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South America » Colombia » Bogota November 4th 2011

"It's time 4 new direction It's time 4 jazz 2 die 4th day of November We need a purple high." Prince, All The Critics Love U In New York This is a delayed post from early September. And any chance I have to throw in a Prince lyric, I'm gonna do it. So my second day back in Bogotá and I'm hanging out with this guy Nick from Portland, Oregon. We are walking by Simon Bolivar Plaza and see everything blocked off with a stage set up in the middle and someone giving a speech with a small crowd watching. Simon Bolivar Plaza also houses the Colombian Presidential Palace at one end and the Congress building at another end so there is always a National Police presence in the area but it was heaver that day ... read more
Carrera Septima (7th Avenue) 1
Carrera Septima (7th Avenue) 2
Carrera Septima 3

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 24th 2011

Can you name any Colombian food? I'm putting my money that you can't. Probably outside of Miami, Florida you would be hard pressed to even find a Colombian restaurant. And I would guess that the people only go for the atmosphere, and to reminisce about home because Colombian food is uneventful. In Colombia the almuerzo al dia (lunch of the day) is a good value and will fill you up. But I'm guessing like Indian food it isn't as cheap in the States to eat, the difference being that Indian food is worth paying for, the exception being the vegetarian food. If I have to pay American prices for a meal I wants me some meats. One of the best parts of eating in a Colombian restaurant is the fresh homemade ají, a sauce made from ... read more
Grilled Plate 1
Grilled Plate 2
Capybara 1

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 23rd 2011

Sorry for the delay in blog posts, but maybe one day I will catch up with all of my old half written posts just waiting to be blogged. maybe. I am now back in Colombia, I'll have to give details on my Venezuela trip later. But first I stopped back home in Las Vegas. I didn't even get a chance to see anyone, I just went to my 3 favorite places in Vegas, won some money and decided to come back to South America. Here are some photos from home. ... read more
The Bellagio has hit hard times.

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida September 25th 2011

So I made it to Venezuela. And I only got stopped and searched once. Border towns are usually crap towns, or an armpit of a place, think Tijuana. Cúcuta Colombia is supposed to be particularly seedy and bad according to guide books and online reviews. As a result I stayed in Pamplona which was a nice little town. So then I headed to Cúcuta and onwards to Venezuela. On the bus ride into Cúcuta I saw some nice areas and it didn't seem any seedier than any other place I have been to. One I arrived at the bus station in Cúcuta a guy asks where I am going and offers me a ride to directly to San Cristóbal, stopping at the DAS (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad, Colombian immigration) office to get my exit stamp, then ... read more
Meat on a Stick.
Traffic Jam in Venezuela

South America » Colombia » Boyacá September 12th 2011

I am backed up on blog entries, but I have a few in the pipeline. So here I sit in Pamplona, Colombia. It is a small town (45,000 people) near the border of Venezuela, about 2 hours from the actual border town of Cúcuta which is described in guidebooks as "a hot, muggy, filthy, crime-ridden city; its most well known attraction is the notoriously dodgy bus station. A town better known for contraband than its sights, though you may need to stop here if you're crossing the border." This means that I finally decided to cross over to Chávezland after going back and forth with the idea. Many people have bad things to say about Venezuela so 2 things compelled me to go for it. Guide books don't often have good things to say about it ... read more
Pamplona Hotel Room 2
Pamplona Hotel Room 3

South America » Colombia » Tolima » Ibagué September 1st 2011

I am not on that phenomenon The Book of Faces. Why, well I think that name says it all. Why would I want a book of faces? I mean unless it is from Helmut Newton or Herb Ritts I would pass on a book of faces. Plus it is also known as the social network. Now if there was a antisocial network I would be sooo there. Hey what can I say, those that know me know I am an antisocial person. I had a look at some volunteers Facebook friends and they seem to average 400 friends. 400, that's a lot. I did see that the average person has about 150 friends which is still a lot for me. Reminds me of a line from Prince's song My Computer. "I can count my friends with ... read more

South America » Colombia » Tolima August 24th 2011

I am actually writing another blog entry on my time volunteering but I had to post this first. Well it finally happened and just 2 weeks after reading it on another blog. So on Monday afternoons I help teach English to a group of police cadets ages 10-18 years. I just assist the girl who teaches the class who is another volunteer here at Manos Amigas. She is actually very good at teaching and very good with kids. She has just one minor flaw. She is from England and she doesn't know how to spell and uses funny made up words. Lorrie driver?? Color spelled with the letter "u"?? The letter "z" pronounced as zed?? WTF? Actually I could do a whole post on those Brits and Aussies and maybe I will. Although the Aussies ... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento August 15th 2011

So now it's time to say goodbye to Salento. Well maybe past time since I have been gone for over 2 weeks. Salento is the type of place I want to retire to. Nice weather year round and beautiful scenery. La Serrana is another beautiful part of Salento. Basically I just laid around and chilled out all day. I'll provide you with some photos of me at the office. At La Serrana there is one person who runs the place. His name is Pablo. Pablo is the official mascot of La Serrana and he reigns over the place. Pablo doesn't even drink water, they make him agua de panela con leche (basically sugar water with milk) because I'm told he doesn't like water. Actually he does drink water, I've seen him. Of course a dog will ... read more
Here come the clouds
Here come the clouds
Light Rain

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento July 22nd 2011

Those who know me know that I hate having my picture taken. I am a photographer and I am used to being on the other side of the camera. So sometimes when I am showing my photos of places I have been people ask why am I not in any of the photos. So now I would like to introduce you to my alter ego. For the past few years I have been traveling with my Lamont Morris my alter ego. He stands in for me for any photos I take. We have a lot in common. We are both former military, he was in the Marines and I was in the Navy. We both like to travel, cook and read. And in in fact we could even pass for twins. There is a small height ... read more
Lamont just relaxing on the farm
Lamont @ La Serrana 2

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento July 14th 2011

So here it is July 14th. This is a day of milestones for me. One month of being on the road. Also this was my last deposit into my checking account. Damn to think it only is going to get smaller from here on out. Unless someone want to make a donation :) I actually received my last paycheck one week into my trip thanks to the magic of direct deposit. I also mailed my first months vacation check to the bank and it was deposited on the first day of my trip. For the last 2 weeks before I left I was struggling trying to get my last month of vacation pay. I have a month of vacation every year thanks to being a member of a union. I always take the month all at ... read more

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