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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou August 16th 2018

Good morning! It’s 10:48am China Time and back home, our family and friends are tucking in for bed. After uploading some pics from my trip to the Guangzhou Zoo, my high school English teacher suggested I start a blog. So, without further ado, I present to you: The Fryed Life. Blake and his orientation class are going over how to interact with kids and keep their attention...meanwhile, I am sitting in a mall massage chair and received a great massage for a whole 12¥ ($1.75 USD) and oh man was it worth every penny. Yesterday I explored Guangzhou Zoo. Mom tells me I have been to the zoo in Washington DC as well as the Natural Bridge Zoo near my hometown but I have ZERO recollection of this. So for 20¥ ($3 USD) I decided to ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou August 1st 2018

During one of my subsequent visits to Guangzhou (since it’s only 45 minutes away by rapid train) to meet with an old friend, I discovered YueXie Park while waiting to meet them near Xiao Bei metro station. It was only a short walk down the street where I spotted archways along the main road which shared the same name as the metro station. As always, my luck had me on the right side of the wide street to stumble across a large gate house by the road. I slowly entered to explore a bit to discovered this park that stretches between two main roads (Xiao Bei Lu and Jiefang Bei Lu) along Huanshi Zhoug Lu. I definitely did not have the time to cover the entire park but only got to wander through the east section ... read more
2-Tourist Map
3-Amusement Park
4-East Gate

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou February 18th 2018

I am happy to be back to China after about two years but, this time, it will be a travel/work/study experience. At my arrival in Guangzhou Baiyun airport, I had an inconvenience, my luggage was delayed and I had to go back to the airport the day after to pick it up. That was not enough, when I caught the metro to go to the hostel I booked, it seemed that the address I had was incorrrect because looking on my phone app the place was in front of me but there was no sign of the accommodation, none knew this place, I walked around the area to see if I could find it but with no success and at the end I found out a hotel near the metro station Meihuayuan. The place was very ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 20th 2017

For the past two days, I learned about why there was a high ranking Tibetan official continuously visiting the compound. I’ll discuss why in a bit. Kate’s father was hosting an awards banquet to celebrate the history of Taishan on the second and third night. Apparently, I learned that China government officials have tried to stop other companies from doing business by delaying permits, interfering with local festivities to stop the promotion of Taishan’s heritage. They do this because the officials may come from another town or village and wants to direct the attention to their hometowns. Her father finally got the permit and with the help of local businesses, will be hosting their first cultural banquet. The second night consisted of dinners with government officials, but I’m just gonna skip all that boring stuff. The ... read more
Dim Sum
More Dim Sum
Pork knuckle

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 3rd 2017

Norway, Lapland, Finland and Estonia, and Shanghai – Tom, Pam & Sheryl, 3-23 December 2017 We were really looking forward to this action packed itinerary begins with a seven day cruise through Norway’s majestic fjords, visiting remote islands and coastal communities not normally accessible by other means. Your adventure continues by taking you deep into the heart of Finnish Lapland where you will delve into the rich culture of the region’s Sami people and explore pristine Arctic landscapes. We will be stopping off at Shanghai on the way home for 3 nights. Sunday, 3 December: Leaving home at 6.00am by uber taxi, we went through the usual international airport routine and departed on China Southern (flying KLM airlines) at 9.55am, on time. We arrived in Guangzhou, China after a 9 hour flight for our 7 hour ... read more
Guangzhou Airport
Guangzhou Airport
Guangzhou Airport

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 11th 2017

I've written before about how I glean nostalgia and romance from the old names of colonial Indian cities. The same applies to China. Names such as Peking and Nanking. OK, perhaps not Nanking. But I was now heading to old Canton, now known as Guangzhou. And as you might have guessed, this is why people from Guangdong province and the language they speak is known as Cantonese. Cantonese by blood and one of China's major cities, it would have been remiss of me not to visit the place. Getting there from Macau was pretty straightforward, starting with a free shuttle bus to the mainland Chinese border from the Sofitel across the road from my hotel! Hotel-casinos put on these shuttles for Chinese coming over the border for a flutter in order to get them to flutter ... read more
Enning Lu
Canton Tower
Shamian Dajie

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou February 1st 2017

This was one of the many return trips I took to Guangzhou helping a friend and returning to my Adventurous self. I spent nearly half my first month in Guangzhou and the rest in Shenzhen upon my return to here. A new view and location in Shenzhen was found including a small but quaint apartment close to the Shenzhen North Rail and Metro Station. This freedom didn’t help me much as I felt too much like I was “nesting” here in Shenzhen instead of hunting down the wonders. I was still taking my normal exploratory walks around my new area but it was more to search for needed items instead of finding hidden gems. My return trips to Guangzhou helped me remember the feeling of being an adventurer once more. This feeling lead me to explore ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 20th 2017

I was now indirectly living in Shenzhen by now but I would return often to Guangzhou trying to complete the last major item there: The Guangdong Museum. It would be about a week after my official departure from Guangzhou that I finally was able to visit this last place and at the same time see the Hanxinsha Asian Games Park near by. But it was also a moment of minor inconvenience for me as my ever present courier bag ended up being locked in the museum after closing time due to my absentmindedness and need for a coffee. The Guangdong Museum host not only their own exhibits but also many travelling exhibits from around Guangdong and all of China. During my visit, they showed you the history of the navel trade routes created from China to ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 9th 2017

As far as small places go, a cathedral usually does not qualify but, being only slightly bigger than the square footage than the church on Shamian street, the Sacred Heart Cathedral is such a place. It is a beauty of ancient architecture placed in an older section of Guangzhou with a metro station that opens right on the small alley-street that leads to it which shares it’s name with that of the street (Yide Lu). From the old stained glass windows, gargoyle like heads, and the sharp peaks, it speaks of the ancient times when this nearly Gothic architecture was being used around the world. As I do with temples, I refuse to take pictures once I am inside ancient holy place out of respect but with wide open doors, it is easy to get a ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 9th 2017

And with a more complicated metro transfer, I arrived at the Canton Tower station. Ever since the Pearl River boat tour, I wanted to find this nighttime rainbow coloured tower and learn more about it. And after just over a month, I was finally coming out of the metro in the courtyard of this monolith that had surpassed the CN Tower in Toronto. It had not remained the tallest tower ever built but it did hold the title for a little bit. Coming from Sudbury (Ontario, Canada), I did have respect for tall structures thanks to our own “Smokestack” but no one gets the chance to climb that icon of my hometown. I did have the chance to climb to the observation deck of the CN Tower (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) but never stand in the air ... read more

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