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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou May 17th 2015

For whatever, reason Bob Dylan has popped into my head: “How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man… How many indeed. Life is an endless maze of mysteries, each of which leads us from one new thing to the next, though we can never be quite certain just how we will progress. Of course we have our routines and schedules, the things we know well and the little details that bring us our simple pleasures, but what about the elements of life that we can never be sure of? What it is that drives one to change? While the only constant is change, I wonder how we inspire change within ourselves in relation to any given time or space. What is it that compels us to wake up one ... read more
Koh Phagnon

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou May 12th 2015

“The argument was this: a civilization shackled to the strictures of excessive control on its populace, from choice of religion through to the production of goods, will sap the will and the ingenuity of its people- for whom such qualities are no longer given sufficient incentive or reward. At face value, this is accurate enough. Troubles arrives when the opponents to such a system institute its extreme opposite, where individualism becomes godlike and sacrosanct, and no greater service to any other ideal (including community) is possible. In such a system rapacious greed thrives behind the guise of freedom...” The Fall of Mazalan Series, Steven Erikson “China is an Enlightened Democratic Dictatorship,” Ivan tells us from the front of the room. It’s a good thing that I am sitting at the very back. No one is ... read more
First year military training
Woman in a tree
At the Guangzhou Museum of Art

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou April 19th 2015

It is early in the morning and the sun is already radiating its hot heat through my body. It is another beautiful day on campus and I am on route to meet some old friends in the garden that occupies the center of the university. As I turn the corner and make my way down a pebbled path, I take a seat at my usual bench shaded by a cluster of tall trees. I look around and see my old friends surrounding me. To my right is the huge stone bust of Marx and next to him, the imposing statue of Lao Tzu. Not far away is Confucius, still deep in thought, and my very dear friend Shakespeare is to my left. Just beyond Shakespeare is Beethoven and in front of me the grand thinker Da ... read more
My quiet friends.
Pea Soup
Canton Tower

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou April 11th 2015

“Erin, we have something we want to discuss." “Excellent!” I say excitedly. Rarely are my students so forthcoming with discussion points. “China needs feminism.” This statement comes from Sigrid, one of my Chinese students, as she carefully adjusts her glasses while offering me a wide smile. I pause and shake my head. I certainly did not see this idea coming so early on a Monday morning. Glancing about my university class, I see several of my female students nodding eagerly in agreement while the men quickly turn their glances to the floor, where they stare and shift awkwardly in their seats. “Interesting comment Sigrid.” I smile at her and fall into thought… Over my life I have spent seven years in China where my perception has always been that – at least in the large cities ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou April 4th 2015

“Hey guys, I got some bad news about Paul.” Those were the words that we – the group of my closest friends – received nearly one year ago while enjoying our weekly night out at the pub. Over the years our weekly ritual at the pub has become almost a second home where we share stories, drink our fill of Guinness, play darts and escape from anything going on outside. It is the same place where we have celebrated each other’s successes, mourned each other’s losses and shared countless hours of time immersed in our ‘shits and giggles’. As we stopped our game of darts and put down our pints, we huddled around as were told that Paul, one of our dearest friends, had just been diagnosed with cancer. “But he’s so young!” “And he’s in ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou March 28th 2015

MAYA Mum said I could write this blog because I really wanted to tell you what happened. We were going home to Melbourne when our plane BROKE!! Well it was going to be our plane. We came off the first plane in Guangzhou (thanks for spelling that one for me Mum!) but when we went to the second plane to Melbourne, the lady at the airport said we had to wait until tomorrow because the plane to Melbourne BROKE!!!! That’s EXACTLY what she said. How did the plane break??? (Did it break in half??? Yikes!!!) OK here are the bad things that happened. The plane broke (which you already know of course)… but not in half and all that. The bus taking us to the hotel where we were staying ALSO BROKE!!!which was ... read more
Maya trudging to the hotel after the bus breakdown
Chaos at the hotel

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou March 18th 2015

It's time to go to South China. This is my first time went to Guangdong region. To honestly , I don't like Guangzhou because entire city are shopping center. i am not shopping-lover, so this traveling was so disappointed. but i want to share with you all about what guangzhou look like. things to do in guangzhou. so here they are my Guangzhou footage. ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 31st 2015

As the train rolled out of Guangzhou Railway Station, I was lulled by the calming sway of the railcar as it smoothly coasted out of the city centre at a steady 155 kilometres an hour. While I contemplated reading my current book, I could not turn away from the landscape thinking to myself, ‘one and a half billion people lie outside the windows of this train’. This idea is constantly playing in my mind. The cities never end and I often wonder how so many people can live amongst each other and how so much was ever built to begin with. For the entire two hour train ride – with the odd exception of a tiny plot of lingering farm land – there is never a break from the sea of concrete that meets the tracks ... read more
Empty bottles full of hope.
One hundred story buildings everywhere!

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 24th 2015

I am always delighted when my consumer goods carry inside them little secret packages of happiness. It doesn't have to be anything complicated - like a free gift - little words of inspiration are more than enough. I remove my new face cream from the box and put it on the counter, musing at the inscription on the inner flap. “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein “Indeed,” I think to myself as I play with the box, opening it to see if there are any other beautiful inscriptions hidden inside its depths or if there are any secret layers, almost like one would open a Russian doll - layer by layer. Unlike the Russian dolls that come apart easily, I have found that peeling away and getting to the core ... read more
CD Dude in Front of Dike Bar
Music Food Man
The Beginning of Our Undercover Mission

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 17th 2015

“Oh, oh.” “What’s wrong?” Erin asks me seeing the concerned look on my face. “Well, I just finished grading my exams and it’s a near failing average… I designed the exam at a grade nine level, so it couldn’t be any easier, and I already inflated my grades to meet Chinese standards… I’m going to call the course chair and see what he suggests.” After having the course chair come to our house, we sat down and I explained the situation. After showing him the ridiculously simple exam and the extremely poor results, he looked at me annoyed. “So, what’s the problem?” he asked in broken English. “Why did you waste my time by having me come here to discuss this?” “Huh?” I asked confused. Growing more annoyed he said, “I’m not sure what your problem ... read more
Waiting potential!
Campus scenery.
Ideas in the making!

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