Photos from Africa - page 5

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Fixing the nets
sunset near the Highmoor National Reserve
the start of the Tugela Falls on top of the Drakensberg
the start of the Tugela Falls on top of the Drakensberg
Markus climbing the chain ladders on the Sentinel Hike
Markus on the hike
Basotho lady
streets in Clarens
windmill around Clarens
white lion
african wild cat
Tafraout morning colour palette
Rock focus on Tafrout
Representation of my struggle against Indian bureacracy
Gorge pool, rare to hold water at this time of year
The infamous picture during my fall!
Masai women ready to dance
pottery dancing, Kawara
Lucy Restauraunt
Trinity Church
Abbey Road
Muizenberg Beach Huts
Muizenberg Beach Huts
Boulder Beach Penguins
Silver back
Transporting salt
Transporting salt
Pretty humbling to stare straight into these beautiful animals eyes
boy and his ball.
Miles of granite beaches
Meandering through the Granite
Amazing granite formations
La Digue, Seychelles
Simply.......larger than one can imagine
Dead carcass bathes
Lion on the lookout
Are you looking at me?
Water buck
Just up for a quick peek
African eagles on the lookout
Ha! Caught you finally
Lots of stripes....lots of zebras
Flapping his ears to stay cool
Don't mess with me I'm a Rhino
Love the leopards
We might be too close
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