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March 26th 2015
Published: April 7th 2015
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ts been a few weeks since my last posting. Lots of fun adventures exploring the Dong Bei region and settling into Changchun City. I enjoy so much planting myself and getting to know people, the place and the history of a place. Tours are what they are... very nice, tidy and well planned. I like um! But there is something about staying put a bit that also pleases my soul with a sense of connection that I love, for better or worse. So here I've planted myself the last few weeks in Changchun, Dongbei, Jilin Province, China... north of North Korea. Last weekend I visited the border and enjoyed an Easter Korean Service and a gorgeous after service Korean bbq. Lots of great fellowship and testimonies. Glad I'm here... honored to hear the stories.

Mongolia is east of me. Russia is to the Northeast... I'm told in Harbin City, in the province north of here, lives a large Russian community. There's a few signs of the Russians here in Changchun.

Below is info from Travel China site.

Changchun is located in the central part of Songliao Plain in Northeast China, covering a total area of 20,571 square kilometers (about 8,012 square miles). As the capital of Jilin Province, it is the second largest city in Northeast China and the political, economic and cultural center of the province. If the territory of China is in a shape of rooster, therefore this city is one eye of this huge rooster.

Changchun has suffered a lot of hardships, especially in modern times. In 1931 Japan entered and occupied entire northeast part of China, which can be considered the prelude of Sino-Japan War. The city became a colony of Japan. On March 1, 1932, Puyi, the last emperor of China, was set up by the Japanese as puppet emperor of Manchukuo, with Changchun occupied as the Japanese invader's capital city. From then on brutal rule of Japanese upon Chinese people continued for 13 years. After a long time of struggle and resistance, the city finally broke off the ruthless rule, stepping into healing, restoration and in 1949, The People's Republic.

City of Films: Changchun Film Studio was established after the 1949 founding of the PRC. It served China as the cradle of the country's film industry until recent years. Compared with other historical cities in the country like Beijing and Xian, Changchun is a young city with only 200 years' history.

Forest City: Woods, forest, people, city interweave together to show you a distinctive characteristic of the city. 39% of the city's ground has been clothed with greenage, which makes it one of top cities in this aspect. Green plants in and around make the city become a big oxygen bar, providing people to enjoy real fresh air. Changchun's central park, South Lake Park, hosts a green space second only to the massive gardens of Beijing's Summer Palace.

Barn: Spring is dry and windy; summer is wet and rainy; autumn is sunny and cool; winter is cold. Generally speaking rain and heat come in the same season. The favorable climate and sunshine provide very good condition for the growth of crops. The area teems with corn and soybean; therefore it is praised as a barn.

City of Automobiles: The city is the cradle of Chinese automobile industry, a famous auto city in the country. On July 13, 1956, a truck branded with Jiefang was produced, which opened a new age for the country's auto industry. This truck was the first automobile entirely made by Chinese. Today Changchun is home to the nation's first and largest VW car and parts plants, a very successful joint venture.


21st April 2015

Hi, Melody! Been thinking about you! I think Chang Chun is where friends were students years ago. They are now pastors in Raleigh area. How serene your journey is! It's just your groove to do this wonderful pilgrimage. China is blessed with your aura! Take care, Dear ~

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