Brent & Julie


Brent & Julie

From the Mission field of Tanzania East Africa and back to our home state of Texas

Our family returned to Tanzania, East Africa to work once again with the TZ2000 Mission efforts in the cities of Arusha, Moshi, & Kisongo and the surrounding areas from 2006-2008. This was our 2nd time to live and work in Tanzania, where we were missionaries in Arusha in 2002. This time we will be living and working in Moshi, Tanzania with the Kilimanjaro Bible School and Church of Christ.

Brent Richardson & I were married in January of 1996 and have loved facing one adventure after another, together hand in hand along with our children, ever since. Emily Richardson, Garrett Richardson, & Gracie Richardson. We are hoping that through this journal you may find a glimpse of what goes on in the day to day life of a normal American missionary family, our family and allow you to get to know us as we travel and make the journey and transistion of moving to a 3rd world country with an American family of 5 and returning back home to the states, and also allow you to have an avenue of information about the Church of Christ Mission work in Tanzania,East Africa.

Brent & I both grew up in Texas, living the American Dream... I was raised as an airforce Brat, moving around the world from place to place, but lived primarily in Abilene, TX through the High School years and on into college. Brent lived in one town his entire life until he married me, and the adventure has been on ever since! He grew up in the small country town of Rhome, TX where my grandparents have lived all my life. We met at my cousin's wedding and were paired up at the rehearsal to walk down the aisle together the first day we met.

We left for Tanzania in 2002 and served here for a little over 8 months before the unexpected death of my mom, Kayla Wear, at the early age of 46, so we returned to the states to be near family. Brent was hired as the full time preacher and we lived there in Ryan, OK for 3 and a half years, serving the church there seeing it grow and getting attached to the friends there that we dearly love, and it was perfect for us all, being just an hour's drive away from family. I ran and opperated my own Photography Studio for the three years we were there in Ryan, and that's where my love for taking pictures began to develop into what it is today. During that time we brought in our nephew Kelly Brannum at the age of 15 and our family grew instantly! Kelly lived with us for 4 years.

We returned to Africa on Summer Mission trips almost every year, while we were in OK and the love for Tanzania, continued to press on our hearts! So in 2006 we began the process of headed back in the mission field once again, our second missionary journey! And that's where the blogs begin..... just prior to making the move to Africa with the family!

We returned to the states in 2008 and are now residing in our home state of TEXAS, out in the Granbury area. Every day is a new adventure for our family!

North America » United States » Oklahoma November 11th 2008

So many people have written and asked to see pictures of the kids since we've returned to the states... They are all doing great in school. Brent is serving as the Family Minister at the church in Sayre, Oklahoma where we are living now, and I have opened my own Photography Studio.... Emily & Garrett both made the honor roll with their first report card of the school year in 6th and 4th grade, Gracie doesnt get grades just yet this first semester of 1st grade.... and they are all loving life in Oklahoma, meeting new friends in school and bonding with our church family. Playing sports and raising pigs to show once again in the 4H program. Pictures always say so much more than words ever can! Here they are! Julie... read more
Armed and Dangerous
Garrett ready to have some fun
Emily & Garrett

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha July 6th 2008

The Richardson Family Report July 6, 2008 We hope and pray that this report finds each of you healthy and happy in service to our Lord. After what was a great month of June, with all of the activities and the many visitors that we were blessed to have this summer, we quickly find ourselves already into July. We would be amiss, if we failed to thank each one of you who came this summer, as well as all of those back home that made it possible for you all to be here. All of our guest are special, but one in particular is Callie Donaldson. We had the pleasure of working with this remarkable young lady for four months. To Phil and Elizabeth, as well as Buddy and Debbie Fry, and the rest of the ... read more
Brent preaching at Moshi
Julie cooking beans and rice in the yard
Emily helping me cook outside

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 20th 2008

Day 4 of the Arusha Safari for Souls Campaign 2008 As the phrase goes TIA, is going to have to apply tonight. I had written a long report of the days events and stories and the power flashed and I lost it all before getting to save it, so you'll have to forgive me but this mama is a little tired and I know you'll all understand. So here are the Highlights: (or the man version as my friend Anthony Brown would say) Returned to our previous studies, in the same areas - Studied a 2nd time with Teresia in her home Established many new studies all across town Found out that the Massai friend of ours, who has been hanging around the building, was baptized yesterday! There was 1 Baptized in Mosquito River Today ... read more
For all you Green Bay Packer Fans...
Brent introducing the kids
Lesley & Mama Mpacha

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 19th 2008

Day 3 of the Arusha Summer Safari For Souls Campagin 2008 As the week is winding down, with just 3 days left of this year’s Safari for souls Campaigns I know that, if you have been following along at all or have ever been here yourself you know the routine… But with each new day there comes a new set of stories to share! Today was Day 3 here in Arusha, our third day working our way down one long muddy road in Arusha in the dew and drizzle this morning the roads were bad and the mud was thick… a little at a time, today with just one quick step from the truck we were one man down (or lady down I should say) as Lesley slipped in the mud just after getting out of ... read more
Ralph preaching at Arusha
Nesto, being baptized today
Our Massai friend

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 18th 2008

Day 2 of the Arusha & Mtu wa Mbu Campaigns 2008 Mark 16:15 He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Romans 10:15 And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Thank you for your part in helping these Christians to be here working for the cause of Christ! In any way shape or form, you have contributed to our family being here or any of the others listed below, you are also a part of this great work here in Tanzania! And we thank you so much! Those working in Arusha: The Staffords, The Bakers, The Gees, The Richardsons, The Jensens, The Samfords and the local Tanzanian brethren Our ... read more
Fred & Penny Cabler
The church building in Arusha
Brent & Cy getting the materials together for the groups

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 17th 2008

Day 1 of the Arusha & Mtu Wa Mbu Campaigns 2008 Ralph Gilmore preached in Arusha and Chuck Webster preached in Mtu wa Mbu The groups were all divided and sent out! The power has been flashing off and on, so I'm going to upload pictures while I can! It was a great start to a wonderful campaign in both places... Our family worked in Arusha along with the KW group and Freed Group, minus Ken who was with the Browns in Mesquito River. There they had A group from Hoover, AL and the Cablers, the Wiseman guys , and Callie Donaldson and to top it all off it was our Garrett's 10th Birthday today so he was sung to by all the college kids all day long and then for dinner when we all met ... read more
The Freed Group
Garrett & Maxie on his 10th Birthday
Dinner time... with everyone

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 15th 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day to all you dads out there! Due to a lack of internet connection being available this weekend, we weren't able to get this out in time, But I figured you would enjoy the pictures all the same. It was a rough weekend anyhow.. Friday evening Brent was rearended by a taxi driver in our truck which did some significant damage and he had to deal with the chaos of the whole ordeal, (its too long to try to explain and nothing ever makes sence in how things are handled here) but no one was hurt. Just lots of fees and corruption in the police office and the police stole our groceries, air compressor, watches and other misc... things out of the truck in the process. Just about all of us had a ... read more
A great Lord's Day in Kisongo
Greeting everyone
Lesley & Jolee teaching at Arusha

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 13th 2008

Have you ever wondered what over 400 children looked like all packed in a building made for 250 people? Today we would have found out if they just would have all fit…. But they didn’t! It was a CRAZY DAY at the kids Seminar!!!! (with crowd control being the main problem, but we recruited help!) There were over 400 children counted and more slipping through the gates all around. The building was packed to the rim! We started by lining up the children outside in age groups and started taking in the littlest ones first! By the time we got the last pew being full and I mean FULL like you’ve never seen a pew packed before, my group of the older kids was still left standing outside waiting to get in, but there was no ... read more
A packed building.. with over 400 children today
the kids all lined up ready to go in the building
Shasta, Julie, & Angie

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 12th 2008

Another Great day of seminars across the board today! There were over 50 women present from all different surrounding areas this morning for the Ladies Seminar from 9 to 3:30 today, we went a little long with our question and answer time as today was Penny Cabler’s Lesson on Marriage. (That always brings out the various questions of all sorts) Emily & Abigail welcomed everyone in at the sign in table and afterwards served as babysitters in the back along with Maddie, watching over about 8 little ones allowing their mothers to listen and take notes in the all day seminar! Thank you girls for your sweet spirit of service! The Lessons and teachers for today (Thursday) were: Joy Jensen - Restoring Church Discipline Julia Jensen - A Sense of Modesty & Purity Naomi Hango- Jesus ... read more
Children's Bible Class
All full of Answers... Julie teaching the older kids
Packed in dala dala style!

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 11th 2008

What an amazing day it’s been! It’s a little on the cold side here in Arusha, but a wonderful start to the Ladies and children’s seminar none the less! Today started out by leaving the school building and gathering together at the Arusha Church building at 9AM. The Ladies Seminar and Men’s Seminars were held at the same time, the men just met at ACSOP while we were in town at the church building. From 9AM to 3PM.. Hard benches and all… But it always proves to be an amazing week of gaining great lessons and hearing some amazing speakers! Today I had the privilege of being the MC for the Ladies. I love being able to introduce great women like the ones we had speaking today! Opening up in Song and prayer and we had ... read more
Safari for Souls in Arusha
Julie Sharing with the ladies about the Campaign week ahead
This year's theme...

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