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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 21st 2017

Geo: 0.314269, 32.5729I had a great seatmate in Alan Peaford on the ride from Istanbul to Kigali. He has a long career in middle east affairs in the way of journalism. The flight stopped in Kigali to refuel where he disembarked. We continued on for an hour to Entebbe (Kampala, Uganda).I breezed through immigration in just 5 minutes after handing over $50 to cover my pre-arranged tourist visa. My driver Eli was waiting for me outside the arrivals hall and thankfully led me away from the crowd of questionable taxi touts. Eli began driving the 2 hours to Jinja town where I wanted to spend the morning. We talked for over an hour about life in Uganda and our own personal background. After a time I feel asleep as he kept driving through the pre-dawn hours. ... read more
Jinja Town
Jinja Town
Jinja Town Dock Area

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe August 20th 2016

And then it was time to go home. I begin this entry over a farewell airport beer (as is tradition) - one last overpriced Nile Special to spend my remaining shillings on and to ruminate over the last three months with. It’s been a long yet short three months, and it is almost surreal that it is coming to a close. It has been a constant contrast of enjoying the adventures and offerings of a foreign world mixed with longing to be with my family, to feel my dad’s hands on my shoulders, to join in my mom’s and Troy’s infectious laughter, to be embraced into one of Drew’s hugs, and to be understood by my sister, who is like another limb to me, and an especially helpful one at that. It’s only a matter of ... read more
Rafting the Nile!
Dat Elepahant
David on Dirt Roads

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe June 4th 2016

Agandi! Hello. My name is Tenielle and I am a 3rd year Nutrition student from the University of Saskatchewan undertaking a global health placement in Uganda from May - August 2016. This experience was made possible to me through the support of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship and blogging about my experience here is a requirement of this scholarship and program. I’ve never blogged before. I am terrible with technology, but I enjoy writing, so I am hoping that this works out! A few technological delays (lack of knowledge, poor internet connections, blowing up of my adapter), have prevented me from creating a blog and posting before this week. To catch you up on my experience so far… All of the Canadian students arrived on the same flight through Brussels to Entebbe on May ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region May 22nd 2016

Exploring Entebbe We arrived in Entebbe without a hitch on Wednesday evening. Actually, the flight down here seemed much faster than the eight hours it was – maybe because they served a delicious ice cream chocolate hazelnut pop with nuts, nom nom nom. The airport was much more modern and large than I had expected. I proceeded through immigration, and received my tourist visa. Unfortunately for the students who plan to take a weekend to Rwanda, we did not receive our East African Visas at the border, which allows you multiple access to several countries. No biggie though, the students who wish to visit Rwanda will just need to purchase another visa to re-enter Uganda. On Thursday the students woke early, I think everyone was eager to explore our new surroundings. Being the lazy bones that ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region February 7th 2016

Uganda 1-28-2016 Uganda Nhu lan di thang truoc o Greece, toi di Greece choi va loi dung co hoi do tpoi di Cyprus va Lebanon trong 2 ngay; Den CYpruss o tu snag toi toi roi di Lebanon ngu de sang hom sau di tham Lebanon roi toi tre ve Greece. Lan nay toi se di Uganda hoi tre3 nen toi ngu tai Uganda roi sang hom sau di Rwanda de toi ve lai Kenya. Do la chuong trinh. Vi may bay bay di Uganda hoi tre luc 2:45PM nen toi co chuong trinh di Girraffes Feeding cnter sang nay. Toi den Girraffes center luc 9AM. Toi da den day 1 lan khi di Kenya 10-2015. Lan nay toi den day de Thy xem Gigaffes duoc nuoi va cho an boi khach vieng tham. Ho cho ... read more
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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe January 30th 2016

Travel to and from Tanzania and the schedule in between is generally packed with activity, social events, reconnections and strategizing. The team and I generally leave pretty tired - ready to decompress and relax. I am fairly sure the same is true for our hosts. But this time ETI needed to stay overnight in Entebbe, Uganda since we wanted to travel here with our Swedish team who flew out at 4-something this morning (ouch) while we fly out midnight tonight. That means we have had a day to relax, check email, keep you entertained with blog posts and decompress. Fabulous. Chris Johnstone and I walked to Lake Victoria although were offered rides by most passing vans and certainly all motorcycles. It's 84 degrees so we worked up a good sweat as we stretched our legs. The ... read more
Chris Johnstone
Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe January 29th 2016

I am writing from The Boma Hotel at Entebbe. I can hardly believe there is BBC on TV, Internet, electricity, water in our room, lighting that makes the room feel cozy, and a bubble bath. We left Kayanga with our Swedish partners, crossed the border around noon and met Ben, our driver on the Uganda side. We had a marvelous day - recalling memories of the week and marveling at the lack of electricity, water, and infrastructure and the abundance of smiles, kindness and hope. It has been a phenomenal trip. We said goodbye to our Tanzanian partners who carry on to build KARUCO. We also said goodbye to our wonderful Swedish friends- Magnus, Per-Ole and Per-Ove. We miss them already. More tomorrow. ... read more
At the Boma

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe January 22nd 2016

Woo Hoo! Not sophisticated, but certainly heartfelt. We made it! 24 hours of travel with a full day tomorrow. Entebbe is 80 degrees and a welcome sight for this team. Welcomes, hubbub, circles instead of lines and friendly faces everywhere. Customs, baggage and then our driver picked us up promptly and brought us to The Boma. We were greeted by four young men who carried bags, asked about flights, welcomed us and wished us Happy New Year. Davis checked us into our rooms at this small, friendly, well kept, serene place in Entebbe. Looking forward to a shower and a good night's sleep - on an actual bed. Stick with us as we get into the meat of our visit and see what unfolds in KARAGWE 2016.... read more
We Have Arrived

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe August 9th 2015

Well, this will be my last blog post from Uganda. I honestly can’t believe it’s over already. The last few hours before leaving Mbarara ended up seeming a bit frantic as Brit and I tried to get everything organized for Susanne before we left. She and Joseph would have a couple more communities to go to for the second vaccination campaign and we wanted to make sure she had all the supplies she needed before we left her on her own. We also had to say all of our goodbyes, which is always, always hard. Having spent two summers on the project now, leaving everyone is so much harder as I’ve grown close to all these wonderful people. It’s difficult to be excited for the next chapter of my life when I feel the guilt of ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe July 24th 2015

Wir sind jetzt schon einige Tage hier und überaus zufrieden mit unserem Reiseziel. Wir haben schon sehr viel gesehen und fangen daher auch schon gleich an zu berichten. Erste Erfahrung: der Abholservice am Flughafen Entebbe ist nicht da. Also rufen wir auf dem Handy unseren Guide Ally an. Offensichtlich hat man uns erst in der kommenden Nacht erwartet, und nun sollen wir halt Taxi fahren. Zum Glück kann uns Ally sagen, in welches Hotel wir fahren sollen; das wussten wir nämlich nicht sicher (es standen 2 zur Wahl). Unsere Tour beginnt am Victoriasee. Nachdem wir uns einen halben Tag ausgeruht haben, geht es mit einem kleinen Holzboot durch die Sümpfe des Victoriasees auf der Suche nach dem sehr seltenen Schuhschnabelstorch. Der Vogel ist zwar nicht gerade ein Ausbund an Schönheit, aber in jeglicher Hinsicht ungewöhnlich, und ... read more
Schusch der Schnuhschnabel
Grundnahrungsmittel Kochbanane
"Jakana, the Jesus of the Lake - he can walk on water."

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