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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island February 6th 2017

A place I called home I thought a year was a long time… turns out it isn’t! I spent eight and a half years living in Hong Kong, straight out of university and my first job was in Asia. I had a blast! I got to a point where I wanted to explore more of the world and left Hong Kong to give Sydney a try. Returning to Hong Kong after a year away was less emotional than I had thought! There’s something about routine and familiarity that we crave and appreciate as humans. For me Hong Kong felt so normal and I slotted right back in – a year didn’t make a whole lot of difference! I had a busy week catching up with all my friends there and celebrating being another year older! I ... read more
Central HK
Escalator Life
Look up

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island September 15th 2016

They've taken the typhoon warning signs out of the hotel lobby. It seems that the typhoon has gone somewhere else. Issy is very relieved. We catch the hotel shuttle bus downtown, and again board the Star Ferry to Hong Kong island. We then get on the Hop on Hop off Bus for a tour around Hong Kong Island. The bus takes us past a building that the commentary says looks like an upside down gin bottle. The commentary says that this is now the Hong Kong headquarters of the Chinese People's Revolutionary Army. It goes onto say that the soldiers who are stationed here are not allowed to leave the building, even on their days off. I wonder why they bother bringing them here if they're not allowed to go anywhere. I wonder if they'd be ... read more
Stanley, Hong Kong
Stanley, Hong Kong
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island September 14th 2016

We decide that this morning we will go up Victoria Peak. We catch the shuttle bus to downtown Kowloon and walk down to the Star Ferry terminal. I remember going on a Star Ferry when I was here as a nine year old, and the ferries don't look like they've changed too much since then. We swap some cash for two plastic tokens which get us through the gates which lead to the gangplank. The staff are all dressed in sailor suits, and they look like oversized four year olds. The crossing to Hong Kong island only takes a few minutes. The water looks brown and full of rubbish, and I start worrying again about the man we saw swimming in the harbour in front of the hotel the day we arrived. Issy says that if ... read more
Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Issy playing Tarzan, Victoria Peak Nature Walk
Victoria Peak Nature Walk, Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai July 28th 2016

Finally, I’m getting around to writing up my adventures in the Far East and first up was a trip to Hong Kong for a wedding banquet for my good friends Woody and Jenny. Them being such all-round good eggs, quite a large group of us had decided to make the trip out at the end of April to celebrate their recent wedding and we were all arriving in dribs and drabs the weekend before the wedding banquet. I’ve been to HK once before but it was pre my travel blogging days, so even though it wasn’t my first trip there, it gets a write up. Fortunately for me, I finally got around to use all the airmiles I’ve been saving up and booked up a First Class flight one way to HK, the holiday got off ... read more
The Star ferry across the bay from Kowloon
Junk on the fragrant harbour

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 20th 2016

Well actually day 1 minus a bit. We have been dropped off at the Parkroyal at Melbourne airport by Stephanie so we can meet our early flight time on Monday morning. All good with room, lovely views of the car park - no matter, here to sleep, not peep.... Now day 1 dawns. Up at 0500 to do the 2 hour bit for a 0745 flight. Wander into the international terminal at 0545. Up to the business class line - yeah baby, now it is real. Only 4 in the queue. Gotta love that. Bags checked all the way to Nice then the kicker, plane is 1 hour late due to late arrival. Bugger, could have slept a bit longer. Oh wel,, into the Cathay Pacific lounge. Hmm, tiny teensiest lounge but had the goods for ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island February 27th 2016

Hey Guys, So to those of you who haven’t read my Japan Blog entry yet, after coming back from Japan I found out that I couldn’t use my visa to reenter China again, thus starting an almost 2 week-long stay in Hong Kong. In the following Blog I will describe my struggle of getting a new Visa but also how I met a bunch of awesome people with whom I celebrated Chinese New Year and adventured Hong Kong. After I learned that I couldn’t reenter China at the port of Zhuhai, I was sent back to Hong Kong late at night. Extremely tired and worn out I stumbled through Hong Kong after exciting the ferry. I had no clue where I was and my phone wasn’t working. After wandering around for an hour, looking for a ... read more
Torstein, Laura and I
Roman on top of the Dragons Back trail
Street food

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island November 29th 2015

So here is the deal for Americans in Hong Kong ... its a great way to tip your toe into Asia. You get an international "experience," but you can ask anybody "where do I find the ferry for Macau?" and get an answer in English. Last night I sat down at bar and heard the bartender discussing a drink order with a waiter in animated Cantonese ... the waiter was dispatched and the bartender turned to me ... and without skipping a beat .... says "My name is Joe, how can I help you." So anyway, its a very modern, efficient place ... but as always ... there are crazy little things that I find fun. For example, the emergency exit signs depict evacuees fleeing a conflagration (actually I thinking they are "proceeding with caution to ... read more
Modern Metro
Star Ferry
Cable Cars

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak November 25th 2015

Anyone who travels has struggled with jet-lag, but let me tell you, a 14 hour time shift is something to experience. Its 2:00 a.m., I'm on my second cup of coffee, and it feels like noon .... which ... by the way ... IT IS! I'm hungry, but I have to wait 5 hours for breakfast, so I thought I would use the time to tell you about my trip so far. I'm in Hong Kong for a week, and after the first day, I'm prepared to favorably compare the urban vistas in this city against anything I have seen ... ANYWHERE. Take a look at the photos and judge for yourselves. When I was planning my trip, I was surprised by how little people seemed to know about Hong Kong (like, for example, it's in ... read more
Map of Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island November 6th 2015

Friday 6th November 2015 We arrived in Hong Kong at about 6pm with a plan to meet my friend Mel for dinner & drinks later that evening. Our original plan to take the metro to the hotel was quickly scuppered by throwing ourselves directly into Hong Kong rush hour. With the queues so deep we couldn't even see the train, never mind get on one, we abandoned the metro to find a taxi. Having finally located a taxi rank, we were speeding through the centre of the city in no time. The thing we both love about Hong Kong is the minute you arrive, you are completely engulfed by the huge buildings and bright lights and feel like you're at the centre of the world looking up. We were genuinely both mesmerized, and just a little ... read more
The moody view from the peak
Dinner on the peak
Syringe shenanigans

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island October 23rd 2015

Landing at Hong Kong is interesting as the runway is completely surrounded by water. We went through immigration without a word being spoken and were handed a slip of paper giving us permission to stay in Hong Kong until next April. All of the formalities completed, we exited into a huge concourse. Here we found out information about the trains and bought tickets for 100HK$ (~£8.50) for a return trip. The airport express took about 25 minutes and was a smooth clean journey. After about 10 minutes we emerged from the underground section to catch our first glimpse of the mountains, harbours and high-rise buildings of Hong Kong. It was hazy as the sun was starting to climb over the peaks. We left the train at Hong Kong Central Station and headed outside. The first thing ... read more
View from the Peak
The Peak Tram
Hong Kong Harbour

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