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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe May 9th 2015

Alright, well I’m back in Africa and I was asked to keep another blog of my travels, so here it is! Most of the blog will just be copy and pasted from the Vets without Borders one I’ll be keeping, but the odd entry (like this one) will just be my own uncensored thoughts and misadventures. Quick background: I was accepted to be a student intern to work on the Vets without Borders (VWB) Goat Pass-On Project in Uganda for three months. This is the same project I volunteered with last summer for about a month. Brittany (a classmate of mine) and Lena (a student from the Montreal vet college) are also working on this project with me and will be joining me in Uganda in a few days. If there is anything I’ve learned while ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala April 8th 2015

It was a trip that my cruel bosses didn't make me aware of untill the last three days,as such i didn't make enough home work about the country-Uganda where i had been scheduled to go on a short assignment.To be honest i couldn't even locate the country on the map.All i knew was that the country was in Africa. The moment i landed at entebbe airport,evidence that indeed i had landed in Africa was thrown into my eyes-the buildings were old and most dilapidated.It was no where close to the Heathrow i was used to.After some hustle going through the slow checks i was inside the hotel van and on my way to Kampala-the capital city of Uganda. Good Lord? Kampala is a thing that should have never been refferred to as a city in the ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe July 24th 2014

Ok, this will be nice and short because I need to finish packing as I'm off to London, England in a few hours! Alright, so the goat project is finished for everyone, except Jamie and MC who still have three more weeks here. The rest of us would be taking off to Europe for a few days before heading home. Elyse, Megan, Jen and Fey are all heading to Amsterdam, while I'm off to London for the first time. Feel free to message me any tips or things to see while I'm there! The five of us pack our bags, say more sad goodbyes to Jamie and MC, and are off to Entebbe, where we'll spend a couple days before we fly out. After a fairly uneventful drive, other than watching our driver pay off the ... read more
Touching rhinos!

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe July 19th 2014

This marks final day of our safari. Oh the sadness! It's hard to choose which activities were favourites on this trip, but today's activity was definitely up there. Any chance to get within a short proximity to wild and endangered animals are pretty damn exciting for me. We all hop into the jeep to make the journey to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for some rhino tracking. We were told this would be another day of mild hiking and good footwear is essential, so I try to locate my hiking shoes as we get in the vehicle. Note: I've been keeping them in the jeep during the night as they were muddy and disgusting from the gorilla hike and I don't want to subject whoever I'm rooming with that night to smell. Good thing I checked for ... read more
Curious baby
Such tiny eyes

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe July 15th 2014

Episode 4: Goodbye Tanzania, hello Uganda July 15, 2014. Woke up this morning with a cold unfeeling reptilian eyeball staring back at me. No, it was not Ross, but a large brown gecko on my pillow. It promptly launched itself onto the wall and disappeared through a crevice. We are safe and well and are currently in Uganda. Our last few days in Tanzania were spent at Arusha National Park, where the aim was to see the beautiful black and white colobus monkeys and pink flamingos. We did a short tour with a great safari company called Wayo Africa. Arusha National park is largely cool and moist rainforest, with imposing Mt. Meru at its centre, quite unlike the other dry and hot Tanzanian parks such as the Serengeti. We again had an excellent guide, this time ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region July 8th 2014

Our first steps off the plane were so highly anticipated. Our rest was so welcomed. Unfortunately, between the steady pulse of the neighbourhood disco until the wee hours (like 3-4am) and the early morning megaphone dismaying sound of Muslim prayers, it was not a restful sleep. I thought, as I listened to the sound of the Muslim prayers, that they not only did not sound happy or joyful but they actually sounded rather sad and lamenting. I woke up and prepped for first day. I made sure I wore sleeves and a skirt. Someone came to pick us up for our ride to the office. The streets were crowded and noisy. There was a strong smell of diesel in the air, and I felt like I was inhaling second hand smoke. Even though the distance was ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 30th 2014

Today we headed to the markets for shopping and then Bazils house. I assumed the markets were similar to previous markets I have experienced in Asia and Africa, however, they were very different. They were super classy and clean. Most of our group went crazy shopping but in Uganda that mean you might have spent $40. Everything is so cheap. Pants around around $6, professional painting might be $20 for a 40"X40" and purses, kitchen stuff and Bazil lives in the village of Kimera. It's fairly close to Mukono but about an hour from downtown Entebbe where the shops are. Regardless, we had to take a taxi and a bota-bota (motorcycle taxis) from Entebbe to Bazil and Alice's house. The taxi took around 40 minutes and then dropped us at the end of a dirt road. ... read more
Bazil's House
Bazil's dining room

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe June 25th 2014

And the journey begins again...... New blog to keep things fresh..... Travel is one of those things that is deep within me. It always changes my outlook, makes me appreciate the little things, gives me a fresh look on life and allows time for self-introspection. It has taught me so much about who I am, what I want and who I want to be. Each destination and leg of my journeys has taught me something new. Morocco in 2004 taught me to appreciate the little things when I ventured up to the Atlas Mountains and saw entire communities that lived in caves. 2011 when I had a trip planned for Europe (Italy, Switerland, and Croatia) and my father randomly passed away taught me that life is short and make every moment count. Do what you want ... read more
28 hours down

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala January 19th 2014

Geo: 0.314269, 32.5729January 17th, 2014Left Kisoro to travel to Kabale where we had planned to stay 2 nights before heading back to Kampala. The Brandt Guide says it is a 'pretty town' but we have not discovered it so far. It is a dirty, dusty city with not much to see or do. After walking around today we decided to head to Kampala tomorrow and spend an extra day there instead. January 18th, 2014Kabale to Kampala by Post Bus took just under 8 hours. It was interesting to see how the countryside changed as we descended down from the high forests to the flat lands that lead to Lake Victoria. Other than that the trip was uneventful. We are now back in Kampala and in the comfort of the Sheraton. What a change from where we ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region January 14th 2014

Still so much more to say about Uganda...Jinja and the source of the river Nile, bird watching on the Nile, fishing in Lake Victoria (I said fishing not catching!) Crossing the border from Kenya into Uganda was relatively painless if somewhat surly. We stuff ourselves on fresh hot samosas and plump ripe red bananas that hawkers rush to the sizes of our truck...sooo good! Right away it's obvious that we are in a new country, the roads improve, the comparative affluence is evident, the people appear more healthy and happy, old school reggae blares from brightly painted roadside stands....this place works for me! Artistic expression is organic and close to home, the humblest of compounds is swept clean, it's huts decorated with bands of light and dark mud. Baskets and woven mats, earthen pots for sale ... read more
Verdant valley

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