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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 10th 2006

Cloth shopping in KAMPALA, UGANDA Although you can readily see people wearing non-Western type fabrics, they are quite difficult to find to buy. The women typically buy 6 yard pieces that are cut into a big, muu muu type dress with fancy intricate sleeves or they have a blouse made and wrap the rest around, not quite a sari, nor a sarong, but uniquely Ugandan. Sometimes, some of the cloth is used to tie a baby in a sling on her back. I have been determined to find the cloth used for men’s shirts. Obviously, they don’t have to buy the whole six yards, as the saying goes. So, I got the idea of asking for cutouts from the tailors, the pieces that are left over from cutting. I have had remarkable luck, although I have ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 9th 2006

Veronica was determined to make a dress for me...using the fabric that Sarah had given me. I explained that Sarah had been in the place where the fabric was printed. So, Friday afternoon, we left the material, and Veronica assured me that it would be finished late Saturday afternoon, in time for me to pick it up on the way to the Embassy Party. Saturday morning, Bill worked on his blogs, and I pressed all of the fabrics while Sarah and Nate were off to an engagement party. When they got home, they decided to come with me to Veronica's because they had discovered a framing shop near the Thousand Cups coffee house a few doors from Veronica's. Also, they knew that there was a woman's crafts market across the street. Nate added to his spear ... read more
Joelle at his sewing machine
Kampala Women's Craft Market
Nate w/ his Maasai Spear

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 9th 2006

Monday & Tuesday, February 6-7, 2006 KAMPALA, UGANDA Really, life is getting better. Although we had a day to recuperate when we first arrived, we really didn’t have an opportunity to get ourselves organized. In a way, it was nice that we got the sightseeing out of our systems, and it was wonderful to have it all organized by Sarah, so that we could enjoy our second week sans sightseeing, but I am only now feeling ready to start to write anything. Sorry about that! I think that we didn’t tell you that their maid QUIT a few days before we arrived! Almost unheard of, but it happened, in large part, because they expected her to pay for the numerous daily calls that she had been enjoying…obviously, that was why the house hadn’t been cleaned, laundry ... read more
Sarah & Nate in SuperRite
Our Dinner Party
At  the Table

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 9th 2006

Buying Fabrics in Kampala Another great day…now that we are wandering around, we are meeting people who live here, so we don’t feel so out of place. I’ve been meaning to write about how quiet people speak here, not just on their cell phones, but in ordinary conversation. Plus, the more into a bargaining situation, the more quiet they get. So, we are learning to be soft-spoken. Hussein was 50 minutes late; when I called after waiting 30 minutes, he answered, Marie I am coming, don’t worry. He said that he got stuck behind a broken down trailer hauling a freight container, and couldn’t get around. A plausible story, since we saw one truck with a container on the back, the container was so heavy that the front wheels barely touched the ground, towing another trailer ... read more
FedEx is Here
Warm Beer and Lousy Food
Marie & Veronica

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 8th 2006

Wednesday, February 8, 2006 KAMPALA, UGANDA Okay, so now, we really meet Kampala…called Hussein on his cell phone, headed off to Owena Market looking for African cloths for quilts. We ended up in the second hand clothes market; dozens of shops all hawking used clothes from America. You know, when you give clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, what isn’t used in the States is baled up in huge bundles and shipped off to Uganda, for sure, who knows where else. Wandering through this market was so much easier than wandering in Asian markets, where the touts are constantly haranguing us. Here is it mostly greetings, and all have to be said: “Hello, how are you?” “I am fine, how are you?” and then usually, there is a question about how was your night? I ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 8th 2006

It has been a chore to find a reliable source for the INternet, but today we lucked out, and since we joined a "club" we will be checking in daily until we leave. In the meantime, check out Bill's blog at for pictures and more reporting from him. miss you all, but having a GREAT TIME! Marie... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala February 1st 2006

Writing from Kampala. We made it here about 10:00 last night and slept this morning until about 11:00 am. Sarah (Marie's daughter) and her husband, Nate, picked us up at the airport and drove us to their place. They have a great house with lots of room, and nice walled in yard with trees and shrubs, etc. and lots of birds. Last night we had quite a storm. Marie and I were so zonked out that we just thought it was rain and some thunder. But, when we awoke we saw that it blew furniture off the back porch and brought down a branch from their big palm tree. About 11:00 am while eating breakfast, all of a sudden there was a loud crash and sound of breaking glass ... inside the house. It turns out ... read more
Nate & Sarah
Tusker & Nellabar

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala January 28th 2006

It's two days until we leave for Africa ... running around frantically getting ready. Really nervous about taking a computer to Africa. We've heard that even cameras get stolen all the time. We've had our shots (Yellow fever, DPT boosters, cholera, tetanus, etc.). We were given a antimalarial prescription for Malarone, but at $190 for each of us we decided to use Doxycyclene ($9 total for the both of us). more later. ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala October 5th 2005

5 octobre 2006 De Nakuru à Kampala Nous quittons notre camping au bord du Lac Victoria, près de Nakuru pour la frontière ougandaise. Lac Victoria est le plus grand lac d’Afrique et le deuxième plus grand lac d’eau fraîche au monde. Il est effectivement très grand et trois pays se partagent ses eaux soit le Kenya, où nous sommes, la Tanzanie et l’Ouganda où nous nous dirigeons. Nous nous levons à 4 h 45 car nous avons beaucoup de route à faire avant d’arriver à Kampala, la capitale de l’Ouganda. Nous arrivons à la frontière ougandaise à 9 h 40. Nous attendons dans le camion pendant 2 heures pour traverser. Il y a du monde partout. Personnes et sacs de marchandises sont installés sur des vélos, sur un petit coussin installé derrière la selle et il ... read more
Vue de la route
Enfants ougandais
En panne

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala May 31st 2005

Africa was always going to be the working part of the trip! We were heading to Uganda, Kampala to visit Watoto Child Care Ministries and then Rwanda to visit our Compassion children and that was about all of our planning! We knew that we were in Africa from the first moment at the check in counter in Cairo. Kenya Airways had lost our reservation, despite the fact that we had seats allocated! So onto standby we go... pointing out that it is midnight! We were the first in a long line of standbyers - all of whom had the same story as us so we were feeling pretty good that we would get onto the flight! However we then got our next reality check that we were now in Africa - everyone behind us in the ... read more

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