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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island July 31st 2014

So it's now August...I know; how and when did that happen? I want to go back a few months to January 1st 2014, and to new years resolutions. It's a while ago I know, but did you make any resolutions? Can you remember them? I'm sure many people go the distance and last 365 days, but for many of us, resolutions are a distant memory by February. This year I decided to do something different, and I thought I would share it with you. I realised that every year I made a "new years resolution" that was not that meaningful, and I would lose motivation to maintain whatever it was, or I had made it so generic that I could convince myself it was impossible not to achieve it! Here is what I am doing this ... read more
Put them away!!
Estudiando Español - Studying Spanish

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley July 21st 2014

Seven years in Hong Kong, and you think you’ve done most things there are to do. Thankfully I still manage to surprise myself and discover more. Monday, that tricky day of the week when there’s a lot to do and it’s back to work after the weekend. Monday night is often one of those go to the gym, healthy dinner, early night kind of days. This particular Monday I was offered the chance to do something quite different. I left my desk at 6pm, raced home to change, and by 7pm I was in a taxi to the start of “The Twins” hike. Five of us began hiking in the dusk, heading up over the first hill towards the beach town called Stanley. It was quite a surreal turnaround. “The twins” are a popular hiking route ... read more
Many of these
Up we go...
Head Torch thumbs up

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 26th 2014

My first trip was when I was one year old. My family moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from Colorado for my Fathers work. I don't remember anything of those days so let us leave it. We moved and traveled quite often but the first time I traveled solo was flying from San Francisco, California to Miami, Florida. I believe I was fourteen years old. Perhaps older, perhaps younger, but fourteen is close enough. My Father was a pilot for United Airlines, and I could fly for free. So I decided to take a day trip to Miami. I cannot tell you why I chose Miami but there I was, a boy dressed in Khakis and a nice shirt flying across the country. No hotel reservation, no car, no friends or family waiting, a few dollars in ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 17th 2014

In May, we were lucky to go to Hong Kong to renew our visas. We left on Sunday morning and took a flight to Shenzhen airport. Though it is much cheaper to fly into, it is also a bit far to get to Hong Kong. After a bus, a couple of subway rides and border crossings, we arrived at our hotel in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. The room was snug but very modern and much more comfortable than the one we stayed at in Korea. After a quick rest we took the subway 3 stops to downtown on Hong Kong Island. Though it is very busy and packed tight, Hong Kong has a lot jammed into its tiny space. You can find a lot of Western style restaurants mixed in with local food and ... read more
Elevated sidewalks
Ferry to Macao
Old Portuguese buildings

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 7th 2014

June 7, 2014 (Hong Kong) After a short rest, we took the Hotel shuttle to the Jade Garden restaurant for some mid afternoon dim sum. Using Dr. Lai's purported expertise in Chinese (Mandarin not Cantonese) we ordered the meal and enjoyed the usual variety of traditional dim sum food with a few surprises. With some communication gaps, we finally managed to get bottled water to drink in addition to traditional hot jasmine tea. Satisfied, we walked over to the Star Ferry station and took it over to Hong Kong Island. A quick cab ride and we were at The Peak Tram to go up Victoria's peak. Seemed like 400,000 other people had the same idea this afternoon, so we were in tight quarters for a long time, but finally made it up the peak. The tram ... read more
Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island
Apple Store in Hong Kong
Half way up the Peak Tram

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island May 20th 2014

It's a cliché, but yes the world is getting smaller. 

I have now lived in Hong Kong for nearly seven years and have witnessed part of this cliché myself. More specifically, I am referring to food. When I first arrived here in 2007, there were a number of treats and goodies that I missed from home. I remember the extortionate price of cheese (admittedly my income was fairly pathetic). On my first pay check, western imports to overpriced gourmet supermarkets were inaccessible. Familiar brands from the UK were switched for Asian brands, or Australian brands. Cadburys chocolate was always made in Australia, where the recipe is slightly different. There is a never-ending debate about whose is better, and of course whatever you grew up with always tastes best! The ever stubborn Starbucks was here long before ... read more
UK Food Festival
M&S Bakery
Grand Opening

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island May 11th 2014

According to our indispensable travel companion, Trip Advisor, Hong Kong’s number one attraction is its stunning skyline. I’m glad we’ve been lucky enough to see this cityscape on previous visits here as, this time, the whole island was permanently shrouded in fog for practically our entire stay. A thick, grey cloak rendered the famous Victoria Peak invisible and obscured the tops of the city’s innumerable impressive skyscrapers. The weather on arrival was a shock to our system as it was much more like Bolton than Bangkok. We’d left the latter in with the mercury touching 37 degrees and expected lower but still warm temperatures when we landed in HK. We didn’t get them. The visibility on the flight was absolutely nil from about 20 minutes out and, being totally engrossed in my Ross Kemp on Gangs ... read more
The Hong Kong Skyline
Rattling Along On The Tram
A Few Days In Macau

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island May 4th 2014

1st May - arrived in Hong Kong picked up in Mercedes limousine - arrived at the hotel in style about 10.30am - crashed out for a couple of hours to catch up on lost sleep. Went into town to explore with our map but got a bit disoriented - not lost but got taxi back to hotel!!! 2nd May - refreshed after a nights's sleep so decided to catch a ferry to one of the islands. Cheung Chau is one of the outer islands (half hour by fast ferry) and is "pedestrianised" with no cars. A busy traditional fishing community. They were preparing for their annual 'Bun' festival which celebrates good health and peace in the community. Back in time for a snack in the hotel bar then back down to the harbour for an evening ... read more
Ferry service on the Island!
Shipmates on Light Show cruise
Hong Kong from The Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 20th 2014

8h08 heure de Hong Kong : On est à l'aéroport, on embarque à l'instant... Bisous 13h32 heure de Pékin : On est bien arrivés à Pékin, après un controle de sécurité hyper long et parfaitement inutile, nous voilà dans le vol pour Paris. Plus que 12h de vol ! Biz Bon voyage et essayez de ne pas ramener le mauvais temps avec vous :-) ! "Dans l'avion pour Paris , on avait 4 rangées de 3 pour nous 8,du coup c'était pas mal, on a pu avoir un siège de libre au milieu à chaque fois, c'était plus confortable. On est arrivés à Roissy avec de l'avance, les bagages sont arrivés direct, tranquille ! On a donc laissé Gabrielle et Dom qui ne pouvaient pas passer de Hong Kong à Brest sans une escale parisienne comme ... read more
Dans l'avion pour Paris

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 19th 2014

Coucou, ce matin on voulait aller voir le bouddha assis mais il y avait une file d'attente hallucinante pour le relais, du coup on a abandonné... On voulait aller à un petit port sur l'île mais même topo, une file d'attente d'enfer pour prendre le bus. Donc finalement retour à l'envoyeur : métro pour le centre. Thomas Dom Patraq et moi voulions aller boire un coup en terrasse au 25e étage d'un immeuble, mais on s'est fait jeter parce que ça avait l'air hyper classe, et il y avait un dress code, pas de short pour les hommes ! Donc direction le parc de Hong Kong, où on prend un verre pour se poser un peu à l'écart du bruit. Après le parc on s'est séparés en 2 groupes selon les quartiers qu'on avait envie de ... read more
Temple de Man Mo
Dans le métro
Une rue le soir

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