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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou March 15th 2014

Het Internet Google en Facebook zijn verboden. Deze worden geblokkeerd door een grote firewall van de overheid, die wel eens de Chinese muur van het internet wordt genoemd. Het internet is dan ook vrij traag als je websites wilt bekijken van buiten China. Maar binnen China is het internet snel. Ik kijk elk avond HD films direct van het internet. Nieuws en politiek Afgelopen week was het jaarlijkse bijeenkomst van het parlement van China. De regering legt dan het beleid uit voor het komend jaar. Wat me opviel is dat ik geen toespraak van de president van China, Xi Jinping, heb gehoord. Je ziet de president wel praten maar de nieuwslezer vat de boodschap samen voor de kijkers. In Nederland is de populariteit van een politicus gekoppeld aan hoe goed hij/zij overtuigend kan spreken. Je zou ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou March 6th 2014

As last year, finishing our trip at the easy-but-expensive option of the fab airport hotel, rather than the hang-about-for-hours free hotel courtesy of China Southern! No upgrade to a suite this time, but not too shabby! But I digress - back to last night..... Back again to Sentral Station, now fluent at ticket-buying, just one stop to Pasar Seni, from where I hoped I’d remember the way to Petaling Street (Chinese night market) from 4 years ago. I did! It was easy. Much busier than the daytime, and very insistent traders, but not aggressive and so easily ignored. We found a row of outside restaurants and were the first greedy westerners to order dinner. It was OK, but more expensive than buying from the food court next door. Less than £10 for 4 dishes with a ... read more
Lanterns and umbrellas above the street
Economy rice???
Hotel Sent(ral) - spotted from the station

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou February 27th 2014

Wij zitten aan de rand van Guangzhou, de derde stad van China. Officieel wonen er 13 mln mensen. Het maakt uit van een rivieren delta met nog een aantal mega steden rond Hong Kong, waar in totaal meer dan 45 mln mensen wonen. Hier wordt 29% van de export geproduceerd en 10% van de BNP. Waar in het noorden van China voornamelijk staatsbedrijven zitten wordt de economie hier gedomineerd door private kapitaal en buitenlandse investeringen. We zitten zo'n 25 km van de de stadscentrum. Gelukkig wonen we aan het einde van een metrolijn waar we binnen een half uur in het centrum zitten. De vervuiling van het milieu en de lucht kwaliteit is zeker slecht, helemaal in vergelijking met Nederland. Maar het is lang niet zo erg als in Beijing, zoals in het NOS journaal is ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou February 11th 2014

Omdat wij geen toegang tot Facebook hebben (verboden in China), proberen we familie en vrienden op deze manier op de hoogte te houden. Zoals jullie weten hebben wij besloten om een jaar lang op avontuur te gaan in China. Het woord avontuur betekent volgens de Van Dale een reeks spannende belevenissen. Spannend begon al op Schiphol. Wij hadden namelijk te veel kilo’s ingepakt. Een aantal koffers moesten helaas achterblijven. Toen we aankwamen in China was het overdag 6 graden. Nu denk je dat valt wel mee. Maar in het zuiden van China is er geen verwarming, dan is het overal 6 graden. Het is in 5 jaar niet meer zo koud geweest. Onze dochter van net 1 jaar hield het niet uit. Zij moest steeds huilen en wij maakten ons erg veel zorgen. Dus hebben we ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 26th 2014

I’ve definitely got the Christmas blues after having such a wonderful time on Christmas day with lots of food, presents and spending time with friends. However, we’re still looking forward to a day off at New Year and seeing what the day brings…. We’re not usually a massive fan of New Year celebrations, opting to either work or spend it doing something low key, but it will be interesting to see how Chinese people celebrate it, if at all. We’ve been invited to a house party for westerners by one of our friends, but we kind of feel past that particular way of socialising now, and are hoping to do something more sophisticated instead. Our sophisticated plan for the evening consists of taking a bottle of wine into the park to watch the live show and ... read more
Classy lady
Walking Street
Lots of dumplings... and food

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 24th 2013

Reminder, double click on an of the photos and it will enlarge and you will get to view all 16 attached! In three days we pack up, have a final farewell dinner and, after a short night's sleep, head off to the airport for our journey back to the US. It has been, as always, a visit filled with friends, great food, sometimes feverish activities (mostly for Ellen), and the exigencies of life here. I sometimes wonder, given our lack of language skills, how we manage at all, but we do. Last week, in preparation for an out of town engagement, I needed to buy a train ticket. For Chinese citizens there is no need for any human interaction as people buy their tickets at automated machines. But since you need either a Chinese ID card ... read more
Fix it all!
Making a living?
Made in China

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou November 21st 2013

November 11 has just passed. In the Anglo-European world its original import was to commemorate the ending of The Great War, hence its original name, Armistice Day. As the wars kept coming, somewhere around 50 before the start of the 21stCentury, the name was changed to”honor” to troops who fought. Never mind that we now show our respect for them with sales at the Dodge dealer or paint promotions from Aubuchon's. As with other things, when China imports customs it strives to localize them, adapt them to some tradition, real or imagined. Not unlike moving Jesus' birthday to December to localize it with the pagan Winter Solstice celebration. In this instance the Chinese have created a holiday known as Singles Day or Bare Branches Day (single men are known as bare branches.) This is something of ... read more
Evening wear in Guangzhou
Scallion pancakes
Building anew

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 31st 2013

It has been a busy few weeks, as our presence here becomes known and people from past years make contact. Last week one of my students from five years ago got in touch, she is now a social worker at the Guangzhou Brain Hospital, the oldest psychiatric hospital in China. I was asked, with two days notice, to come and give a small talk. As I approached the front gate, I was met by my student who escorted me to her office. Entering the rehabilitation area I was greeted by a large red banner on which was written , in beautiful script, “A warm welcome to Stuart Friedman, USA social worker”. After a quick tour of the facilities, I was brought to the lecture hall where about 50 staff (nurses, doctors, psychologists, and social workers) were ... read more
Eating on the go
Does this look like making a living?
Ideas of beauty

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 13th 2013

We have been in Guangzhou for a little over a week at this point, although it seems in some ways that we have never left. The old haunts, the friends and colleagues from earlier visits, and the sights, sounds and smells of China quickly return me to the setting. Not exactly a madeleine but the tiger skin peppers on the plate evoke a remembrance of things past! Ellen and I are getting immersed in our routines, each in our way. For Ms. EDF it has been an ongoing round of meetings, reading groups and dinners (alas, no struggle sessions) as she fully engages at 180 MPH, full bore, flat out. For me, the pace has been more measured, but I now have in hand the outline of what is to be done on this visit, a ... read more
Selling some sort of hair piece
New mode of transport
AIDS/HIV campaign

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 22nd 2013

As I just came back from a short trip from Guangzhou, aka Canton City, I sat down to write some lines about my impressions of China in 2013. I realize that China is one of the most, if not the most, talked about place on planet earth right now. I also realize that this is a double edged sword, as one can find people who praise the country for its rapid development while others point out its numerous flaws on the way and the consequences they have brought. What could I possibly say about China that has not been written about yet? Nothing, I suppose. All I can do is try to let my impressions of this enigmatic giant flow free and give you, dear reader, a little subjective representation of the Middle Kingdom at its ... read more

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