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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay September 5th 2006

Hey there, The dolphins and whales were such an amazing experience that I thought I would put the pictures on its own page and those of you that wanted to see them could. The experience was unforgettable. The pictures don't really look like much until they are maximized. I originally made this page because I wanted to put the video on it, but the webpage does not support my format which is really too bad because I have some amazing footage that pictures just can't capture. Those suckers are capital F-A-S-T, hard to catch on camera. Being there was magical. They liked the boat being there and totally played and frolicked with us. They would actually come up beside the boat and visit. It was scary when they went under the boat though, I didn't want ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisumu September 5th 2006

Ah I have taken email access for granted these past few weeks. How frustrating and what a sense of isolation to be cut off from the world when the service is down as it has been for the past 36 hours. I’ve realized how dependent I have become on it both to keep me connected and to fill a key component of my daily routine. I’ve had to pursue other activities - writing business proposals, reading and exploring Kisumu - which may be is the point. I have also been relatively immune to the lack of consistent availability of water, power and telecommunications - which of course my Kenyan colleagues face everyday. So a good experience! Thought you might be interested in my adventures last Wednesday. I arrived at the FACES clinic shortly after 10 am ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg September 5th 2006

So apparently my infamous reputation beat me here...and my host mother was nowhere to be found the day we were all supposed to go to our homestays. So me and my homestay buddy Erica got split between two other houses. I ended up in Dobsonville, one of the sections of Soweto where about 12 of the 18 of us were. I lived with Winnie, a spunky 60 some year old woman and her 10 year old granddaughter Zuki. Thank god her name was Zuki, because I had no chance at being able to say any of the other names of people I met. Zuki's mom and 2 month old brother KK (they laughed out loud and then gave up when we tried to say his real name) also lived in a back seperate part of our ... read more
uncle tappy and the girls with his puzzle
the girls doing our hair.
Winnie's house

Africa » Malawi » Northern » Nkhata Bay September 5th 2006

BWELERO KALIYA YOUTH GROUP - Solar Cooking Ten o’clock we agreed. Timing is everything with solar cooking as the sun doesn’t wait for us, we all agreed. So, at 11am, with an hour of good solar cooking time already lost and with only four of the group arrived, I decided to press on assured that the others would come soon. (Made a note to myself to in future say a time at least one hour before I actually wanted to start working with the group). The last time I stood in front of a group of people and talked about solar energy, it was in front of a bunch of architects at an Arup office in Mornington Crescent. Now here I am, a lanky, pale, ginger white man, explaining to a group of eager students how ... read more
Hard boiled
Main Course
Tuck in

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam September 5th 2006

Om 08.00 uur ging de wekker. Douchen, ontbijten en spullen pakken. Even na 09.00 uur liep ik het hotel uit. De rest van de wereld was zo te zien al een tijdje wakker, wat een bedrijvigheid! Precies 15 seconden nadat ik de deur van het hotel achter me dicht gooide, kwam er een mannetje of 5 op me afrennen of ik misschien een taxi wilde hebben. Hapana, asante! (beschaafd Swahili voor opzouten). Mijn begeleider was nog niet gearriveerd. Ik zocht een plekje op de binnenplaats van het hotel met uitzicht op de entree. Na een kwartier gewacht te hebben, besloot ik de tijd te doden met een Suduko. Deze bezigheid werd echter abrupt onderbroken doordat een persoon mij aansprak. Ik keek op naar de persoon die verdacht weinig op mijn begeleider leek. Voor me stond een ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe September 5th 2006

So here we are in the middle of Harare, Zimbabwe - I have to say that I feel more conscious of being a white person here than anywhere else we have been so far - that said, everyone has been very friendly so far, so it's not threatening in any way. We arrived here yesterday - we had no trouble coming over the border, except for policemen asking for money, this wasn't a problem though as we actually didn't have any! There are certainly some very rich people here, the suburbs of Harare that we drove through have very large houses, some with swimming pools and all with bars at the windows. We spent the day in Harare and about 8 of us went to lunch at a restaurant only to have the chef and then ... read more
So cute
Antelope Park

Africa » Botswana September 5th 2006

September 5th saw us heading for Botswana. It was a relatively short drive and we stopped on the Botswana side to stock up on supplies. What a difference! You forget how little choice the Zimbabweans have until you’re faced with a fully stocked shop just across the border! We had another short drive to our campsite on the outskirts of the Chobe National Park where we set up camp and had a picnic. That afternoon we went on a river cruise into the Park, it was a fantastic afternoon with loads of game coming down to the water. We were even treated to the sight of elephants swimming across the river, at one stage all we could see was the tip of the trunk. Other sightings included Impala, Waterbuck, Kudu, Buffalo, Hippos, Fish Eagle and Crocodiles. ... read more
Chobe Elephants
Chobe Hippos
Fat Croc

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 5th 2006

So we began the game drive that promised us, Lions, Leopards, Rhino, Buffalo and Elephants. I think these are the big five but feel free to correct me. We began the drive in a civil way, seeing some really amazing wildlife, lots of antelope, kudu, warthog, bushbuck type animals but then our guide had some feedback through his earpiece which alerted him to a spotting of one of the big 5. Suddenly we were not on the dirt track any more, but driving through thick scrub and mowing down small trees while trying to avoid having our eyes gouged out by very prickly bushes. But then we began to see them. Buffalo. Wow, a huge heard of them and they are huge. I don't know why I find them funny they really aren't, maybe the way ... read more
The most lovely Elephant family
Rhinos being affectionate

Africa » Ghana » Volta September 5th 2006

September 1: After a week of lectures and scambling to switch classes, organize paper work, and pick up my school ID (I was turned back the first time because of a power outage) I decided to treat myself to another adventure to the interior of Ghana. This time, Patrick, Andrew, and I selected the Volta Region, known for its large rainforests, the enchanting culture of the Ewe people, and the magnificent Lake Volta. From Tudu station in downtown Accra, we traveled by STC (the state owned, aging fleet of coaches that are at least more comfortable than travel by tro-tro) to Kpandu, picking the lakeside village seemingly at random. After oozing through Accra's congested arteries at a snail's pace during rush hour, we were unleashed into the Ghanaian countryside at dusk, where our inexperienced driver soon ... read more
Boats on the Shore at Kpandu
Forest Path, Amedzofe
Adedzofe Falls

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