Day 38: Return to Kampala

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December 13th 2018
Published: December 31st 2018
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We are heading back to Kampala today to spend one more day with Norah and decreasing the chance of missing our flight by trying to do all the travel in one Day. The one thing I didn’t write about was having dinner with Chan, Florence and Nestar. It was wonderful to see Florence and Nestar. Florence is the same animated, kindhearted and realistic person she was 5 years ago and Nestar is growing like a string bean into an intelligent young woman who told me people call her crazy because she smiles so much. Florence is currently working with a Spanish volunteer organization, but only has volunteers May through August. The remainder of the year she is at home and manages her small matoke farm. Nestar is on break and spending it in the village with her grandma, who is now 88 years old and doing well. Florence says it is time for Nestar to start learning to cook and wash clothes so hopefully grandma will help train her before going back to school to start P7. Nestar enjoyed hearing stories about life when we were around and the funny things she did. She still excels in English and is picking up Spanish when the volunteers are around. She also got a kick out of telling me all the foods she enjoys that I have never tried: cow hoof stew, cow and goat tongue and she still loves grasshoppers. On the drive back to Kampala, we got to have one more go at Ugandan street food and we made it worth it (although Nestar would be disappointed it only included one of her favorites). Among the shopping list was Novida (pineapple soda), chapati, goat and chicken on a stick and grasshoppers. That evening we went for dinner (Norah, Derek, Shelby and me) and had a very interesting conversation about the government within Uganda and the best way to lead to progress. In reality, Norah and Derek talked and Shelby and I listenEd. Norah represented the youthful side of teach the children, work to get into government yourself, push leaders to be better. Derek represented the I have been in the world and seen what it is. The only way is to do it yourself, work the system and make it work for you, fix the things around you and give up on trying to make people better because leaders are corrupt. It was like being back home. My favorite thing though was Norah’s articulate points and firmness. She in no way was going to let a man dominate the conversation or tell her what is without getting her say. You could tell she had spent time debating in how she maintained her cool, let Derek know it was his turn to listen and staging her answers. It gave me great hope not only for her personally but for all the things she was going to to.


31st December 2018

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