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Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen July 15th 2019

14 juillet Air China, vol CA880. La porte de l'astronef enfin s'ouvre sur Pékin (Beijing). Il est 17h00 ici, et 5am au Québec. Déboussolé, je m'accroche à la foule et me laisse guider par la vague qui déferle hors du sas. Je sors du tube qui rattache l'avion au Terminal et tente d'accélérer le pas dans la masse. Tous les corridors se rejoignent: l'aéroport tentaculaire de Pékin est certainement l'un des plus vaste au monde. Presqu'une ville. Mon billet d'Air China vers Ulaan Batar (capitale de la Mongolie) m'oblige à passer ici un 15h30 d'escale. Au départ, je pensais devoir passer ma nuit en itinérance à l'aéroport comme je l'ai fait quelques fois auparavant (à Reykjavik ou à Sydney), recroquevillé sur des couchettes improvisées pour essayer de m'éteindre un peu. Mais les grandes compagnies aériennes cachent ... read more
Hôtel quelconque

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen May 7th 2018

We've finally made it to the People's Republic of China! Leaving Sydney on 27 April around 10.30am, nine and a half hours later we landed in Guangzhou (where Seb's dad came from) and where we transferred to a shorter domestic flight to Beijing. Getting through Chinese Customs at Guangzhou proved to be quite easy so once we'd landed in Beijing, after collecting our bags, we walked out to be welcomed by a sea of faces amongst them representatives from TravelAsia, the agency we'd booked our holiday with. It was there we also discovered which passengers - who'd been on the same plane with us - were now to be part of the same tour as us. Then it was on to a bus to be driven, for about an hour, to our hotel - the Park ... read more
Two of the Olympic mascots
Michelle with another of the mascots
The Birds Nest AKA the main Olympic Stadium

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen September 12th 2015

Hi everyone! First off, I would like to report that Tanya (and Sabrina) made it safely to Japan! It sounds like they're in for a fun semester! (Unlike me, studying my butt off at all hours of the day here in Beijing...) Anyways, Friday marked the end of our first two weeks of classes! Us intensive students celebrated by having our first of many biweekly tests... so much fun, you know? The students not in the intensive language program only have the midterms and finals, but as an intensive student, I'm in for a lot of tests. The test was broken into a speaking and a written portion. The speaking portion was relatively easy, because we were allowed to choose a topic from those we have studied so far (four; one for each chapter we've completed) ... read more
The Qianmen - South gate
Pretty display for the 閱兵

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen April 23rd 2015

Travel today to Beijing formerly Peking capital of the Peoples Republic of China. Mode of transport the impressive bullet train which speeds along at 302kph and is smooth as smooth ! On arrival we visit the Imperial Summer Palace a retreat in the heat of the summer for the emporer and his entourage. The longest open sided corridor in the world ends at the marble boat on the lake where we board a dragon boat for a trip across the lake. On to the hotel for a swim and relaxing sauna.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen November 17th 2014

Winging our Way Back to Beijing – Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City and the Beijing Opera We left our super nice hotel in Wuhan in the dark for our early flight to Beijing. Just as the sun was coming up we passed by hundreds of acres of ponds along the highway where farmers were growing lotus flowers. The flowers and the roots are used in cooking. Cope really got into eating lotus roots on this trip. He found them pretty tasty. Once again, we found a new, modern airport with lots of high end shops and restaurants. Through security and on to the long walk to our gate. We got to the airport in good time, so once at the gate we had about an hour or so to read and rest. I headed off with one ... read more
Forbidden City
Beijing (Peking) Opera

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen November 7th 2014

Hi Followers, We stepped off the overnight sleeper train at 11.40am, arriving in Beijing!! As we were at the train station we queued up to book out overnight train to Shanghai for monday (12 hours: £61 each). By the time we got off the metro and found our hostel it was 2.30pm. We asked two Chinese girls who didn't speak English where our hostel was, so they kindly started google mapping it for us, when i looked up and realised we were standing right under the Leo Hostel sign-a little embarrassing-Neil knew it was around the area we just couldn't see for looking... We wanted to book the Great Wall of China up as soon as we arrived, as there weren't enough people signed up to the section of the Great Wall we wanted to go ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen October 24th 2014

After we returned from Shanhaiguan we planned our next few days. We had train tickets already booked to go to Datong to visit the Hanging Monastery and the Buddhist Grottoes and were flying to Shanghai from there. We were very thankful that we had seen all the major sites on our previous visit when the city was much less busy. Though we were travelling in the off season here there are just so many more local tourists now then in 2005. The economy is booming and the locals are spending money - a lot of money. Food in restaurants is as expensive as in Australia - even small local restaurants are costing a minimum of AUD $20 for a couple of rice based meals. Coffee shops are everywhere and all have wifi and reasonable cappuccino. Not ... read more
Responding to the lunch gong at Fayuan Temple
Lotus shaped candles at Fayuan Temple
Praying to locked doors of a hall which enclose a large reclining Buddha at the Fayuan Temple.

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen April 9th 2014

" Ce matin, visite de la place Tian An Men où on était des vedettes, on s'est fait prendre en photo par plein de monde ;-) Après manger, on va monter en haut d'une colline pour avoir une belle vue (normalement) et ensuite visite de temples." Message et légendes de photos par Popo... read more
Place Tien'Anmen
L'entrée de la cité interdite
On était presque tous seuls...

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen December 4th 2013

Tiananmen Square..................When you are there, you finally realize you are in a Communist country. With red flags and pictures of Chairman Mao everywhere, it is difficult to NOT figure it out. Mao's Mausoleum (where his preserved body remains on permanent display) is on one side of the square and the Heavenly Gate to the Forbidden City is on the other side of the street, proudly bearing a huge picture of Mao. There was a very long line to see Mao's body, so even if one DID want to see a stuffed and mounted Chairman, the long lines would have prohibited it. I figured I could live without it. The square is massive, designed to hold over a million people at one time. Remember, this is the place where the young man faced down a Chinese tank ... read more
Immenseness of the Square
Red Flag
Entrance to Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen October 5th 2013

I woke up a little later than normal this morning and so decided to leave the Wall until tomorrow. I said goodbye to the Danes, and then had breakfast before I set out to the National Museum of China. There was also a strange woman at breakfast cauterising a wound on her hand with a cigarette. Yes, the Chinese are definitely crazier than the Kongers. I had to pass through Tiananmen Square again, still as crazy as the last time. Now, I am usually first in line to go see an embalmed communist dictator, and I am not adverse to waiting in queues, but this was possibly the longest line of people I have ever seen, snaking it's way round the mausoleum and back on itself. I did go into the National Museum, even with queue, ... read more
'Owl' (pig wearing armour)
mini T-army
wall hangning

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