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May 16th 2019
Published: May 16th 2019
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My 29 hr and a bit journey

May 16th/2019

Well it's official, I have made it safely to Entebbe Uganda, after 29hrs and some odd minutes we landed, I am just thankful I don’t have to it again until August! My first impression of Africa… Beautiful and humid! Green Valley, the place we are staying at currently is very quaint and lovely. I am also so thankful that we have people showing us around and driving us places, thanks Frank!!

Last night was the first night in Uganda and the first time I have actually slowed down and thought about the amazing experience I am getting to embark on… but it also hit me how long 3 months actually is!!

I have now experienced showering in a shower room, which is not very exciting other than the fact that I couldn’t do it without soaking the toilet! I also feel like a princess with my baby pink mosquito net canopy over my bed!

The group I am with is pretty great and we seem to be jiving well, it's very awesome getting to know everyone, and is pretty cool that we are experiencing all these new things together while
Bathroom/shower roomBathroom/shower roomBathroom/shower room

This was a new and interesting experience!
simultaneously getting to know each other!

Today we got Internet, and our African phones… hello T9 texting! For those of you who don’t know, I am a recent auntie to a beautiful little girl who was born on May 3rd… like a little over 10 days, and when I finally got working internet my phone blew up with pictures and videos of her and it filled my heart! It’s crazy that I won't get to see her for three months!!

More about today and less about my niece… we got to go to these amazing botanical gardens which are a protected plot of land in Entebbe filled with really old trees, many fruit bearing, from various tropical regions, my favourite was this massive mahogany tree that just towered above the rest of the park. There were also a few smaller monkeys in the park, and the guide explained that there aren’t supposed to be monkeys there but they escape from the zoo and go to the garden to eat fruit and such, which I think is hilarious… CHEEKY MONKEYS!! We also convinced our guide to take us for authentic Ugandan food… he didn’t think we would enjoy it but went along with it anyway, it was pretty good actually, I ate Matooke (cooked banana mash, very dense), groundnut sauce (peanuts), goat (which I actually don’t know if I have ever tried but it was very good), and okra (which was good, salty, and very slimy… like slime from your fork down your chin, but despite the texture, good on rice!!). I am thoroughly enjoying the fresh fruit and carbs!!

Unfortunately my bug spray soaked one of my water filters… but I figure it filters out crap in water so why can’t it filter out bug spray… will keep you posted though. I also am really good at unpacking my bag like a tornado… but I think repacking is going to be a little less easy, but I am hoping it gets easier with time.

Our upcoming adventure is a little scoot over to the Sesse islands on Lake Victoria, and then our actual big adventure starts when we head out to Mbarara, which I am looking forward to and a little antsy to get started!!

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Me and this flower!Me and this flower!
Me and this flower!

I don't remember the name but it smelled absolutely wonderful
My beautiful new NieceMy beautiful new Niece
My beautiful new Niece

I obviously can't not mention her in this blog!!

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