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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
― Augustine of Hippo

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka December 29th 2017

The next morning, the group managed to sluggishly make it to the Tsukiji Market by 10AM. If there is a time you decide to eat sushi, THIS is the place to go to. Tuna is the king of the crop. Restaurant owners come in at 3AM to bid on the cuts of Tuna. We wanted to go to Sushi Dai (2 hour wait on the port), to eat. But we managed to settle for street food. (see photos) After the market, we headed over to the Asukusa district and headed over to the Kannon Temple. This is the OLDEST temple in Japan. Kate and I decided to dress in full Kimono attire to tour the temple. We visited the temple and said our prayers and then made it to the Tokyo Skytree. It is the tallest ... read more
Fish Market
Kabuki Kate
Dotonburi District

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya December 25th 2017

Today, our morning started at 8 A.M. where Kate's father drove us from Taishan to Guangzhou. After saying goodbye to the family, I told Kate that we will have to come back to her home if we can every year when we have the holiday break. After getting on the plane at 2:00PM, Kate and I arrived in Japan at 7PM. When we arrived at customs, it took us an hour to get through. By the time we met up with Ralph and our other friends, it was already 11 PM. After a late night we decided to call it an early night. Today, Kate and I woke up and did a quick some quick shopping in the Shibuya market. Surpisingly, there were still people working on Christmas day. We met up with my friends and ... read more
Shoppiny in Shibuya
Sushi in Japan

Asia » China » Guangdong » Taishan December 23rd 2017

Today was the last day in Taishan for Kate and I. Her father really wanted me to visit the village where he himself grew up from. Before him, his father lived there. And before that, his father lived there. The rural village was roughly only 30 minutes away and he told me when he lived there, there was a community of 200 people. Now, today since he still owns the original home, the village only has about 10 people. Upon arriving there, I noticed that the village has been kept in the same shape as it was 100 years ago just like how it was founded. The houses were extremely old, limited running water, and poor infrastructure. (see photos). Her father wanted to bring me here to pay respect to the Lin ancestors. Upon entering the ... read more
Kate's dad village entrance
The village well
2nd story view inside the house

Asia » China » Guangdong » Jiangmen December 22nd 2017

After barely sleeping for a few hours, Kate and I decided to go exploring a bit into the main city of Guangzhou. We were to meet her best friend in the downtown area so we headed over to a place. We had a quick lunch and then I learned a few weeks ago that Guangzhou had the largest Line store in the entire world so I had to go. Line is an app that featured characters such as Brown and Cony. Brown! Shortly after, we headed over one of Kate's uncle's restaurant where we had a table of 18 people that consisted of the entire family including all grandma's, aunts, and sisters. Spoiler alert, they were watching me. I also learned that the same uncle also originally opened the first Sam Woo restaurant in SoCal. The ... read more
Literally middle of nowhere
Elementary School Kitchen
Definitely staying a this hotel next time

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 20th 2017

For the past two days, I learned about why there was a high ranking Tibetan official continuously visiting the compound. I’ll discuss why in a bit. Kate’s father was hosting an awards banquet to celebrate the history of Taishan on the second and third night. Apparently, I learned that China government officials have tried to stop other companies from doing business by delaying permits, interfering with local festivities to stop the promotion of Taishan’s heritage. They do this because the officials may come from another town or village and wants to direct the attention to their hometowns. Her father finally got the permit and with the help of local businesses, will be hosting their first cultural banquet. The second night consisted of dinners with government officials, but I’m just gonna skip all that boring stuff. The ... read more
Dim Sum
More Dim Sum
Pork knuckle

Asia » China » Guangdong » Taishan December 16th 2017

From my parents house to Kate's parents house, it takes 22 hours door to door. Our morning started at 6AM and we left to get to LAX. After getting to LAX, we checked in at 8:30AM and we had roughly 3 hours to kill before getting boarded at 11:30AM. Before boarding, I told Kate that we probably should eat something and not wait for the airplane food. So get this, before traveling to China, I opted to eat at LAX's Panda Express before going to China. You know, to serve as a benchmark for what I am going to eat over there. ;) We board and for the next 16 hours, I try to keep my sanity. I finally watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens (the 2015 one), and I just wanted to let you know ... read more
Employee Cafeteria
Compound Kitchen
Night 2 Party

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka December 24th 2015

Today, Ralph and I had to get back to Japan ASAP. We figured it was a holiday and the train stations were going to be packed. Not only were the train stations going to be packed, but also the ferry station that had to get us over back to Japan as well. We headed out of Seoul around 9AM and I snapped a few more photos of Seoul and Busan. We take the ferry across the boat and end up back in Fukuoka. Later for dinner, we end up finding a traditional Japanese restaurant to eat at and then Ralph and I ended up exploring the city a few more hours after that. Happy holidays to everyone back at home! I am excited to go back home to LA. I got a 5 hour train ride ... read more
Bulgogi w/ Rice
Busan Port
Busan Bridge

Asia » South Korea » Busan December 23rd 2015

Today was the earliest morning for Ralph and I. We woke up about 630AM to get ready and head out to the ferry station out in Fukuoka. We didn’t expect the weather to be bad, but it was raining heavily in the morning. After getting on the ferry, it was about a 3 hour boat ride to Busan in South Korea going about 60MPH. The ocean was pretty foggy and choppy, but I did manage to get some shots of us coming into the port. You can already tell how different building structure wise compared to the previous Japan cities. Unfortunately, Ralph and I don’t speak a word of Korean, so there are lots of pointing, grunting, and poor attempts at Google Translate. I ate at Lotteria, which is South Korea’s biggest burger joint. Had a ... read more
Unfriendly Seas
Busan Terminal

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka December 22nd 2015

The alarm rings at 8:00AM for us and we quickly packed to head out to the Osaka Castle. Before going to the castle, we stopped by and ate at Japan's most famous burger chain called most Burger. See photos on how different the portion is vs. the USA. The Osaka Castle sits on top of the main city of Osaka, and has 3 moats. I don't know why it has 3 separate moats, but just imagine storming the castle and climbing the walls, only to find out there are two more moats to cross over. The castle itself has some great restoration work done on it. The place was packed with tourists and the castle itself originated from the 16th century. After getting a few photos of the castle, we sat down and then this happened... ... read more
Osaka 2
Maybe one day...286K USD

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto December 21st 2015

This was my last day in Tokyo so we had to get out of the city to head south. Hauling your luggage across subway stations in the middle of rush hour is painful. Its quite the workout and the quickest way to have everyone hate you for taking up so much space on the subway. You'll notice in this video how quick this bullet train is. Okay, maybe it had to slow down to pick me up, but don't feel bad for the built up anticipation. Here is an official video of bullet trains. After finally getting on the bullet train, we headed south past the famous Mt. Fuji, and I noticed the quick change of scenery from Tokyo down to the rural side. The homes look more distinguishable, but there the towns are much more ... read more
South of Toyko towns 1
South of Toyko towns 2
South of Toyko towns 3

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