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December 20th 2017
Published: December 20th 2017
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For the past two days, I learned about why there was a high ranking Tibetan official continuously visiting the compound. I’ll discuss why in a bit. Kate’s father was hosting an awards banquet to celebrate the history of Taishan on the second and third night.

Apparently, I learned that China government officials have tried to stop other companies from doing business by delaying permits, interfering with local festivities to stop the promotion of Taishan’s heritage. They do this because the officials may come from another town or village and wants to direct the attention to their hometowns. Her father finally got the permit and with the help of local businesses, will be hosting their first cultural banquet.

The second night consisted of dinners with government officials, but I’m just gonna skip all that boring stuff. The third night consists of performances from local artists of singing and dancing with awards.

However, yesterday the Chogyal visited and blessed the entire compound and gave his prayers to the family. Blessing of the Lin Family

I’m not a religious person, but definitely quite the experience and we were invited to Tibet next year. Here’s a funny story:

After the awards banquet at bedtime, I asked Kate in Mandarin, “hey, what’s that high ranking officials title? Is it Fargol? Fah Guan? Fan Twan?”

She started laughing hysterically. She then said “did you just call him a Fan Twan?”

FAN TWAN (in Chinese) = rice stick

Just food for thought, I will keep my mouth shut around important people.

Today, the family decided to let me out the compound jail and I got to go the main city of Guangzhou where I will be staying there for the next 2 days at Kate’s aunt apartment. Over the past three days, I ate a lot. I probably gained 5 pounds. My pants don’t fit. I introduced myself over and over again to various family friends and relatives. And the same questions comes up:

1) When are Kate and you getting married?
2) When are Kate and you getting married?
3) When are Kate and you getting married?

So early this morning, Kate, her mom, her aunt and I took a bus to Guangzhou. The trip is about 2 hours north. Guangzhou is a large metropolis city and we got eat some legit Dim Sum in the city. I don’t think LA has anything in comparison. After lunch, we went to the large mall to go shopping and then I got to meet some of Kate’s high school friends at a legit Cantonese restaurant.

Largest Menu I Have Seen

Shortly after dinner, we took a quick walk to the Canton Color Tower where they hosted the Asian Olympics a few years ago. Busy day tomorrow, so off to sleep we go.

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22nd December 2017

So when ARE you and Kate getting married?
Sorry--couldn't resist ;-)

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