Dos Corazones Vagabundos


Dos Corazones Vagabundos

We are Rose and Ray. Rose is Peruvian by birth and US citizen by choice. I am retired and Rose retired recently. This is our second trip (of six, so far) to Peru and as such, this blog may not be quite as exciting as our first one would have been. Last time, we did the Machu Picchu thing, Paracas boat tour, and Nazca lines, the Señor de Sipan Museo, and all the normal tourist stuff. This time, we are here for R&R. Two months of it. We'll try to not post anything TOO boring.

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende October 17th 2019

This post will be mostly photographs. We took a LOT of them yesterday on our tour. The tour was put on by Patronato pro Niños, a group that helps kids with mostly medical care and transport: The volunteer guides are mainly expats (ours was Jay) and they each have a wealth of knowledge about the history behind the buildings of San Miguel de Allende. The tour is 300 pesos per person, well worth it. 119 pictures and 3 panoramas. Enjoy.... read more
Grackel haven
Out little tour group
Church Door

Here we go again! We departed the US on September 30, 2019 (I have to do that so I can remember when we traveled to where). We arrived in Mexico City (CDMX) and had a twelve hour layover for our next flight. We stayed at the Airport Hilton which was actually IN the airport. We took an elevator from the concourse, and BOOM! We were in the lobby. Too convenient. Had we known then what we know now, we would have probably grabbed a bus to San Miguel de Allende (hereafter known as SMA). We are taking the bus back to Mexico City. We took our bags to our room and went back into the airport to get some food. Mexico is not like the US in that they don't try to rip you TOO BADLY ... read more
Un Huarache
Street Tacos

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara July 12th 2019

Teuchitlan is the tiny pueblo that is the home of Guachimontones (, an important archaeological site in the Mexican state of Jalisco, near Guadalajara. Click for url=,-103.8515682,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x84260dc27af7e84f:0x78f4a7f5526a5a9e!8m2!3d20.6954172!4d-103.8363279?hl=en&authuser=0MAP. You may have seen my posts about the url= Well, this is where they originated. There are a bunch of photos, so check them all out. Click on the links and read. Interesting things to know: If you ar... read more
Our FREE Tickets
Artifacts in the Interpretive Center

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Tequila July 5th 2019

The Lake Chapala Society sponsored a July 4th trip to the town of url=,+Jalisco/@20.8324465,-103.7859895,12.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8426175b15d027ef:0xca64a9cea24bcac0!8m2!3d20.8364544!4d-103.7318129Amatitlan , near the town of Tequila and home of the Tres Mujeres Tequileria. Since it allowed us to go and return in plenty of time to care for our doggie, we jumped at the chance. We left from La Floresta in Ajijic. The one way trip took roughly an hour and a half in a big multi-passenger van. On the way, we saw a lot of fields planted in agave which is the plant Tequila is made from. Agave takes seven years to grow to maturity and when it flowers, it signals that it is time to harvest. The flower shoots up on a stem that is 20 - 30 feet hig... read more
Nuestro Guia
Almost Ready!
Agave growing

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic June 2nd 2019

Our drive back to Lake Chapala from Sayulita was made a bit more interesting by not one, but two overturned mango trucks. They pack those little trucks to the gills and they pack them high. Imagine how much ONE milk crate of mangoes must weigh. Multiply that by HUNDREDS. One of the crashes had already cleared except for the thousands of mangoes littering the side of the road. People, especially on easy to stop motorcycles, were helping themselves to the delicious free fruit. We got stuck in the second one, but luckily only for about a half hour, when the police starting one way traffic around the crash site. Again, plenty of free mangoes for the taking. Did Rose stop and let me grab even one? Nope.... read more
After just sitting parked for a half hour, one way traffic started to move.

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Sayulita May 30th 2019

Today's episode is dedicated to the hard-working (if not annoying) comerciantes ambulantes, the ubiquitous walking sales people selling every sort of junk souvenir, tee shirt, bag, bracelet and anything else they can imagine to make a peso. If the picture does not contain a wandering merchant, then it is just a random beach pic that I thought you might enjoy.... read more

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Sayulita May 29th 2019

We have not published a blog for a while, mainly because we were....well, BORING. And you are not here to read or see boring stuff, so we saved that boring stuff for the people on FaceBook who mainly want to know if we are still alive. So finally, we are doing something a bit more exciting. We took a few days to enjoy ourselves in Sayulita. Sayulita is north of Puerto Vallarta and south of Playa Pancho and Playa Lo de Marcos. We took a nice little AirBnB that has an air conditioned bedroom, something we have not enjoyed since we got to Chapala, and boy did we sleep well last night. We spent some time on the beach and today we went to La Playa de Los Muertos, appropriately named since you literally have to ... read more
The Beach Starts Here
Got your cell? Got yer wallet? Got yer TRASH?

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Jocotepec May 12th 2019

Around Laguna Chapala, the malecón (mah le CONE) is where life happens. A malecón is any boardwalk or cement walkway around a waterfront. When Frida, the dog, was still with us at this house, I took her for a walk there one weekday. I could have shot a scattergun and not hit anyone. It was deserted except the poor kid who has to charge five pesos to use the public restroom. One or two other folks flitted in and out, but TODAY! Today it was jumping. The parking lot was full of cars. Guys sitting on their cars drinking and listening to music. People were walking around with their families, mothers pushing strollers, kids running and jumping. There was a young lady having pictures done for her quincenera, a giant party almost every Mexican girl has ... read more
Pop up restaurant
Not even crowded YET.

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Tlaquepaque May 11th 2019

TLAQUEPAQUE: TLAH-keh-pah-keh Say that ten times real fast. Tlaquepaque is a part of Guadalajara dedicated to the arts. Cutesy does not begin to describe it. By the way, if you go here in a car, utilize one of the many (and cheap) parking lots to avoid the ubiquitous meter maid. She is ruthless! We did not have a lot of time since we had already been to Tequila this same day. We basically stopped in to have a nice dinner for Rose's BD. Now this particular place has several restaurants around it with a gazebo type structure in the center where mariachis play traditional Mexican songs. They were quite good, and both Rose and I bought music CDs from the artists and got our photos with them, see below. The food was pretty decent and the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Tequila May 11th 2019

Rose's son, David, came to visit just as we were changing house sits. We figured it would be okay since the folks are not returning to Mexico from our second sit. He rented a car and we decided to take advantage of that to celebrate Rose's birthday. We took two trips in one day. First was to Tequila (you know, where TEQUILA is made). Only genuine Tequila made from agave from this area can legally be called Tequila. The second trip was to Tlaquepaque, separate blog entry. First we went to the town center to look around. As expected, everything was geared toward Tequila tourism. There are many places where you can buy a little wooden barrel in various sizes for your Tequila, and lots of them will personalize it for you on the spot. All ... read more

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