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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 7th 2019

Agandi! Where to start? So much has happened in so little time. We have finished our community placement and now we are off to Kampala for a couple days to make some "site visits". We're not entirely sure what that entails, but we are trusting that our supervisors will make it a meaningful and memorable time. :) Yesterday we returned to Mbarara to spend the night before continuing the journey to the capital. Saying good-bye to the Rugazi community was difficult to say the least. for once we actually left on (Canadian) time, which was unexpected and made the hugs and teary good byes feel all the more abrupt. Even in spite of language/cultural differences and the short amount of time we spent in Rugazi, the people and the circumstances they face have affected us deeply ... read more
Afripads for All!
Pad-making Partay
Our Parting Gift

Africa » Uganda » Central Region May 29th 2019

We have been in mbarara for a couple of days now. The rest of the group has been here one day longer then me and Haley(a third year nursing student). Haley and I spent the last three days traveling to the impenetrable forest and doing some gorilla tracking. It was amazing. A fantastic experience that consisted of trekking through the very dense and monotonous forest with a group of four other tourists. We were accompanied by a guide and two armed guards. The guards were there to ward off mountain elephants and gorillas that had not been habituated. We hiked for two hours before we reached the family of gorillas we had been assigned that day. In total we saw 8 of the 17 members of that family including the dominant and subordinate silverbacks. The family ... read more
One of the gorillas we got closest to.

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 23rd 2019

It has been one week since we left Canada, and we are living the tourist life. We started with a couple of days of hanging out in Entebbe and seeing sights like the Botanical Gardens, which houses a variety of fruit trees from all over the world. I was hoping to see a baobab tree from Madagascar, but it turns out that it is much too humid here for these trees to grow. However, the gardens are home to another kind of resident; monkeys escaped from the Entebbe Zoo! Now, they wander the gardens looking for food, and mzugus (foreigners) like us admire them from afar. For our first meal in Africa, we convinced our guide to take us to an authentic Ugandan restaurant rather than a café that would serve us overpriced pizza. Pictured below ... read more
The 120 year old tortoise
Can you spot the little man?
Our group

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 21st 2019

We have arrived and the adventures have begun, full force. The first week of travel on a continent so polarizing (physically and metaphorically) to Canada has been eye opening at every turn. In cancer treatment, chemotherapy begins with the induction phase, which ideally puts the cancer in remission. High dose exposure. This first week has felt like the induction phase of our trip. Submerging and acclimatizing my mind and body to the Ugandan way of life and developing an idea of what to expect for the next three months. Our first day in Uganda was spent connecting ourselves with back home and with each other while in country. We purchased internet from africell and Ugandan phones (drawing on my early-2000's, T9 skills) to bridge communication gaps. We then took in the botanical gardens and marvelled at ... read more
Chameleons at Reptile Village
Traditional eats
Our resort at Bugala island

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 17th 2019

Welcome welcome, so glad you're back! As I start writing this post, my computer tells me it's 8 am when it's about 5 pm here in Entebbe. Surprisingly, jet lag hasn't set in despite the 9 hour time difference--what a blessing! (Knock on wood...) Travels were smooth despite the minor hiccups of switching my flight from Saskatoon to Calgary on the morning of the 14th to the evening of the 13th--praise God! I spent the entire journey from Calgary to Entebbe alongside my friend and fellow scholar, Brooke (4th yr Nursing). Casey (brand new RN!) and Anne-Sophie (1st yr Nutrition) joined us at Toronto airport and we set out internationally together. We were later joined by Rayden (1st yr Vet) and Haley (3rd yr Nursing) in the van taking us to the guest house, and Victoria ... read more
Casey, the Chicken Whisperer
Our Entebbe Home!
My resident reptile

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 17th 2019

After a full day of travel and four flights, I arrived in Uganda, Africa without any problems. During our first day in Entebbe, we visited the Botanical Gardens which was beautiful. After that, we checked out some local markets and had a traditional lunch. The food was pretty good, goat meat, rice, Matooke, and local sweet potato. The fresh fruit, especially mangoes have been delicious!! Our rooms are simple, but we have everything we need. Three of us girls are staying together with a small bathroom attached to our room. I am still adjusting to the time difference as 9 hours is quite a big change. The weather has been beautiful, warm during the day with a thunderstorm and heavy rain during the early mornings. We are heading to Ssese islands tomorrow for a three day ... read more
Local food
Supper - Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Bed in Entebbe

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 16th 2019

May 16th/2019 Well it's official, I have made it safely to Entebbe Uganda, after 29hrs and some odd minutes we landed, I am just thankful I don’t have to it again until August! My first impression of Africa… Beautiful and humid! Green Valley, the place we are staying at currently is very quaint and lovely. I am also so thankful that we have people showing us around and driving us places, thanks Frank!! Last night was the first night in Uganda and the first time I have actually slowed down and thought about the amazing experience I am getting to embark on… but it also hit me how long 3 months actually is!! I have now experienced showering in a shower room, which is not very exciting other than the fact that I couldn’t do it ... read more
Bathroom/shower room
Mahogany Tree
Me and this flower!

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala December 14th 2018

The never ending dilemma, “What is my responsibility?” and "Can anything explain why I have the opportunities I do besides random chance?" I am excited to leave Uganda, to go back to normal toilets, access to clean drinking water from the tap, convenience of firm departure times. But how do I forget the power of the American dollar (average rent $40 - $100; monthly income $250, a semester at college $1300), malaria and typhoid, most don’t have access to indoor plumbing or electricity? The things occupying the mind here are things that never crossed my mind: getting water, how to study without electricity, missing a week of school each month because I don’t have menstral pads. While I am not wealthy in the states, I am actually rich compared to the global population. Why? Because I ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala December 13th 2018

We are heading back to Kampala today to spend one more day with Norah and decreasing the chance of missing our flight by trying to do all the travel in one Day. The one thing I didn’t write about was having dinner with Chan, Florence and Nestar. It was wonderful to see Florence and Nestar. Florence is the same animated, kindhearted and realistic person she was 5 years ago and Nestar is growing like a string bean into an intelligent young woman who told me people call her crazy because she smiles so much. Florence is currently working with a Spanish volunteer organization, but only has volunteers May through August. The remainder of the year she is at home and manages her small matoke farm. Nestar is on break and spending it in the village with ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala December 3rd 2018

We arrived at the Entebbe airport and the change was drastic. The walls were postered were tourist attractions. It only took 45 minutes for a visa instead of 2 hours. Armed security guards were only by the doors separating those in from those outside. As we taxied to Kampala, our driver explained the majority of the expanded highway from Entebbe to Kampala was now complete (the project started 5 years ago). However, as we neared the city, it was evident much remained the same: women bent over sweeping the highway with stick brooms; workers chopping grass on the wayside with machetes; Bodas and cars making 3rd and 4th lanes of traffic appear out of no where; people living and selling out of shacks, the smog and presence of an elephant on my chest while trying to ... read more

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