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Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean April 26th 2022

Our adventures carry on in Egypt. Well after arriving yesterday at Port Said and having to give all our passports over even if we were not getting off the ship and then being allowed to get them back - this Egyptian passport fiasco is getting a bit annoying. Anyway this morning we decide that we are going to have a stroll around Port Said. What can I say about Port Said. Well the streets are really disgusting with glass, rubble and just general rubbish so not a good start there to be honest. We walk around a corner and there is a church and if there is a church there is Eric wanting to go inside. Now normally that would not be a problem in most countries but we are in Egypt. We should have known ... read more
Car Parts No Porsche though
It’s Egypt
Russian Warships stuck in Alexandria

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Port Said April 22nd 2022

So today we are going through the Suez Canal which is one of my bucket list items WHY I have no idea but it is. I could have got up really early like other passengers did to see us enter the canal but to be honest did not quite make this so got up at a normal hour and saw we were already going through it. Well the Suez Canal is what I can describe as okay but not something I would rave about apart from the engineering of it - I cannot imagine how this could happen and how it was engineered. And time would tell that I had missed almost nothing by not getting up at the crack of dawn but I now know it was a spectacular sunrise so maybe I am wrong ... read more
Mike waving to who -illusion or what no there is no one
We are going to die the mast is not going to get under

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada April 20th 2022

Well its day 3 in Hurghada and we should be off to the ship later on today but before I go into this - have you ever felt a real plonka well,I feel a first class plonka. So I hear there are mosquitos so I come prepared as normally Mike is like a dart board for mosquitos, they love him and not only try to get a 180 they try to get every tile on the board. Anyway, I digress so I buy mosquito repellant and whilst picking this up from boots I see a bite relief click it gadget - thinking never seen this before. So last night I got bitten by one of those little bugger mosquitos on my leg - so think ohhh now I can try that gadget I got. So get ... read more
Don’t put the black plastic bit on the bite - Plonka
Tanker passing us

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada April 19th 2022

So day two or is it, that is the question as I had a really bad night’s sleep. The air conditioning was so loud and coupled with that Mike decided that tonight he was going to snore like an elephant - not that I have heard an elephant snore, ha ha but I am sure Mike could have given a herd of elephants a run for their money. So up and a cup of tea (brewed by Mike as usual he told me to add haha) looking over this view, which is not a bad view to look over at in the morning. So off we go down to get breakfast and pass sun-beds with you guessed it towels on and no one sitting on them - the Germans are here. It is so funny as ... read more
The Germans have landed!!
What does this mean don’t know right from left
Princess in the desert with a camera

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada April 18th 2022

So get to the airport early as we saw the chaos at Manchester airport on the news - well that was a mistake as like us well nearly a full plane of people did the same and we had to wait until the Tel-Aviv passengers had checked in. So there were hundreds of passengers waiting for the Hurghada flight check in. Well Easy Jet check in is non existent of check in people as you have to do it yourself. i.e. you have to print your own baggage labels attach them to your bag and then put your bag on the conveyor and send the bag down. I did this but put the identifying luggage slip on the bar code of Mike’s boarding card - well after steam had left his head and he shouted at ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada April 17th 2022

So at the airport the day before flying staying in a hotel due to having to get a Covid PCR test 72 hours before getting onto the Star Clipper - what a ball ache this is as we do not need to have a test to get into Egypt or our final destination Greece - but hey ho we live in these uncertain times. We will be getting our results within 1 - 3 hours so at least if we are positive we won’t get onto our flight to Egypt, we might as well stay at home. I must admit I am getting a little bit excited which I was not earlier on in the week when I was a real stress head. Star Clippers kept on asking for a copy of my passport as they ... read more

Africa » Morocco April 6th 2022

So, as Europe began to reopen again, we decided to head to Spain, with thoughts of doing a portion of the Frances camino, the one across Northern Spain. But somehow I stumbled on a discounted package to Morocco with Intrepid travel. Not usually our style, but it looked like a great way to see a new country. Intrepid prides itself on small group travel, and local interactions. So, we signed up and Patti and Doug decided to join us. It was a great tour!! There were only 6 other people on our tour, and most of them had done other Intrepid tours. 3 women from the UK, Anita from Australia who had been traveling since Dec, Angie from Columbia, and Iris from Toronto. We were fortunate to have a great Intrepid tour guide.. Mohammed was excellent. ... read more
Our awesome Intrepid group
Our fearless Intrepid leader
Intrepid's itinerary

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech March 15th 2022

I was really looking forward to cycling through the Atlas Mountains and I wasn't disappointed. The road to Taraoudant was flat. I was cycling parrallel to the mountain range. Sunlight reflecting of snow capped peaks. After Taraoudant with the road signs counting down the distance to Marrakech I really felt like I was on the last leg of this trip. Then came the last left turn and I turned to face the mountains. The climb started of quite gently and I made decent progress. It was only after the village where I stopped for coffee that the gradients really got steeper and I got more tired. There was no accommodation in the village so I pressed on. The shop keeper did offer me accommodation in the living quarters behind the shop, but it seemed I'd be ... read more
Atlas Mountains

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 4th 2022

On my way along the quiet promenade at Agadir I got my first good look at the local magpies. It was only then that I realised they were different to the ones at home in Ireland. They had bright blue markings around their eyes and less white. I stayed for a few days at a lovely house in the village of Takad just south of Agadir. I was hoping to see a bald ibis at some point as I explored the Souss Massa National Park. No luck, but it was lovely to get a couple of days cycling without a full set of panniers. On the first day I headed south on the N1. It was a pretty busy road, not for the faint hearted. There was a thin sliver of hard shoulder that I tried ... read more

Africa » Uganda February 25th 2022

Friday morning was our monthly meeting with all of the community leaders, mentor parents, and peer mentors. The updates started with Madam Abby who is a very impressive mentor parent. She gave a 4 page report on her group including details about each member and many of the goals that the women have in her group. This includes the saving group they have started so they can have capital for their business goals. After Abby we heard from another group that is still struggling with how they can engage with RWO. Most of her questions were related to what RWO would give her members once their lessons were completed. Before RWO could answer, Madam Abby answered for us: RWO is giving you the biggest gift you can ask for: an education. When you educate a women, ... read more
Oh Maria
Friday Meeting
African Dancing

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