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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 4th 2007

Up before three because we were being collected from the hotel to join the convoy to Abu Simbel. Unfortunately we were the first pick up point & so spent an hour driving around Aswan picking up other passengers. Once on the road our journey was fast & furious, with the convoy reaching speeds of around one hundred & fifty kilometres per hour. I couldn´t see the speedo, however this estimation is NOT an exaggeration of how fast we were travelling. Fortunately the road was straight for the most part & I was still tired from lack of sleep last night, so managed to doze most of the way. Upon arriving at Abu Simbel, I soon realized the long drive was well worth the time & effort of an early start. Just the statues outside the temples ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 4th 2007

We meet with Logan and Jeneke in the afternoon, we had received a call from Pricilla saying she was on her way to meet up outside our dorms so we could all go to watch our friends perform later that day. Priscilla eventually showed up with a white SUV, her father and his driver. Her father was on his way to a meeting and had offered to give us a ride. Chantel and I found out that Priscilla’s father had just returned from a business trip from Kelowna. He was setting up relationships with the nursing school in the Okanagen. It was really neat to meet someone that actually knew where we came from (other than Reuben and his colleagues). The place of performance was actually at a wedding. Our first Ghanaian wedding, my first weeding ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 4th 2007

Kapstadt, die schoene Stadt am Atlantik. Hier kann man es aushalten. Die Stadt ist sehr angenehm und erinnert mich doch stark an nette kalifornische Staedtchen. Ueberhaupt hat man hier das Gefuehl ein Erbe Amerikas zu erleben. Strassen, Bordsteine, Infrastruktur, etc. aehneln stark. Komisch ist nur, dass - soweit ich weiss - die Amis, ganz im Gegensatz zu meinen geliebten Portugiesen, die in Person von Bartolomeu Dias schon im Jahre 1487 hier waren und das Kap umrundet haben (Galao und Tosta Mista habe ich aber leider vergeblich gesucht...), keinen grossen Einfluss auf die Region am Kap bzw. Suedafrika gehabt haben. Taeusche ich mich? Wer besseres weiss ist herzlich eingeladen in einem Kommentar uns alle klueger zu machen. Wie dem auch sei, Stephi und ich geniessen "die Ruhe vor dem Sturm" (noch leben wir ja wohlbehuetet bei Nele&Boris) ... read more
Strand von Muizenberg (eins der wenigen schoenen Motive hier)
Herbie Blue

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi February 4th 2007

A late departure today saw us setting off at 8am. We only had a 4ish hour drive up the shore of Lake Malawi. Along the way we stopped off in a small town and visited the market with an objective: we'd each drawn someone else's name out of a hat and were buying them an outfit for our 'superheroes' fancy dress party. Gemma bought a leopard skin ensemble for a Junglewoman outfit, and Ed went for an English superhero called 'Super 118' once he had found a stall selling shellsuits and a man flogging a pink headband. The final part of the drive was down a steep hill back to the lakeside, overtaking a lorry going down headfirst but with his reverse gear engaged, probably because he had no brakes left. The campsite was better than ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 4th 2007

I started working on January 15, and the first week I spent really trying to learn what I was supposed to do and getting used to having a regular schedule again. Wow! Work is somewhat boring for me at this point, and I keep reminding myself that becoming familiar with how things are done in Africa will help with future endeavors. I am managing the construction of a couple of water treatment plants. One is a new project that hasn’t really started yet. The other is in the stage of procurement, where I make sure everything we need is ordered, inspected, and delivered on time to the site so we will have it; the actual work right now involves making lists of things and getting quotes for their purchase. There are many, many things - big ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Cascades » Banfora February 4th 2007

Lang en breed thuis maar geen tijd gehad om tijdens het reizen verslag te doen vandaar nu deel 1. Periode 5 - 10 januari Na het wederzien van maten Arno (NL) en Stuart (N-IRL) en de aankomst van hun bagage 2 dagen later kon onze verkenning van het zuiden van Burkina Faso beginnen. Allereerst 2 dagen in Bobo-Dioulasso, de tweede stad van Burkina, doorgebracht. Er hangt een goede relaxte sfeer in dit groene stadje met een mooi oude stadswijk en een grote kleurrijke markt. Ons volgende interessegebied bevond zich rond het stadje Banfora nog 2 uur zuidelijker, wat een reden was om ons een paar dagen in dit plaatsje te stationeren. Bij aankomst werden we opgewacht door een vriend van Siaka die ons naar het hotel begeleidde en die ons eventueel van Peugeot P50 brommertjes kon ... read more
In Bobo
Millet bier
Oude wijk van Bobo

Africa » Cameroon February 4th 2007

Hi All This will be my blog site while in Africa. The flight over Click on the flight map to see my route to Cameroon The Grant Title: The Documentation and Preservation of Western Beboid Languages of Cameroon (Mundabli, Fang , Koshin, Abar, and Mbu’) This project will document the endangered Western Beboid languages (Bantoid:Benue-Congo:Niger-Congo) spoken Northwest Province of Cameroon. It will result in (i) the creation of primary documentary resources of these languages in the form of audio and video recordings, (ii) the creation of descriptive materials on the languages in the form of annotated recordings and information on their grammar, (iii) the construction of a comparative database based on the collected data, and (iv) recommendations for tool design for field linguistics, with a ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja February 4th 2007

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve last had access to a computer and it feels pretty good to be back behind a keyboard! I’m currently sitting on a balcony facing the Nile River in Jinja, Uganda. The city is found on the northern tip of Lake Victoria, has a population of close to 3 million and boasts to be “the Source of the Nile”. There are Nile crocodiles along the river banks and fishermen in modest, wooden boats gliding along peacefully. While we arrived in Jinja yesterday, the bulk of my time these past couple of weeks had been practicing field research techniques in Kibale National Forest, a mid-elevation rainforest situated East of the Rwenzori Mountains and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kibale is an “island forest” as it’s surrounded by converting land and ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 3rd 2007

The train was on time, which meant we arrived before the hotel rooms were ready and there wasn´t much else to do but jump on the net to pass time. Intrepid have recently switched from seats to sleepers on the overnight train (thank God), as the latter train arrives much earlier. Great idea, but a shame the hotel wasn´t a little more on the ball as it was a bit painful hanging around in the lobby for well over an hour. Lorraine, Jan, Doug and I met up to explore the area surrounding the hotel and to get in a spot of shopping. Had a group lunch on a floating restaurant recommended by Sam before taking a boat ride on the Nile to Elephantine Island. Rode a camel past St Simeons Monastery before visiting a Nubian ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tadla-Azilal » Ouzoud Falls February 3rd 2007

Woke up to what sounded like hard rain pouring down, so was feeling a little glum, plus the fact we had to get up at 6am in the morning to get ready for our trip. The Riad staff were really nice because they got up a little earlier then usual to make our breakfast. It was a good thing because we had a 3 hour journey ahead of us!!! When we finally arrived at Ouzard, the sun was starting to come out!!! We were asked is we wanted to have a guide to show us around the village, gorge & waterfalls and everyone agreed. It was only 50 dirhams each. The tour was great because he talked us through everything, from the olive growth, the food and herbs the people used and the gorge! There was ... read more
boy & his olives
w/ Roland in front of falls
lady by the tree

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