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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep February 9th 2019

This is a late add, but even more justified. For the second day, we rented scooters and motored our way to Kep. This is a smallish town on the coast known for its crab and city statues. We enjoyed our time cruising along the water, stopping at the crab market, reading and playing cards in the bungalows. All-in-all a good day, except the one time I parked my scooter and turned only to have my calf touch someone else’s exhaust pipe. IT WASN’T EVEN MY BIKE (which had a cover over the exhaust pipe to prevent rookie drivers from doing such a thing)! Well my skin immediately turned ashen and blistered and throbbed in pain. Anatomy class tells me those are the key signs of a second degree burn. We explored the town a little more ... read more
Natural Remedy from the Garden

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep December 27th 2018

Our hotel, ‘Gecko Village’, is further out of town than we had realised. Fortunately they provide free bikes and have scooters and kayaks you can hire so it’s not much of a problem. The advantage of being slightly out of town is that it’s much quieter in the evenings and we have lovely views. Breakfast we enjoyed sitting on decking overlooking the river in their pretty garden. Hiring a scooter to share we decided to head over to Kep today (we found the scooter much easier to drive than the ebikes we had in Bagan). Kep is a small seaside town where the French used to go, before Sihanoukville became popular. It doesn’t really have a centre which is a bit odd but there are lots of old colonial buildings to see when you wonder around ... read more
Kep beach
The crab market
View from our lunch spot in kep

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep November 20th 2018

Da wir in ein paar Tagen ins trubelige Phnom Penh wollen, gönnen wir uns vorher noch ein paar erholsame Tage. Wir haben wieder einen netten kleinen Bungalow mit tollem Garten und hübschen Pool, den wir auch jeden Tag nutzen. Bis zum kleinen, aber guten Strand ist es eine kurze Fahrt mit dem Tuk-Tuk, und zum Krebsmarkt können wir laufen. Dort gehen wir jeden Abend lecker essen. Spezialität von Kep, die es in jedem Restaurant gibt: Krebs mit Kampot-Pfeffer - sehr lecker und sehr frisch, da die bis dahin lebenden Krebse erst direkt vor der Zubereitung dem Wassertank entnommen werden. Neben der Krebse sind Kep und Kampot für ihre Pfefferfarmen berühmt. Es gibt (europäische) Köche, die den hiesigen Pfeffer für den besten der Welt halten, und tatsächlich ist die Bezeichnung Kampot-Pfeffer eine geschützte Bezeichnung und Qualitäts-Label. Wir ... read more
Leckereien auf dem Crab Market
Unser kleiner Bungalow
Unser kleiner Pool

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep February 19th 2018

The small craft bounced across the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. I had boarded one of the many small boats heading to Koh Tonsay, or Rabbit Island, from the Kep pier this morning. On the ride over I spent my time alternatively watching the sun dance off the ocean ripples and talking to the attractive French girl opposite me. As the island came into view, I scanned its shoreline looking for secluded beaches that I could wander to later. I hadn’t made any previous bookings before arrival. I was told that locals would come up to you as you got off the boat with offers of places to stay. As soon as I hopped off the boat, I was approached by a Khmer man who said that he ran a group of bungalows and a ... read more
Island Path
Koh Tonsay
The Bungalows

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep February 18th 2018

My stomach was in a weakened state this morning. So a simple breakfast it was: honey/lime crepes and dried bacon. Afterwards I said goodbye to Stacey, whose holiday was coming to an end. When Stacey’s car had pulled away, the cute Cambodian staff girl said it was no fair that Stacey had to leave and I got to stay. I puttered around Kampot for a couple hours and then it was time for me to depart as well. Before I left, I ordered one more luxuriant watermelon juice on the Rikitikitavi terrace. I gazed out over the sun dappled river and smiled. But as I did, I got the sense that this place was Stacey and I’s place. It was not for me alone. I got up and said my goodbyes to the awesome staff and ... read more
My View During DInner
Place of Inspiration

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep November 14th 2015

Petit programme chargé pour ce jour à commencer par la dégustation de ce bon vieux crabe de Kep plus frais que jamais ! Par la suite ce fera une grosse visite des productions de poivre de Kampot avec toutes les explications concernant ce fameux poivre et nous finirons la journée avec un couché de soleil sur le secret lagoon ...... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep June 15th 2015

Carrying on with the same theme of the last few days it was pretty non productive! Having a chilled start I got my clothes washing returned screwed up in a ball, a pair of shorts missing and having no fresh - just been cleaned odour! All of these things have become a bit of an annoying regular occurrence - walking around in screwed up clothes is not a good look! So, after sorting my clothes between a couple of books I headed out towards the pier to catch a boat to Rabbit Island. Stopping off at a restaurant on the way for a bowl of muesli would seem simple enough. However it was presented with fruit - fine - but on a plate with a separate jug of milk to be eaten with a tiny desert ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep June 10th 2015

Having had a bit of a lazy start to the day I headed down to the pier for boats to and from Rabbit Island. After gathering some information for tomorrow I then got on the back of a passing motorbike - who was offering a lift - down to Kep beach. While there I bumped into Synne and her partner. Spotting a helpful looking tour agency we popped in to book our journeys to Vietnam for Monday. As the beach was looking so inviting we spent the afternoon on it, chilling out, catching the sun and generally not doing a lot - other than me trying and failing to learn a few phrases in Scandinavian! We decided to head out to the crab market for dinner as its lined with restaurants. So, with me getting a ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep April 29th 2015

Kep was founded on the south coast of Cambodia as a colonial retreat for the French elite in 1908. In the 1960s wealthy Cambodians also flocked here to build mansions, however in the 1970s the Khmer Rouge rule forced many to evacuate and a lot of the properties were destroyed and looted. Today, many of Kep’s luxurious villas remain blackened shells, remembrance of a once-successful and wealthy civilisation that met a sudden and violent end. Deep tangled jungle surrounds the town juxtaposed by a backdrop of tow... read more
Sunset view from the restaurant
Coastal road on the way to Vietnam
Leaving for the Vietnam border on a Cambodian taxi

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep February 23rd 2015

I suppose the name of this blog could be quite deceiving. Or maybe not. We drove from Sihanoukville to Kep via Kampot. We didn’t stop in Kampot long, just enough time to grab some lunch and an amazing lunch at that. Kampot is known for its pepper, not chillies, pepper. Pepper encrusted chicken wings with creamy pepper sauce and a beef kebab with another type of pepper sauce, which was actually this best meal I’ve had so far in Cambodia. Kep, despite the name of this blog, is actually a very nice place. In total we spent a week by the coast in Cambodia, a few days in Sihanoukville and a few days in Kep. The main difference between the two is Sihanoukville has a much higher number of tourists and is therefore busier and noisier ... read more
Another beautiful sunset
Pepper drying in the sun in Kampot
Sunset over Rabbit Island

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