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Trekking in Uganda

It's Exhilirating.....
16 years ago, June 14th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #15208  
N Posts: 4
If you ever plan to trek in Uganda and your confused of where to start from or where to Go and what to see, I got the answer for you.....
I' trekked the whole of East Africa, part of Rwanda and DR. Congo and will always trek there.
East Africa is an area to chill..............but a trek in Uganda is more exhilirating and breathtaking...Imagine you climb the railway on to the top and you are awestruck by the Beauty of this country, Weather,Cheap life and Generous people...My fast time left me wondering whether we are back into the times of Adam and Eve in the wild; free with Everything...as in; take a look you visit a place and the fast time you are worried on how i will get on but afterwords you see things are normal and your like am home!!!!People mind there own business and i think it's been the most safe country for me in Africa so far. Really you will analyse why it was called the Pearl of Africa. Try it out and tell................
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