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April 17th 2015
Published: April 17th 2015
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One of the best things about my body clock being so messed up is waking up at the crack of dawn and strolling the early morning farmers' market a couple blocks from my apt. I'm living a dream of the best of both worlds - a few blocks the other way is the famous 5 story mall monstrosity, Wan Da Plaza with too many western stores from Sephora to Starbucks. I'm not certain how I feel about westernization... a time or two I've indulged the familiar I confess.

But to do that's absolutely NOT why I'm here.

Early morning farmers' market delights my soul. The people and their wares are beautiful!!! And they don't mind one bit when I photograph them. They're happy for the attention and me, too.

I love this gorgeous mule pulled cart of strawberries. The old wooden carved yoke harness reminded me of Grandpa Johnson's hand carved yokes.

I even discovered a couple grilling cornbread that would make my Grandma proud. Who knew north China loves corn bread, too?!!!

This same lady makes fried egg and green onion savory pies every morning; they sell for about 14 cents a piece. My Mama Shadburn used to make the exact same sort of fried pies for breakfast. Often she would also fry little apple pies. Talk about delicious on a cold morning. I wonder if there is a connect between the people of Dongbei China and the Cherokee of North Georgia? I keep finding signs... we're not so different is the thing.

I visited the rural mts recently and saw more and more signs of rural north Georgia. More on that consideration in a later post.

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