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Africa » Namibia » Windhoek March 14th 2015

Namibia! Namibia! Was there ever a land that seemed so vast, mysterious, remote? Having successfully extracted myself from the cloying, mind numbing world of e cigarettes, cigarettes, designer faded jeans, expensive fine cotton t shirts distressed just so, coffee, cafés, coffee houses, late's and trust fund hippies, I have landed in a vast barren land of apparent sanity.Although nothing could have prepared me for the wall of heat that body slammed me as I stepped onto the shimmering Tarmac, that addictive familiar bubble of excitement and wonder has started it's slow happy percolate deep within my soul.Namibia!What a world ... read more
Meteorite crater
Long road in
Plant life

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek July 14th 2014

Preparation for the big 2014 trip begins. Mission - Classic wildlife images. Ticket purchased. Seattle - New York - Johannesburg - Windhoek. September 8 to October 8. Vehicle booked. Chose a double cab from Camping Car Hire in Windhoek, Namibia. Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Camera gear checked and upgrades ordered. Nikon D810 and 800mm should do the trick. D4 and 400mm plus a few zooms will fill the bag. Binoculars, sunglasses and credit card. First stop Erindi... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek » Aris April 24th 2014

Namibia - Wow.....Desert, bush, dunes and an ocean!! I'm going to leave the next two blog posts fairly brief and let my pictures do the talking - as they are good. Arrived in Windhoek after a 20 hour bus journey from Livingstone, Zambia - used Intercape who provided a quality service, apart from the air con. Due to the roaring temperatures during the day, the company leave the air con on all night which resulted in everyone freezing to death. I actually had to grab my sleeping bag at a stop north of Windhoek during the middle of the night as I was far too cold. Also, saw an elephant crossing the road when we were driving along the Caprivi Strip. Windhoek - modern, developed city - extremely clean and very sparsely populated, not surprising given ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek January 5th 2014

3.01. 13:50 "only use the emergency toilet in emergecies, I repeat: Only use the emergency toilet in emergencies!" wir sind im Bus von Kapstadt- nach Windhoedk. 1480 km = 23 Stunden Fahrt. Ich frage mich, was für die Besatzung des Busses wohl alles als emergency durchgehen würde, auch wenn ich doch eine wage Vorstellung davon durch den letzten Aufenthalt in Ostafrika habe. Safe, dependable, affordable lautet der Slogan von Intercape und bisher hält sie, was sie verspricht. Einzig der als besonderer Service beim Ticketschalter angeperiesene Gospel während der Fahrt trübt die Begeisterung ein wenig- zu sehr ist die alltwöchenendliche Zwangsbeglückung um 7 Uhr ind er Früh des ansässigen Chors in Kisumu noch in Erinnerung. Und schon geht das Gedudel los, dazu zeigen 5 Bildschirme einen Einhemischenn, der mit umgedrehter Baseballhaube und weissem Hemd am Keyboard in ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek » Aris November 16th 2013

Namibia - wonderful, fantastic, sunsets and sundowns, dunes, sand, sand and sand, gravel roads, flat tyres, good beer, game, big car and a lot of kilometers (about 4000 driven km's). Dear Erma and Johan - our visit to your home and country have been wonderful, thank for your big help and hospitality. Your way of meeting us, helping us with planning of our "road-trip", use of your camping gear have been marvelous. Without this help, it haven't been possible. Looking forward to come another time, still a lot of places, canyons, rivers and sand to see ! We are looking forward to see you soon I Denmark. Give our best wishes to Norde', Valne', Carinna and Jaco. Namibia kan meget, men internet, mobildækning mv, er ikke deres speciale ! Så om kort tid følger opdatering fra ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek » Aris July 25th 2013

Well my friends - what an absolute slacker i am! in all seriousness, this is the first time i have been able to sit at a computer since my last update back in Zambia. Genuinely, we have only been using our phones with WiFi and to write this kind of text on my phone is a massive ball ache so i have been very naughty and not written anything. BAD KIMMY!!!!! So i shall fill you in on our adventures through Botswana and Namibia, and then i will write another entry for South Africa. Although as we are on our way home next Tuesday i dont really have loads of time so i may have to renege on that promise - but we shall see!!! :) So we got ENGAGED and saw some Rhinos and Rainbows ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek January 12th 2013

Hello, again, all my friends, Sorry to have already missed my once a week deadline. I'm toward the end of three weeks of orientation, mostly in Windhoek; but last week we spent in Imungwelume, up north, near the city of Oshakati. We didn't have wireless available, and I have not bought a Netman which lets you do internet through the phone lines, because I am pretty sure my school will have wireless access. The week in Omungwelume was at a school called Eengedjo where we were doing a practicum. They had put out the word (it was still their summer vacation) that we would be there and I think we probablly had 60 - 80 students from grades 5-11. It was great fun. We worked in pairs or threes to plan and to teach lessons. The ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek December 31st 2012

After a very, very, very long trip we arrived in Windhoek yesterday, late afternoon. The airport reminded me of the airport in Charlottetown. It was way out of town, but they had met us with vans, so it was easy. On the way in we saw some gazelles. It is now January 1st in Namibia. I need to go to bed, but wanted to let everyone know I am safe and sound here. We walked into the city today and I did pretty well in the heat. I may have melted a few poinds off, but nothing else. I learned that my school, called a "vision school" is for kids from all over the country. Ones who are good students, but are either orphans or have no money to continue school. It will be state of ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek » Aris September 27th 2012

Windoek, Namibia, 29 August 2012 We arrived in Windoek at lunch time and booked into our rooms. We then had a pizza for lunch and caught the hotels bus into the city. Tom had a haircut and I found a card and present for Tom. Cards are certainly not a thing that the Namibians do as I had a difficult time finding a card. I also had worse trouble finding a get well card for my little granddaughter, Gemma, who is having her little bent ear corrected on 7 September. I found a DVD with African images and music on it and post cards with African animals for a get well card. We were too late to post the card for Gemma because we got there just after 4.30pm even though the locals said the Post ... read more
Hotel Safari our accomodation in Windoek Namibia (1)
Hotel Safari our accomodation in Windoek Namibia (2)
Hotel Safari our accomodation in Windoek Namibia (3)

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek August 28th 2012

Today amrked the first of a few change over days on the tour for us. Today Ali, Lino, Luis, Ana, Hans-Peter and Barbara were leaving the tour :( The upside to this was that there would be new people joining! Once we arrived in Windhoek, Anna, Brendon and I tested the pool out, and once again it was far too cold to be of any use to us. I ended up sitting around the pool and having a beer with Ray before meting some of the new people. Hiroshi and Shin (from Japan) joined us for a beer, and soon Josh also joined us. At the meeting we also got to meet Zoe (Josh's wife) and Iaia. AFter a quick breifing we headed out for a welcome/goodbye dinner. We ate at Joes Beer House, where they ... read more

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