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Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin August 5th 2014

A month do the day after my last blog least I'm consistent in my silence! I won't lie, I've been cheating on this blog...I'm having a love affair with my new blog "Leave and Explore". It's very different, more reflective and personal, a bit more nitty gritty on my serious thoughts and opinions on the vagabond lifestyle, as opposed to simple accounts of actual trips. I highly encourage you all to check it out and follow me here: As always, I value your input. It is fairly recent, still working out which direction I want to take it. But I find it fun to write, so I guess that's the important bit! Now I have a Sparknotes version of my most recent adventure for you... In early July, shortly after a little red, white ... read more
Sha Tin Ten Thousand Buddha Temple
Japanese dinner
Hong Kong city

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin July 2nd 2012

Yesterday my host family and I went to the races for the entire day. Sure, it was the 15thanniversary of the transfer of power back to China and there were celebrations and protests in Central, but it was also a great day for racing, and they had special events at the racetrack as well (in between EVERY race). These included presentations, salutes, a marching band, Cantonese singing, traditional dances, etc. I’ve never been to a racetrack (for animals) before. And here I was at an internationally renowned track owned by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (which is also Hong Kong’s largest charity organization, donating 85% of its profits to local communities for projects such as gyms, schools, hostels, etc). The stands and the track have a gorgeous view of mountains -- we were not at Happy ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin February 27th 2012

Final day and its a bit sad to say that however it's been such a great trip that we can't have any complaints. I'm not sure what the reason is but again it was another terrible night sleep for me as I was awake from 3am until 7am and then back asleep for a couple of hours while Lauren had some breakfast. We had planned to take a taxi to Times Square to have a look around and do some last minute shopping. We almost didn't make it as we had the world's worst taxi driver, for the whole trip which was about 30 minutes we drove as if he was driving a manual car and it was stuck in the wrong gear for the whole trip, we just kangaroo hopped the whole way. Probably not ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin February 26th 2012

Got off to a strange start today. I'm not sure if it's jet lag or whether I am still not feeling 100% but I woke up at 1am and it took me about 3 1/2 hours to get back to sleep. The funny thing was that we were planning to get up at about 8am and do some shopping before the races however once I got back to sleep at 4.30am, neither of us woke up until 1.30pm! The races started at 1pm so obviously no shopping today and we didn't get there until race 5. I think since we have got to Hong Kong and slowed down, our bodies have also decided to get some rest. So we eventually made our way down to the train which only needed to go one stop before the ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin February 25th 2012

We both had a rough night last night as we were finally stung by jetlag for the first time on the trip. We both went to bed at about 9.30pm and for some reason I was back awake at 12.30am and couldn't get back to sleep until about 6ish... Lauren was a little bit the same although managed to get a little more than me. So after a lack of sleep, we both decided that a late start was in order and didn't leave the hotel until after midday as we headed across the Chinese border to Shenzhen. I had also started to attract what Lauren had last week and wasn't feeling 100% so wasn't moving too quickly. We arrived at the border and had to go through customs, which all up cost us about $80 ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin February 24th 2012

Well we left the hotel in Paris to get to the airport after a very cruisy morning which is something that we hadn't been able to have for a while. We were nice and relaxed until we reached the train station to head to the airport where everything turned to shit, people everywhere, couldn't buy tickets and then missed the first and second trains which was a major issue as they only went every 30 minutes. Eventually we said enough was enough and into a taxi and I think that's the end of catching trains with luggage! We had to fly back through London and endure a seven hour stop over before our flight to Hong Kong, we were dreading this as we weren't sure whether we could leave the airport or not however the our ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin March 24th 2011

Well I'm back. Sorry I didn't write anything I was just too busy. Trying to get settled and then I'll write and post pictures. ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin September 2nd 2010

Sunday 29th August 2010 We left Perth just after midnight on a Cathay Pacific flight. This was a new plane but it had seats where the base slid forward rather than tilting backwards and we found them most uncomfortable. Rags slept very little. We reached Hong Kong and caught the airport bus for a 40 minute trip to a bus station where we were met by David, a friend of Judy's, at whose house we were staying. David and Carmel live in an apartment attached to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Carmel is a professor here, David an associate professor at Lingnan University. Rags had not met either David or Carmel and Judy hadn't met Carmel so we spent a couple of hours really getting to know each other. We had a great chat and ... read more
Temple of a Thousand  Buddhas
The walk up past the Buddhas.
View over Shatin from the Thousand Buddha Temple

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin December 27th 2009

So some thoughts on Hong Kong... This place is the most developed metropolis I've ever seen. The city itself is an island, but beautifully developed areas stretch far out, all the way to tai wai, near sha tin, where I am with Johnny. The metro is gorgeous, with every station having glass walls covering the tracks like you see in airports. Travel on the metro is cheap (I've been all over the thing and haven't yet spent $10US), with prices depending on both where you enter and exit, and the metro card works like a debit card for buses, taxis, ferries, and shops. I've often thought Hong Kong reminds me of Mumbai because of the asian tropical environment, though its mostly a lot cleaner than Mumbai. Nobody I've met here speaks English though, except for Johnny's ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Sha Tin December 26th 2009

Hells yeah. Just woke up and I'm listening to rearranged and melodrama online. Yesterday was a fucking amazing day. Me and Johnny chilled until like 2pm after the crazy night before. We had lunch of udong noodles with his dad and talked about the kinds of netbooks out there, cause I figured I could use one for skyping and mobility since my large computer is such a bitch about those things. Around 4 we left to Sham Shui Po and found this enormous electronics store with all different vendors. In it me and Johnny could simply walk around and compare prices and models over and over. We narrowed it down to two models, one within the cheap range I was hoping to spend, the other slightly more. In the end I got the more expensive one. ... read more

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