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Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech October 23rd 2019

Of all the places we visited, Marrakesch was my favourite. It was our first destination after arriving at Casablanca airport whose long lines of arrivals were reminiscent of Piarco! 25 immigration counters were open yet we took an hour to exit. Good news aside - next year they are dispensing with the documentation that takes all the time at immigration desks everywhere. A six hour train ride brought us to this bustling ancient-modern city and our accommodation - Riad Tizwa - on the edge of the old Medina. The taxicab found our street but a "foot taxi" (i.e a man on foot with us walking behind) took us to the door. Farrida had put me on notice about this and here they were “taking” us the final way, because vehicles cannot drive along the narrow ancient ... read more
Tizwa neighbourhood main street
Entrance to Tizwa in the old medina
welcome to Tizwa riad

Africa » Malawi » Central » Kasungu October 22nd 2019

6:30 in the morning and we're on our way to Monkey Bay’s port. Here there are around a dozen ships docked, at least half are semi-derelict. They would probably sink if the water was a bit deeper. But our little ferry, MV Ilala, looks fine ,though she is showing her age. Three decks and a single yellow and blue funnel, the colours of The Malawi Shipping Company. She reminds us of the Clyde steamers built of heavy steel plate with rivets that have been painted over many times. All the decks are of well-worn hardwood planks. The Ilala was built in 1949 in Glasgow and, like all the ships on the lake, dismantled before being shipped as a giant kit to Africa. The parts came by sea then river before being carried or hauled over land! ... read more
Boarding and leaving by lifeboat
Gill's not steering!
Bua River Lodge

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan October 18th 2019

Morocco 10-14-2019 Tangier, Morocco Sang hom nay toi muon taxi di den cac noi hoi xa thanh pho den xem Hercule cave va Cap Spartel noi ma Alantic Ocean giap ranh voi Mediterrian Ocean. Toi den Cave truoc va di vao cave Hercules. Cave nay sau va co cua mo ra bien nen dac biec. Tu day toi di den Cap Spartel noi giap ranh giua Atlantic va Medeterriance sea va rat dac biet. Toi ghe qua camel ridede coi lac da rat thu vi mac dau toi da coi mot lan o Dubai. Sau do toi tro va Medina de xem khu cho o day. Den 4Pm toi xuong thuyen de ve lai Tarifa, Spain. Den Tarifa khoang 7Pm va toi di thanh den Granada de ngu nhu du dinh. Den 10:30Pm toi den Granada ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Monkey Bay October 17th 2019

We travel from Lilongwe to Monkey Bay on Mother's Day, a Tuesday this year. As it is a festival day, there are spirit dancers celebrating on the village roadsides. Dressed in grotesque masks and wigs, these dancers are incarnations of spirits and they perform at funerals and festivals. And for 500 kwatcha, 50p, a group happily dance for us. The dancing is not great but the costumes are amazing and quite scary. As well as ancestors, the sprits include a pink faced “white man” and wild and domesticated animals. The long haired elephant is amazing. No drive In Malawi is complete without stops for the driver: “Excuse me but I just have to ...” They've shopped for beef, water, electric plugs and, on every trip, petrol – all bought after getting our fare up front. They ... read more
Local wildlife
Our room
Three school girl to guide us

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa October 13th 2019

It is getting close to dusk when we see the leopard in the tree. Half asleep, it ignores us completely. We drive off to watch the sun set across the river and then quietly return. With the aid of our lights we find the young leopard again. He is slowly walking in dense vegetation, carefully approaching a group of impala. Closer and closer but an impala suddenly barks, it has sensed his presence. Now they are all alert, looking and listening in the dark. The leopard moves away, these will not be his dinner tonight. We drove in to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, from Malawi. It was a warm drive along a good road, with a chaotic but friendly border post at halfway. We passed many clusters of brick huts, basic villages where families live ... read more
Our transport
Cape buffalo
Southern carmine beeeaters

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier October 1st 2019

More musings or as Lee condescendingly remarks more ramblings. Because it’s train time again and I have almost 2 hours on a line we have travelled before but in the opposite direction and no Julie I do not mean backwards! This time we are Fes to Kénitra whereas 4 days ago we traveled Kénitra to Fes. We loved Fes, did last time did this time. The atmosphere is friendly and more so than Marrakech, the souks just as enchanting, the food better and our accommodation the equal or better than anything we have experienced. Having our 40 anniversary, and advertising the fact well, sure helped as the riad went well beyond expectations with gifts and little bonuses but the place is delightful. The staff were terrific and they have a policy of leaving a tip in ... read more
To Tangiers on the very fast train.
To Tangiers on the very fast train.
That’s it. Officially faster than 300 km/hr.

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor October 1st 2019

We visited the Colossi of Memnon on our way to the Valley of the Kings... read more

Africa » Botswana » Southern October 1st 2019

Beste meelezers: wij zijn alweer thuis, hier het slot van onze mooie reis. Intussen heb ik overal foto's bijgezet. Er staan ook al 2 filmpjes in: Kijk in blog 2 naar ons helikopteravontuur. Volgende filmpjes gaan de komende tijd komen. Kijk dus nog eens een keertje. Wij hebben genoten, ik hoop jullie ook van onze verhalen en foto's! DINSDAG 01-10-2019 19e Vakantiedag Vandaag gaan we dit park weer verlaten. De nacht was wat onrustig: deels door het nog herbeleven van de middag, deels door het geluid van de onafhankelijkheidsfeesten, er was tot 7.00 uur muziek uit het dorp te horen! Eerst maar koffie, sap en een pannenkoek, boeltje opruimen, afwasje doen en dan zijn we reisvaardig. Uitgezwaaid door onze Zuid-Afrikaanse helpers gaan we op weg. Bij de gate van het Makgadikgadi ... read more
Veel stofstormen onderweg

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 1st 2019

Our day started with a daytime view from our balcony. Although we were not able to visit them, it's one of the attractions that I most look forward to the next time I'm lucky enough to visit Aswan. The hotel, just like the Marriott before it, had an extensive breakfast buffet that was served on a delightful terrace with a view of the Nile. The new wing of the resort where we were staying was not too large, and I liked the airy openness of the lobby. After breakfast, we boarded the cute ferry that ran constantly between the island and the mainland, for our ride to the airport and early morning flight to Abu Sinbel, the second of the anticipated monuments on this trip. The trip to Abu Sinbel can be completed by vehicle or ... read more
Movenpick Resort
Movenpick Resort
Movenpick Resort

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Fes September 30th 2019

Happy Anniversary to us. Sleep in till quite late because we can and because Lee is recovering from a bout of tummy upsetness which is not a word but something all travellers know about. It was a concern a few days back when it would have been tough to travel and we had 6 hours on the train but now at least it’s sort of OK and should not stop us having an small anniversary dinner tonight (that’s a small dinner not small anniversary) nor travelling tomorrow. We have the trip back to Kénitra, the change of trains and back to Tangiers. Whilst we walked up to the Blue Gate today our riad flowered our room, left little notes wishing us the best and placed a gift on our bed. It’s a lovely small ceramic container ... read more
Door to the uni, opened in the 12th century. Correct, the uni not that door.

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