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Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City April 19th 2019

Friday, 19th April 2019 After breakfast on Friday, I took bus service #8 outside my hotel to Qianmen stop where the Tiananmen Square is located. I'm always slightly nervous whenever I'm in crowded places, more so at Tiananmen when I'm surrounded by strangers and we had to go through the security check-points prior to entering the Square. The crowd was considered orderly this morning but the whole process still took a while. I could not imagine how things would be like during the peak holiday season. Anyway, Tiananmen Square like many of the Communist public squares around the world is huge in size. There is a flag pole that takes centre-stage. Across the road from the Square, is the red Tiananmen where the portrait of Mao Zedong stands proudly on the wall gazing at the people ... read more
Inside the Forbidden City
North Gate, Forbidden City
The Imperial Palace Moat

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City September 11th 2017

Checkef our flight Status for early friday moring flight at 5 am fly to Dallas changing planes for a non stop to Bejing over montana Canada Alaska and the Artic. The flight orginates in Miami so hasnt flown for a few days from Dallas only I would imagine AA got thete planes out of Miami before the storm hit They wouldnt want to risk a dreamliner or any othrr plane for that matter... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City July 18th 2017

Aujourd'hui, visite de la cité interdite, le fameux palais imperial des grandes dynasties chinoises! Mais la visite se mérite : une heure de trajet puis différentes files d'attente avant de pénétrer dans l'enceinte... Cité, oui : elle est immense et entourée de grands murs d'enceinte. Interdite, pas vraiment : des milliers de touristes se pressent aux portes des salles ou se reposent dans les petites cours intérieures. Malgré la foule, cela reste impressionnant : l'architecture, les peintures, la végétation rendent le lieu très beau. Il y a aussi des expositions de céramiques et d'horloges plus originales les unes que les autres! On peut ensuite admirer la cité du ciel en montant au temple en haut de la colline qui la surplombe. Il est aussi possible de se déguiser en empereur et impératrice puis de poser pour ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City June 29th 2017

Before my class and I went to the Forbidden City, we journeyed to a small, dirty alleyway. I wasn’t too sure where we were going, but I’ve learnt by now to just go with the flow. After a couple of minutes of walking through the street we reached a building with large glass windows and a carved wooden door. It was called the Beijing Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel. It looked totally out of place in the dingy street. At the reception desk was a bowl full of lollies with awesome multi-coloured wrappers. Some people used several wrappers and stuck them behind their translucent phone cases. There was also a small desk with orange juice, a coffee machine and an assortment of teas (the poor serving ladies must have gotten so sick of us). ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City June 8th 2017

On Sept 15 we leave for Asia which will be Susies 7th and final Continent. In Bejing hope to see Pandas at the zoo. Visit the great Wall attempting to climb to one of the highest pont on the wall. visit The Forbidden City and timeman square From Bejing taking the train 2800 miles from Bejing to Ho Chi Min city know as Saigon. Stopping in Hanoi and Hoi Han along the way, in Saigon want to see the tunnels the viet cong used to hide in and visit the Mekong Delta From Saigon fly to Tokyo for a few days and than hone Probably will be one of the hardest trips we have ever been need to change trains at 2am on the border between China and Vietnam whick will be tricky. This could quite ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City August 16th 2016

Vandaag zou onze gids ons naar het plein van de hemelse vrede, de verboden stad, temple of heaven en het zomerpaleis brengen. We hadden verwacht dat het druk zou zijn, maar dit sloeg alles. Op het plein, wat al ontzettend groot is, zag het zwart ( eigenlijk geel) van de mensen. Als je op dit plein loopt, dan besef je pas hoe groot het is. Vanuit hier liepen we richting de verborgen stad. De entreekaartjes kopen ging vrij snel en we de rij naar binnen ging redelijk soepel. Toen we vanaf deze plek via de poort de stad binnenkwamen, zagen we een grote mensenmassa. Gelukkig is er hier in de verboden stad sprake van een-richtingverkeer. Je komt binnen aan de zuidkant en je loopt dan rechtdoor tot aan de noordkant waar de uitgang is. De totale ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City July 1st 2016

With 14 million visitors each year the Forbidden City is not so forbidden anymore Last year Ake's mother, Britt-Marie, turned 70. Ake's birthday gift to her was a week in Beijing. Emma could not come along on this journey so Britt-Marie and Ake went by themselves. Here is the first blog entry from this trip and it is about our visit to the Palace Museum or, as it is better known as, the Forbidden City. We arrived in the morning to the front gate and already then the queues were long. But the staff at the ticket office were efficient so we only had to stay in line a short while before we could go in. We started the visit by climbing up the Tiananmen Gate, which you pass when you visit the Forbidden City but ... read more
Palace buildings are impressive
14 million visitors each year

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City April 2nd 2016

Made it to Beijing - rode the bullet. Day one and Day two with new friends "family", toured the Forbidden City.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City March 5th 2016

Osaka came and went. And it is quite the place - but I'm very glad all the cities in Japan we visited were drastically different from each other. Our arrival to Osaka took us to Dotonbori, this is a pedestrian only zone with lots of shops, street food, and yet nowhere to sit down. Well... nowhere to sit down except the "beer garden" we stumbled upon. That afternoon it was a balmy 16 degrees and sunny so it felt perfect grabbing a few brews, even if the Japanese pour draft with a quarter head... We also grabbed some Takoyaki which is an Osaka specialty. It's a delicious dumpling with green onion, ginger, and most importantly the octopus (Tako). They're served up covered in mayonnaise and some other sauce and go down real well with beer. The ... read more
Takoyaki Stall
Whale Shark

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City July 9th 2015

...We couldn't just stay there, the chinese guy was just clinging to the rock barely able to move. P was trying to think of the best way around whilst Chris momentarily went into panic mode cursing the stupid wall. Snapping out of it Chris went first maneuvering around shaking but putting on a brave mindset. Going across this dangerous gap, Chris held on with all of his might as he stepped onto the wall then onto the other rocky platform. Failure to get a firm grip or a decent foothold he would have been a goner. This was too dangerous, we all held our breath as he crossed. Chris made it. Watching Chris climb across, P and our friend were both too terrified to cross. Especially looking down at the potentially fatal drop. Our new friend, ... read more
The forbidden city
Summer palace
Crowded bridge at the summer palace

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