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Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale August 10th 2006

That is right. I am in the vacation period of culture shock, and loving every minute of it. Is that bad? Well who cares I am having a great time! It does not help that I arrived in Zabzugu yesterday only to be surprised by the shape of blue mountains on the horizon, the green of the grass and the ever red of the dirt. I was promptly greeted at the District Assembly and placed at their guesthouse, my room across from where the President stays when he visits. Spoiled. And to top things off they bring my meals to me in my room. Free. All free. But I guess this partially comes from Ghanaian culture and working for the government. They are warm loving and friendly extroverted people. I know I am still on vacation ... read more
Going home from Zabzugu

Africa » Mauritania August 10th 2006

In the middle of April, things in Atar were already winding down for the summer. The schools were still going, but many of the town’s citizens had left. Thus, my usual trainings were winding down and I was finding I had a lot of free time. When I thought about my Peace Corps service, I was proud that I had managed to get out of my house most days and be in the community, but I felt as though I had not yet accomplished anything at the level that I had come here to accomplish. I had been teaching small groups of people how to use a computer, but I hadn’t been really changing anything significant in Atar. In fact, I felt that while all my trainings allowed people to use a computer, all they ... read more
hanging out with sam when the power cut
congratulations on finishing the course
I congratulate a student

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale August 10th 2006

The Ethiopian immigration officers hand is hovering, he has the stamp in his hand but for some reason he's hesitating and it’s been in mid air for the last fifthteen seconds. He’ already studied my visa so I’m unsure about the delay. Then - smack. Stamped. I'm officially out of the country. Why it took him so long I don't know. I'll put it down to the oddities of Ethiopia. I wonder over to Kenya. The Kenyan immigration officer tells me the guy that issue's visa's isn't around so I sit for a ten minutes looking around the office. It’s full of anti corruption posters. "Corruption free zone" and "Don't pay a bribe, it’s your right to be served". There plastered all over the walls but it seems to have little effect as the immigration officer ... read more
The Road
The Sunset

Africa » Rwanda August 10th 2006

Am now in Rwanda, having travelled across Uganda to get here. Don't know if anyoneés ever tried typing on a French keyboard, note / don't even contemplate it! Day 6 - Jinga Free day today; Still flipping raining and incredibly muddy! My feet seem to be permanently stained a lovely shade of red - nice. Spent today feeling very bruised and battered after the rafting yesterday. Nothing a few local beers couldn't numb though (litre bottles for about 20p - at that price, who wouldn't?!) Fact: -60% of Ugandan girls are raped by the age of 16 and 80% by 18. Apparently it isn’t considered a crime. And they wonder why such a vast proportion of the population has AIDs... Day 7 - Jinga to Mbarara (Uganda) Up at 5.30 this morning. Surprisingly, I'm getting used ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis August 10th 2006

When I had first planned to come to Tunisia I thought that it would be a short ferry ride from Italy and a refreshing break from Europe. It was a very refreshing break from Europe but the ferry ride proved much more difficult to organise than I had previously thought. We wanted to take a ferry from Salerno but soon found out that the only ferry was full. It went via Palermo in Sicily though and there were free seats from there to Tunis. We tried to buy tickets but it was "impossible" we were told. We quickly went to the train station and took a train to Palermo. As we had a few hours headstart on the ferry so we arrived early and ended up sleeping in the train station. The next morning we went ... read more
Tunis Medina
Tunis Medina
Tunis Medina

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi August 10th 2006

Hello from a very sunny (but occasionally rainy!) Zanzibar! At the moment I'm on a beautiful white sand beach in the north of Zanzibar. Its gorgeous and everyone is having a good time. Went swimming with dolphins yesterday which was amazing....probably about 20 of them swimming beneath us. Tomorrow just chilling out and tghen going snorkelling on another island. Very little time again (African internet is quite shocking) so ill have to leave it there!xxxxxx... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra August 10th 2006

All of my blogs thus far have made Ghana seem like a vacationer's paradise, complete with waterfalls, isolated fishing villages, and well-kept refugee camps. But I don't want to mislead anybody...Ghana definitely has its fair share of problems. Violence, poverty, disease, corruption -- they're all here. And while part of me wants to paint an image of Ghana that is luxurious and lavish, part of me also just wants to be honest. Last week, while walking home from a bar, four of the obrunis were held up at knife-point and robbed (thankfully, I had already gone back to the Obruni House to go to bed). Apparently, the two offenders were middle-aged Ghanaians riding on a motor bike and quickly turned around once they realized that they had passed a small group of obrunis. After taking everyone's ... read more
7 o'clock news
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Africa » Madagascar August 10th 2006

The taxi brousse to Tana was far less painful than expected, if a little hair raising at times, got here in 10.5 hours, possibly due to the hair raising nature of the journey! The scenery was breathtaking and the faces have changed as we head further south from the African influence in the north to Polynesian in the Central Highlands. Today we are having a day off before heading east for a couple of days to hopefully see the indri (a species of lemur), we are both a bit pooped after the last few days! Tana is piggin freezing, have to wear a fleece! Last night we bumped into Charlie, who I worked with in the forest when I first arrived, it was nice to catch up, we are meeting him again tonight along with a ... read more

Africa » Tanzania August 10th 2006

Brought to Tears ….by Julie Richardson In our decision to make the journey to Africa for the first time, Cy had told me to read a book called, “I Walked By His Side” written by Mrs. Claudene Connally. When I read it I laughed along with the stories, I cried along with the pains, I began to see a side of becoming a missionary’s wife that I hadn’t even begun to experience at that time. They endured so much more than we have had to these days, with the modernization of the world around us growing even over in Tanzania. But the simple things, the love of the people, the hearts of the people are all still the same. . It gave me a little insight as to the struggles others faced before us to ... read more
"These things I command"
His Glory Shall Be Revealed in Us!

Africa » Madagascar August 9th 2006

Just a few shots the computer refused to accept at the end of the last blog. The stunning natural swimming pool at Isalo NP, which was an idyllic oasis and so much better than we expected - for once a tourist attraction that deserved the hype! The park was also home to a small species of Baobab I can't remember the name of - paka.. something or other. Sorry about that, we had better improve our learning skills for the 150 species of fish we are expected to know !! Anyway they are bizarre plants. The Ringtail Makis were cool too, a semi-tame group of wild lemurs which just behaved as if we weren't there. There reaction as soon as the sun came out was to sit down and put their arms out wide to soak-up ... read more
Mini Baobab at Isalo
Where's that draught coming from?

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