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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai March 8th 2015

March 8 2015- I have 10 more work days and 14 more days total in Hong Kong. It has been an amazing 2+ years living in Hong Kong. Professionally, I have grown a lot and learned how to embrace and understand different cultures better than in the past. I have worked on my patience and learned different ways to approach a situation. The most growth was being able to realize after 20+years in the industry that is okay to stand up for myself, and to say NO and not worry that the client or person will be upset. The education and growth learned from this experience is invaluable. From a personal side, I have met amazing people and developed wonderful friendships which I will keep with me and nurture, seeing each other on a regular basis ... read more
Cora and Ethan
Thai Food dinner
Tuck Tuck ride to the airport

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak February 11th 2015

11 fév Il est 22h45 lorsqu'on me libère à l'aéroport de Hong Kong. Le transit à Chicago, et puis celui au Japon m'ont tenus en otage pendant plusieurs heures. Pan Pizza et Starbuck à l'aéroport de Chicago, et puis Mangas et sashimi à celui de Tokyo. Ce fût donc un 27 heures 35 minutes à passer dans les avions, dans les foules aux escales ou en ligne pour les détecteurs de métal et de terroristes. Ouaip. Même à Tokyo la sécurité aéroportuaire s'est resserrée. Points de contrôle comme aux States. Ici, la douanière japonaise, du haut de son cinq pieds de politesse, m'a souri des yeux. Konichiwa, konichiwa. Ça souri beaucoup les japonaises. Même quand elles sont armées. Sans blague, j'ai eu envie de la prendre dans mes bras la petite douceur, toute menue qu'elle était. ... read more
Night in Hong Kong
Scène de nuit
Waiting for the bus

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 26th 2015

This is our afternoon siesta time on the second day of our visit to Hong Kong. In case you aren’t familiar with the word, siesta means rest or nap in Cantonese. When one wakes at 5 AM (jet lag issue) and walks all morning, the siesta after lunch time noodles is welcomed. We’ve been busy this last day and a half but you don't want me to detail our visits to the Ladies night market, the Temple night market, the Stanley market, the Peak, the tram ride down, the walk to Hollywood road and then the small streets off the main road that sell everything, I mean everything. You don’t want the details of our meals, Dim Sum, Peking Duck, noodles and more noodles, so I won’t write about any of it. Hong Kong is dense; ... read more
fran picture

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai January 10th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! Today has been a good day filled to the brim with Chinese heritage sites. I begun the day with visit to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (fair warning, it's not actually a monastery since there are no monks living here, the temple is run by laymen). It's a sweaty hike up a steep hill to reach the monastery and the path there is lined with golden statues. I must admit that some of the statues here are really creepy and not in the good creepy awe-inspiring way but in a just plain creepy way. Regardless it's a nice place to visit and definitely worth you time. After the visit to the monastery I made my way to the Che Kung Temple which is absolutely amazing, it is a Ming Dynasty temple dedicated ... read more
Che Kung Temple
Fung Yin Seen Koon Temple
Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai January 8th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! After a long flight from Copenhagen to Istanbul to Hong Kong I've finally arrived in this wonderful city and I love it already! It's a bustling metropolis and it's night-sky is lit up by tonnes of lights. It is such an amazing place and I look forward to seeing more of it. So far today I haven't really done much since I arrived fairly late and was delayed first from Copenhagen and then again from Istanbul due to snow. The flights has still been good though, Turkish Airlines are a really nice company, they served food even on the short flight of less than three hours and every seat has a great entertainment centre with a truck-load of good movies. They also handed out slippers and a good sleepers kit. Thumbs up! ... read more
Hong Kong
Old Bank of China Building
That's a Lot of Food!

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 31st 2014

Six months ago, I wrote about the first half of my year, and my aim of setting a new resolution each month. As 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on the latter end of the year, and the resolutions it entailed. Basically, at the beginning of the year I decided I would soon forget any new years reolution, so instead I created one every month. It only had to last for 30/31 days! The blog on the first six months can be found in the link below: So....August I tried something new called oil pulling - using coconut oil. I tried to do it once a day and felt the benefits. Looking back, it's something that didn't turn into a habit, but I'd like to do it again. Have a google for ... read more
Snap happy!
My photography face
I love photography

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 16th 2014

I hope that I have done all that was on my to do list for HongKong. ONLY one more day to wander around. I will go by tram the Happy Valley Racecourse Museum. Races happen at 19:30. I may and thenagain may not participate ... nonot ride the horse nor bet .... but watch the people and the race. The actual list is frozen in the fried notebook, which should by now be in some container in Shanghai Harbour. And now for a picture story of my second last day in HongKong. Below you will find with 20 pictures with titles and captions. Enjoy.... read more
Organizing Early in the Morning
December Gardening
Hong Kong Mosaic

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai December 15th 2014

What a lazy day. Slept until 08:30 and then worked on computer looking for info about Lijiang Airport. Finally by 11:30 I was out and going to deliver my bag of laundry. Whereas my few pieces cost $335HKD at the Nina Tower Hotel here at the downtown Laundry for 6 pieces I paid $60HKD. The clothes will be ready by six tomorrow. Then into the MTR at Central and to Admiralty to find the Flagstaff Museum where the teapot collection of K.S.Lo is housed. The man became rich by selling Vitasoy products all over the world. He donated his collection of teapots to the city when he heard that Flagstaff House was going to be turned into a museum after being the residence of the Commander of British Forces in HK. In 1984 it became the ... read more
High Court ...  Four Escalators Up
Mid-Levels Reaching to the Peak
Teamwork Beautifies the Fountain

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 14th 2014

HK is such a tiny spot on the map ... not even big enough to contain the name of its capitol although the capital is just oozing out of every crackin the concrete. This Sunday I encountered some woundrous surprises. 1. Filipino Guest workers amassed on the walkways going towards Star Ferry Service. 2. I found a book ... a whole book ... about Isugouharu Foujita, a Japanese artist. 3. I was amazed by the HongKong Dance Company. no pics allowed - google Storm Cloud 4. The sparseness of the Museum of Art HK remains unexplained. 5. Toilet was filthy again at MacDonalds 6. Watercolourist had set up his collection of paintings in the foyer of theCultural Centre and was selling his book. As I walked to the ferry wharf I encountered masses of women packing ... read more
Thousands on the Walkways
Isugouharu Foujita
The Art Museum Seen from the Cultural Centre

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 13th 2014

While accending the Mid-Levels Escalator after visiting the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum I was extremely lucky to come upon the following phenomena ... men without safety belts erecting bamboo scaffolding. One side of the apartment building is being covered so that maintenance can be carried out. One tenant was out on his balcony watching the process thru his small jardin. The bamboo rods are tied together with black plastic lengths. These hang from the waists of the men giving the appearance of huge horse tails. There are two views, one side view from the footbridge and then further along after a sharp turn on the footbridge a view straight on. Also took six minutes of video but apparently is not supporting videos at themoment. Will publish as soon as possible. It was a bit scary ... read more
The Floating Man on theLeft!
Stacked ... Ready  ... Next Site
Bamboo Stakes Reach Down to the Sidewalk

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