Sean and Erin Douglas

Where Did the Real Go

Sean and Erin Douglas

In our efforts to search for a greater quality of life, we decided to track our adventures using the theme "Where Did the 'Real' Go?"

But before we begin, we want to take a moment to give you a quick idea of who we are...

Erin, a free-spirited homeopathic practitioner, spent much of her life growing up in the ranch lands of Alberta, Canada where she earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta. It was not long after, however, that she knew that she was not interested in the conventional life that she saw so many others conform to and soon after found herself alone in China with a few dollars in her pocket. Six years later, after travelling extensively through Asia, Erin returned to Canada speaking fluent Mandarin and a list of achievements behind her, some of which include a number of years teaching at the prestigious Guangdong Univeristy, as a daily news anchor for an audience of fifteen million, and an export specialist for North American lighting companies. Upon returning to Canada, Erin's next four years found her working as a marketing and lighting specialist while at the same time, pursuing her passion in health and earning her Degree in Homeopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. Her list of clientele grows by the day and her pursuit in alternative forms of healing is not simply an interest, but a way of life!

Sean, a private yet adventurous soul, grew up in Ontario, Canada. Much of Sean's childhood was spent on carnivals, following the footsteps of his grandfather who was a legendary pioneer in the business. It was during these days that Sean learned the hard lessons of life, family, hardships and perhaps most importantly, the necessity of honour, loyalty and hard work. From the age of nine, Sean worked on the family carnival operating games and developing the skills needed to make it on his own. After dropping out of secondary school and then returning to finish shortly after, Sean left for two years with the carnival, traveling extensively through Canada, until waking up and realizing it was time for more. With his streets smarts behind him, Sean earned his licence in Real Estate, a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, a Masters of Education and numerous other academic certifications. During this time he also published dozens of articles as well as a philosophical fiction called "From Storm Clouds Come Angels". After teaching senior secondary school for five years, Sean decided to focus on his business interests which included a growing real estate, stock and investment portfolio while dreaming of new adventures and how he would continue to grow!

Together, we are on the search for new ways to define our lives and roles as global citizens. Finding each other quite by chance, it was over the course of four years that our friendship grew and the commonalities we shared became undeniable. Realizing the rarity of our shared ideology, we knew that our future would include each other and that together we would take on new ideas, philosophies, adventures, experiences and cultures in an effort to define what a quality life is meant to be!

The adventures continues...

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Where Did the Real Go?

Our journey starts on the 31 July 2014 at our home in Bradford, Ontario, Canada, one hour north of Toronto. Follow us as we embark on a wonderful adventure full of new people and places! We hope this will help us to share our experiences with our friends, family and acquaintances worldwide!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 9th 2015

It has been six weeks since Erin and I returned to Canada after a year of touring China… it already seems like it was all a dream. Our year away was an incredible experience, though it is good to be home in a country and culture that – for me – I understand. I can sum up our China adventure by saying that we take so much for granted in North America; one can never understand all that we have until traveling for an extended period amid such a different culture. It is hard to comprehend the freedoms and gifts we have been given simply by being born in Canada. Many have asked if we will go back to China, and our answer is no. We may of course visit again one day, but we will ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou July 13th 2015

I just realized that the next time we will be posting we will be in Canada! It is amazing how quickly the year has passed. This afternoon, I spent some time lost in quiet reflection thinking about the things that I have learned during our time in China. Although there are a ton of things to speak of, I decided to narrow it down to three main things. Top 3 Things I Learned While in China 1. The Chinese economy is an empty city. Sean and I traveled like time bandits this year. We were here, there and everywhere. The one thing we could not help noticing as we fluttered about is that while there were cranes everywhere putting up these incredibly massive skyscrapers, the large majority of these buildings sat empty. And this wasn’t in ... read more
Shanghai Stock Exchange
I have pairs that are even more awesome than this

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China July 1st 2015

As our car travelled higher and higher up the narrow mountainside road, mist rose from the deep valleys. High overhead ravens circle, the only sound being their caws echoing from one mountain peak to the next. We have been traveling for three hours since leaving the capital of Beijing. We sensed our destination was near. As we turned a sharp bend in the road, our driver pulls over and says in Chinese, “out of gas”. Erin and I look at each other. How does someone who makes a living driving people around run out of gas? As I strain to look at the dashboard; sure enough, the needle is below the red. He says he has enough gas to get back down the mountain and into the town of Huairou to refill. Erin and I shrugged ... read more
The hike
Stretching into the distance
Pieces of the past

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou June 19th 2015

We walk this path. Footsteps falling: trials, tribulations, successes, defeats. The greatest question one can ask is, “Who am I?” We hope every step carries us closer. True humility comes when we stumble; True humility is when walls crumble and are rebuilt. We walk along these strange foreign paths, and one hard truth screams within. We are all human. Hold the mirror to faces, not trinkets and baubles. That may be the best way. For who are we when we lose the things that so shallowly define us? Strip away all that glitters and perhaps we will begin to understand the nature of quality. Less truly is more. In the reflection of that mirror Therein lies the rub: The greatest pursuits are born from the heart not just the need to sustain. ... read more
Kaiping - Old Hotel
Kaiping - Old City
Kaiping - Rice Fields

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou June 6th 2015

This week we have decided to create a little video... hope you enjoy! Check out the 2016 dates for our Hawaiian Adventure & Hatha Yoga Retreat! read more
Like a little kid :)
Foshan - Kiln
Foshan - Kiln

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou May 29th 2015

As we waded through the haze of smoke that rose from the endless grills that lined the narrow cobblestone street, incredible smells wafted from every direction reminding us how hungry we were. We checked into our hotel in X’ian just an hour ago, and after a day of traveling, all we wanted to do was relax and enjoy a good meal. X’ian is most well known for the 8,000 Terracotta Warriors that were discovered in 1974, though right now we have one destination in mind – food – and we know exactly where we want to go. X’ian is one of China’s oldest cities and was the starting point for the ancient Silk Road and dates back to 221 BCE. As such, one of the main characteristics of X’ian is its large Muslim population, and it ... read more
The Drum Tower
Muslim quarter - fresh naan
The Terracotta Warriors

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou May 17th 2015

For whatever, reason Bob Dylan has popped into my head: “How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man… How many indeed. Life is an endless maze of mysteries, each of which leads us from one new thing to the next, though we can never be quite certain just how we will progress. Of course we have our routines and schedules, the things we know well and the little details that bring us our simple pleasures, but what about the elements of life that we can never be sure of? What it is that drives one to change? While the only constant is change, I wonder how we inspire change within ourselves in relation to any given time or space. What is it that compels us to wake up one ... read more
Koh Phagnon

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou May 12th 2015

“The argument was this: a civilization shackled to the strictures of excessive control on its populace, from choice of religion through to the production of goods, will sap the will and the ingenuity of its people- for whom such qualities are no longer given sufficient incentive or reward. At face value, this is accurate enough. Troubles arrives when the opponents to such a system institute its extreme opposite, where individualism becomes godlike and sacrosanct, and no greater service to any other ideal (including community) is possible. In such a system rapacious greed thrives behind the guise of freedom...” The Fall of Mazalan Series, Steven Erikson “China is an Enlightened Democratic Dictatorship,” Ivan tells us from the front of the room. It’s a good thing that I am sitting at the very back. No one is ... read more
First year military training
Woman in a tree
At the Guangzhou Museum of Art

Asia May 5th 2015

It is a little before midnight as I look up from my book and decide it is time to call it a day. Walking to the window, I gaze up at silhouetted cliffs surrounding us. The air is filled with the sound of frogs and crickets; a smoky aroma wafts across the street from a brick hut somewhere down the road. This is the first time during our eight months in China that I have felt isolated from the never ending crowds. We arrived in Xingping this morning… Leaving Guangzhou a couple of days ago, we take the fast train to the city of Guilin where we spend two relaxing nights. On our first night we meet an artist who shows us some of his incredible paintings and collectibles while sharing with us a sweet tea ... read more
Sun & Moon Pagodas
Along the Li River
Endless farm plots

Asia » China » Guangxi » Xingping April 28th 2015

“Sean, I booked us a hotel in the middle of nowhere and it’s too late to cancel.” I look up from my tablet. “I have no idea how I did this,” I say as I wave a hand at my tablet and my stupid reservation on “I thought this hotel was in Yangshuo because it was called the Xingping Yangshou Hotel. How was I supposed to know that Xingping is another city an hour outside Yangshou?” Sean smirks and looks at me. “I’m sure it will turn out alright.” “Yeah, I guess...” my voice trails off as I consider again the travel instructions provided by the hotel. “It says here that there is a local bus that goes from Yangshou to Xingping... if we can figure out how to catch it, we are golden.” For ... read more
The boat
Along the Li Jiang River
More River Moments

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