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March 12th 2015
Published: March 13th 2015
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Its been a while... solo exploring, like riding a bicycle, comes back to ya! Don't worry if you kind of benched yourself to raise your kid or whatever. Yesterday I got my sea legs back and you will, too. We can do this!

Wandering my new neighborhood alone, in the snow, without a map or anything, I just hit the trail or blazed one. No worries. Armed with my digital camera I took a photo of the street signs at the main cross road by my apt. Later I pulled this same photo up and voila! The people at the bus stop stepped up as happy ambassadors of #230 "you take this bus" and everyone smiled and waved as my "coach" pulled away. Perfect. Easy. FUN! I actually loved trusting the flow and wandering with confidence that worst case I'd hop a taxi but would figure it out.

Nope. I've tried and thus far there are no english or pinyin maps to be found. But I've not given up. In the past my favorite resource when traveling is the wonderful concierge at the finest hotel I can find. Rumor has it that The Shangri La is a ways away but I'm a good Hobbit; I'll find it.

Yesterday I noticed Bus 13 is right here and its the one to Jilin Museum. That's a good thing. Bus ride is 1yuan approx 15cents. I can do this.

My snow globe is stirring up again. Its so pretty. Its so cold. A fireplace would be good. Hummmmmm... wonder if there's a nice pub with a roaring fire... should be. Maybe I'll find one today. I bet I will. Last night I bought chips and a pint of Snow Beer for about 42 cents. Changchun prides itself on its variety of micro brew and hosts a summer beer festival. More on that later.

Anyway while walking yesterday afternoon I spied in the distance a lovely high rise hotel. Enjoyed their gorgeous, pristine lobby and complimentary hot plum tea and copies of The China Times (in English) and who knew?! 15 minute walk that way to Walmart! WHAT?! My love/hate with this box store got hit by cupid's arrow and sure enough... hallelujah!!! And a KFC on the side. Hahahahha... Rev. Billy forgive me. I'm a happy camper. Got a two piece snack with fries and a Pepsi. Wandered the box. Enjoyed the local flair. You might really like this Walmart. The Manager's Specials were really special, see below.

Once in a while when you're hanging quite alone in a lovely snow globe north of North Korea, home of the Chinese cowboys with the best BBQ in my life... connecting with The Col. and the best little box store in Arkansas feels good.

Yeah I did.


p.s. Also at some point while I wandered oh my my, oh heck yes Mama found her people, see below. One of my very personal, serious and joyful commitments is all things spa, massage and self care. Its actually quite a complicated, diverse and in my opinion essential quality of life something. Exploring all that in Los Angeles is what it is. Here I'm in the crossroads of Mother Russia, Korea, Mongolia and Japan occupied for a while. My guess is its gonna be a lot of work to sort the spa scene.

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