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December 4th 2013
Published: December 4th 2013
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Mao's MausoleumMao's MausoleumMao's Mausoleum

This is the line of people waiting to see Chairman Mao's preserved body.
Tiananmen Square..................When you are there, you finally realize you are in a Communist country. With red flags and pictures of Chairman Mao everywhere, it is difficult to NOT figure it out. Mao's Mausoleum (where his preserved body remains on permanent display) is on one side of the square and the Heavenly Gate to the Forbidden City is on the other side of the street, proudly bearing a huge picture of Mao. There was a very long line to see Mao's body, so even if one DID want to see a stuffed and mounted Chairman, the long lines would have prohibited it. I figured I could live without it.

The square is massive, designed to hold over a million people at one time. Remember, this is the place where the young man faced down a Chinese tank by merely positioning himself in front of it in the protests of 1989.

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Immenseness of the SquareImmenseness of the Square
Immenseness of the Square

Just a portion of the Square.
Red FlagRed Flag
Red Flag

With two soldiers in full dress uniform, guarding the Red Flag.
Entrance to Forbidden CityEntrance to Forbidden City
Entrance to Forbidden City

Now bearing a bigger than life portrait of Chairman Mao.
Fire ProtectionFire Protection
Fire Protection

These huge kettles held water in case of fire within the Forbidden City.
Your HostsYour Hosts
Your Hosts

Ray and Rose, enjoying our time in China.
Big.......Really BigBig.......Really Big
Big.......Really Big

Entry to the Forbidden City.

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