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Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian May 21st 2015

Today was our second day of class. We only had one class today, which was Chinese Business. The class was very insightful. There are several aspects to Chinese business that I didn’t really think about before, but I don’t have time to go into much detail at the moment. The class was pretty interesting, many students had questions throughout the lecture. After class we took a trip to visit the Dalian Software Park. It had many companies on premises, including several big name companies. I was surprised just how many different companies were housed within the Dalian Software Park. I only expected the park to be 2-3 buildings, but it was way more than that. The buildings spanned quite a bit of land as well. The park really took me by surprise, and I would like ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian May 20th 2015

Today was our first day of class. First we had language class, which was interesting. The Chinese teacher thought that we know a LOT more Chinese than we did. We had to tell him that most of the class had literally no experience with Chinese so far. Only two students in the class are semi-fluent in Chinese, and I have taken Chinese for one semester 3 years ago. The teacher seemed somewhat frustrated that we didn’t know any Chinese, even though he had been told several times by our faculty advisor. After language class, we had culture class. Nothing really stood out to me in this lecture, mostly because Chinese class was a little exhausting. The rest of the day was free time and I went out with Dajung to see if we could find some ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian May 19th 2015

Today was our first full day in Dalian. We met with a faculty member from DUFE that would be assisting us during our stay. She took us to an area to meet up with 2 students from English Club to tour us around campus. The campus was a lot larger than I expected, but some of the buildings were older than I expected them to be. Overall though, the campus was very beautiful. The campus even had a garden area with a pond and small waterfall. There were many trees throughout campus, for some reason I did not expect there to be many trees there. After the campus tour, we went to the International Canteen for a welcome lunch. We were given many different dishes to try, but some were not as good as the others. ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei April 17th 2015

One of the best things about my body clock being so messed up is waking up at the crack of dawn and strolling the early morning farmers' market a couple blocks from my apt. I'm living a dream of the best of both worlds - a few blocks the other way is the famous 5 story mall monstrosity, Wan Da Plaza with too many western stores from Sephora to Starbucks. I'm not certain how I feel about westernization... a time or two I've indulged the familiar I confess. But to do that's absolutely NOT why I'm here. Early morning farmers' market delights my soul. The people and their wares are beautiful!!! And they don't mind one bit when I photograph them. They're happy for the attention and me, too. I love this gorgeous mule pulled cart ... read more
My fav fried savory egg with green onion pie yum yum
Root veggies man
Bicycle with wagon

Asia » China » Dongbei March 26th 2015

ts been a few weeks since my last posting. Lots of fun adventures exploring the Dong Bei region and settling into Changchun City. I enjoy so much planting myself and getting to know people, the place and the history of a place. Tours are what they are... very nice, tidy and well planned. I like um! But there is something about staying put a bit that also pleases my soul with a sense of connection that I love, for better or worse. So here I've planted myself the last few weeks in Changchun, Dongbei, Jilin Province, China... north of North Korea. Last weekend I visited the border and enjoyed an Easter Korean Service and a gorgeous after service Korean bbq. Lots of great fellowship and testimonies. Glad I'm here... honored to hear the stories. Mongolia is ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei March 19th 2015

After four weeks of bouncing around I've "ban geeeeee ahhhh" i.e. moved into my own apt for the next two months. Its so nice. Its so safe. The neighbors in the high rise are precious people as are the 24/7 doormen and all the rest. I feel so blessed to be here. I AM so blessed to be here. Really. Total God thing. Better than I could imagine. HE does that. YES!!! The doors and locks here are fierce, more than I'm used to. There's no door knob and the lock is complicated to deter robbers. Great. So the other night, actually my second night here, I could NOT get the door to open. And I was inside. AND after I plugged in the laptop, total blackout and I'm locked in. Tried and tried again and ... read more
Hardwood, glassed balcony, GOOD!

Asia » China » Dongbei March 19th 2015

The Year of the Lamb. I'm honored and thrilled that my once in a lifetime, three month, first ever visit to Middle Kingdom happens with The Lamb. "Sheen Knee-Ann Quai La" i.e. Happy New Year 2015 happened while I was in Beijing: red banners, red cut out posters, fireworks and all sorts of LAMBS! Chinese: 羊 yángLamb/Sheep (goat, or ram) are among the animals that people like most. They are gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use fleece to make writing brushes and wool to keep warm. The white cute creature often reminds people of beautiful things. Last week before the street musicians and dancers encounter, I'd spent the morning at Jilin History Museum. ... read more
Restores My Soul
Maketh Me to Lie Down in Green Pastures
Green Pastures

Asia » China » Dongbei March 12th 2015

Its been a while... solo exploring, like riding a bicycle, comes back to ya! Don't worry if you kind of benched yourself to raise your kid or whatever. Yesterday I got my sea legs back and you will, too. We can do this! Wandering my new neighborhood alone, in the snow, without a map or anything, I just hit the trail or blazed one. No worries. Armed with my digital camera I took a photo of the street signs at the main cross road by my apt. Later I pulled this same photo up and voila! The people at the bus stop stepped up as happy ambassadors of #230 "you take this bus" and everyone smiled and waved as my "coach" pulled away. Perfect. Easy. FUN! I actually loved trusting the flow and wandering with confidence ... read more
Concierge and Hot Plum Tea YES
Praise God and WALLY and The COL.
Manager's Special Wally World Changchun

Asia » China » Dongbei March 11th 2015

"Begin at the beginning. Go all the way through to the end and then stop." ~Lewis Carroll~ Maybe the Cheshire Cat's advice to Alice? Who remembers but I feel ya Alice in Wonderland. I've fallen through: beautiful reflections, passions, distractions, inspirations, curiosities, considerations, people, places, history, now, language, smells, deliciousness, spa oh yeah, colors, lights, music and good, good stories. With love from literally the other side of the planet, looking glass and everything, me. xxo ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei March 11th 2015

Best BBQ in my life and that is a high bar! Chinese cowboy organic delicious the best!... read more
Guess Who's Dinner
Leg of lamb Mongolian BBQ

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