. Many of them revealed themselves during the trip. We hope to learn from these experiences and get better for next trip, which of course will be next year. We have forced ourselves to... read more

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