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March 19th 2015
Published: March 20th 2015
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After four weeks of bouncing around I've "ban geeeeee ahhhh" i.e. moved into my own apt for the next two months.

Its so nice.

Its so safe.

The neighbors in the high rise are precious people as are the 24/7 doormen and all the rest.

I feel so blessed to be here.

I AM so blessed to be here. Really.

Total God thing. Better than I could imagine. HE does that. YES!!!

The doors and locks here are fierce, more than I'm used to. There's no door knob and the lock is complicated to deter robbers. Great.

So the other night, actually my second night here, I could NOT get the door to open. And I was inside. AND after I plugged in the laptop, total blackout and I'm locked in. Tried and tried again and again but that locked door would not open. Its 9:30 pm and I have an early appointment in the morning. So dangerous. What if there had been a fire? I cannot believe this door's design. The entire thing is for lock down.

Fortunately I'm only on the 3rd floor courtyard view, so I do a Rapunzel at my porch window and eventually catch the attention of a kind soul.

I toss down my key.


then two,

then off they go and return with another.

Three stooges worked outside my door for about a hour to get the lock unjammed. They did it! And they sorted the fuse box and got the power back on. And they let me show them things that need fixing when they can get to it. Thanks so much for unlocking my door. Shay, shay knee.

Snickers Bars on me.

They"re back and a few more! So cute. Today I'm feeling Snow White as many helpful chinese men are sorting the new apt. So nice. Its a 3br but for now I've got my bed in the front room. Its super quiet and dark above the courtyard at night. I like that. And I love the glass balcony.

I like it here.

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