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November 14th 2017
Published: January 1st 2018
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Didn't do much today, just crashed. To get from destination to destination, it involved a drive of at least six hours, and most of it not on tarred roads, so the drives were very bumpy. (Everyone refers to it as an "African massage".) Also, a lot of the activities I've done since arriving have required a lot of physical activity. My mind tells me I can do it, but my body continuously reminds me that it's not going to be so easy. Besides sleep, my only other goal was to get laundry done, as finding a place to do it during the rainy season is very difficult. Laundry is done by hand at most lodges, then hung out to dry. If they think it will rain, they won't do it. If your laundry is hanging, and it starts to rain, it'll hang there thru the rain, so add at least one additional day for it to dry. I also needed to plan my itinerary for the rest of my trip, so used today to work on it. Unfortunately wifi in Uganda sucks, but it was a lot better than what I was to experience in other countries. I did get in a bit of sightseeing in, but most of it was being saved for tomorrow, as it also rained hard for most of the day -- which started after they hung up my laundry to dry.


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