Photos from Africa

High Rated (4.5)
Transporting salt
Transporting salt
Pretty humbling to stare straight into these beautiful animals eyes
boy and his ball.
Meandering through the Granite
Amazing granite formations
La Digue, Seychelles
Simply.......larger than one can imagine
Dead carcass bathes
Lion on the lookout
Are you looking at me?
Water buck
African eagles on the lookout
Ha! Caught you finally
Flapping his ears to stay cool
Don't mess with me I'm a Rhino
Love the leopards
We might be too close
Always on the lookout
Yellow Hornbill
Lilac Breasted Roller
I'm watching you
Here kitty kitty
Curious Kudu
Love the Giraffes
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
An elegant Leopard!
Goats in Trees
My fixer takes a tea break
Beautiful Cape Fur Seals
It's a whale of a tail
Sad Donkey
Rocking Out
Tree Goat man
As Old as an Argan Tree
Argan oil extraction
Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?
Summer Retreat
Visit to Auntie Berbers
Enjoying face painting
Do you know where I can buy some mint?
Pointy shoes for everyone
Narrow streets of Marrakech
Rabat Jewish quarter
Moulay Idriss
The Blue City
The crazy markets of Fes
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