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I'm heading to Morocco in sep 2020

Morocco in sep 2020
8 months ago, June 7th 2020 No: 1 Msg: #208414  
I'm heading to Morocco in sep 2020 for about 9 days with a friend. We are not staying all 9 days in Morocco though. We are planning on flying to Madrid for 3days in between, which leaves us about 5 days in Morocco.

However, we have enough information about Madrid but need some sensible tips for Morocco. Things like:

1. How much money should a traveler generally bring if he/she is spending about 5 days there?
2. What is the safety like for female travelers?
3. Is it easy to commute from one city to another? Ideally we'd like to go from Casablanca to <snip>
4. I've heard of riads. Can anyone recommend any riad we can stay at?
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