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July 27th 2014 I started on my Asia Tour.

I live in one of the greatest cities on Earth, Las Vegas, Nevada.
I love to travel and experience new and interesting things.
I also am a photographer. An old school, traditional photographer as in I only shoot film. It is a pain in the behind to carry when you travel, but well worth it. I process and print all of my own black and white photographs. Because of the fact I shoot film I won't be able to post any good photos while I travel. I will have my iPhone 5 with me to take some pics and the occasional video though.

My previous long term trip was to South America from June 2011-August 2012. Most other trips have only been a month long.

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 29th 2015

Just over a month ago, on April 25tha 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. The earthquake struck about half way between Kathmandu and Pokhara, the 2 biggest cities, with the former being the capital of Nepal. As of today the death toll stands at 8924. I was in Pokhara attending an introduction to Buddhism course. We were in the middle of a discussion on karma when the earthquake hit. There were 26 people in the class. When we realized what was happening some people started heading down the stairs to the courtyard. My initial reaction was to stand near a stanchion because I remember hearing that you should get under a table or stand in a doorway support beam because that is the strongest part of a building. Then I realize that I am in Nepal and ... read more
Earthquake in Nepal 2
Earthquake in Nepal 3
Earthquake in Nepal 4

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 6th 2015

Holi, the Festival of Colors So yesterday was Holi the Hindu celebration of Spring, also known as the festival of colors. It marks the end of winter and beginning of spring according to the lunar calendar, as opposed to the vernal equinox, which happens on March 20th and is observed in the western world. Holi is celebrated by throwing colored powder at people or smearing it on their face and chest along with shooting squirt guns and throwing water balloons. Of course not all the kids can afford squirt guns so they improvise by taking an old 1 ½ or 2 liter soda bottle mixing the colored powder and water and poking a small hole in the top to spray the water. Everyone is fair game on Holi day, it doesn't matter if you ar... read more
The Powder is  Just a Flying
It's All Done With Respect
This is What the Colored Powder Looks Like in It's Calm, Natural State

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach November 27th 2014

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but Happy Thanksgiving. This day also marks my 4th month on the road. This Thanksgiving what am I thankful for? First, I am thankful for my health. People take it for granted, but good health is invaluable. All the money in the world can't buy good health. It can help you afford the best in healthcare, medicines, and treatments, just not good health in and of itself. So health leads me to the second thing on my list... Second, being able to travel. I am thankful that I am able to travel the world, from the middle of the Amazon rainforest, to the Himalayan Mountains, to the most cosmopolitan of cities like Paris, Buenos Aries, New York, etc. I am thankful for the exposures to new cultures and experiences ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra August 13th 2014

Things I Did In Mumbai (Please scroll down to see all the photos) Go see a Bollywood movie: Check Smoke out with The Baba: Check Star in a Bollywood Movie: Check It was nice seeing you Mumbai, but now I'm moving on. Or maybe a little more explanation is in order, here it goes. 1) Go See a Bollywood Movie So I'm hanging out in Mumbai with 2 girls, Belgium and Dutch on a Saturday and they are looking to shop a bit so then we stop in an upscale restaurant to eat. They have an expansive menu, American food, Chinese food, Indian food, Lebanese food, and one other kind I can't recall right now. Trinh, the Dutch girl brings up a fact from Kitchen Nightmares that a place that has everything probably can't do anything ... read more
Trinh getting ready for her Bollywood debut.
Trinh & Thali out for drinks.
On the way to the temple

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra July 29th 2014

So here I am sitting in Mumbai. This trip takes me to Asia, starting off in India. How long will it last? Where am I going? I have no precise date to return. I couldn't get the time off I wanted for this trip so I had to think about it for a second and I quit my job. I had saved up for this trip and planned it for almost 2 years (well don't let me lie to you, there was no planning), so when I didn't get the time off I needed I resigned. I have nothing tying me down so I figured I might as well go for it because who knows what could happen if I wait. Now with no date I have to be back I will try to travel for ... read more
London Heathrow Airport, Plane Landing @ Sunset #2
London Heathrow Airport, Plane Landing @ Sunset #3
Mutton with butter Roti

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió June 14th 2012

Please click on the entry to see the full text and all photos. So it was on this day a year ago, June 14th2011 that I left Vegas and the States to start my South American odyssey. A whole year has passed and I can’t believe it. I know it sounds cliché, but it doesn’t seem like I have been away that long. I feel as if I could go on for a while longer. As a matter of fact, there are only 2 things keeping me from extending my odyssey. One is money. Hey the funds are running low (now if you want to donate to the Keep Dave Oliver Traveling Fund I do accept Visa and American Express). The second reason is I do have a job to go back to. If I did ... read more
A burger from where I work.
A burger from Canoa, Ecuador.
A sandwich from Merida, Venezuela.

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Jericoacoara April 11th 2012

So I finally tamed the Amazon river from one of the starting tributaries to the end at the Atlantic Ocean. I hopped on her back like she was a bull at the National Finals Rodeo and I rode her for the full 8 seconds (by BTW, did you know that some of the best bull riders come from Brazil? Who would've thought??). Well since I didn't have to navigate the ship, plan the route, etc maybe it was more like riding a horse along a trail. Come to think of it, maybe it was closer to riding a merry-go-round, but that doesn't sound as exciting now does it? I finished the boat ride a few weeks ago and am now traveling south down the coast of Brazil. I will have more details on the trip down ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center February 14th 2012

So here I am in Quito, Ecuador. In less then 3 hours I will be on a night bus to Coca, Ecuador, officially known as Francisco de Orellana. It is a small oil town named after the Spanish explorer who first conquered the Amazon River. Francisco de Orellana started his journey in Quito and then traveled east overland to the Coca River then to the Napo River before reaching the Amazon River, which he rode all the way through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be taking pretty much the same path except for the fact when I reach the Atlantic Ocean I will be making a right turn, or I mean I will be heading south while Orellana headed north. Coca is off the "Gringo trail." Travelers do go there but usually fly in ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Canoa January 23rd 2012

So here I am almost just past the halfway point in my travels. I am behind in blog posts but not in stories to tell. Maybe one day I will catch up, who knows. So 7 months in and I have been to only 3 countries. At the beginning of my trip I imagined I would have covered a lot more territory at this point . But I guess I have always been the slow steady type. If you were to ask me what would I have changed up to this point in my trip I say nothing. I spent almost six months in Colombia, never thought I would have been there for so long. Four of those months at Manos Amigas and Let's Go Volunteer working with the kids, which so far is the highlight ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center January 8th 2012

So it's been almost over 2 months since I last made a blog entry and I just know that everyone is asking themselves "Where is Dave Oliver now and what has he been up to?" Well wonder no more my faithful 5 readers, here is the scoop. Since you last heard from me, I did the unthinkable. That's right Dave has finally left Colombia. On December 14th, six months to the day I left Las Vegas, I entered Ecuador. So what started out as a tour of all South America so far has resulted in myself going to only 3 countries counting the 2 weeks I spent in Venezuela. Also my birthday passed and I got another year older, but probably not another year wiser. But I couldn't care less about my birthday or any holiday ... read more
Basílica del Voto Nacional
Basílica del Voto Nacional
Basílica del Voto Nacional

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