Day 3 - Meet and Greet Day

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July 28th 2018
Published: July 28th 2018
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Today is possibly the hardest day of the tour. Meet and greet day. Today we get to join our other travellers which is a bit like tattslotto, you never know what or when you are going to pick the right numbers (or in this case, interesting people....).

Anyway, we start the day with blue sky and sunshine - nice from what we left behind in Melbourne. Breakfast done and we do chats with the family. Also find out our kitchen has been gutted - good and also interesting feelings of oh shit, here we go again with an new kitchen. At least we know it is going to a good place - our electrician who is bartering time for cupboards......

Good to catch up with everyone at home - even if the questions of where and how am I going to watch the footy today were front and centre. We got to show off our large hotel room and the outside pool area which both Pippa and Charlie were amazed at the size and niceness of our accomodation.

After the calls we head into town. Our badge lady is waiting for a taxi to take her to town. We chat the. Say we might catch up later, maybe. Then we head down to town. Lots of nice houses and some not so nice apartments but we get there unscathed. Do shops and who do we see -yep badge lady. Greetings and off our separate ways.

We do a few sights, including the parliament buildings and the Independence Memorial museum. The latter was a relatively new building that was oblong in design and had glass lifts on either end and a viewing area at the top. Did the independence stuff and then to the cafe floor for viewing and a beer - quite warm and lots of walking......

Realised that the footy would be finished so got the WiFi password to check scores. Bugger me, WiFi so slow it wouldn’t load. never Mind, me looking this up won’t change the result. Beer finished and the uphill walk back begins. As we go past the dodgy apartments, 3 kids appear sitting on a.Modified shopping trolley (top half removed so they can sit on the bottom and scoot along). Sounds innocent, but remember I just said we start the long uphill walk. This means these kids do the trolley downhill. Sure enough,out of their driveway, down the hill about 20 metres, then into the next driveway which is a really steep slope. All we could hear were the screams of horror and delight. Good on them....

Back at the hotel. Chris has a nap and I go to catch up on the footy scores. Woo hoo, we beat Adelaide - don’t care if we gave up a last quarter lead again (sort of) as long as we win. Notice a new badge dude. They must be the newbies of the tour. Keep my distance checking them out. Go back and get easy for meet and greet and then to the meeting.

Sure enough, new badge dude and his mate are there chatting to the tour leader. We are greeted by the waiter who has served us beers before. As we now are badge dudes (much to our chagrin) he offers us a seat the the reserved table and says drinks are on the tour - bonus....

Others come over and we introduce ourselves. Then the final unknown pair arrive. Turns out they were sitting at the table next to us at dinner last night. so now we are all known to each other. Drinks and the tour leader does his s bit about what will happen, early start times for tomorrow and then to dinner in the wine cellar. Amazing room with a large table looking into this room with lots and lots of wine racked up and waiting to be had.

Dinner is another feast of good food, good wine and interested ng company. Sure we will all settle into ourselves soon.

Settle the account, repack bags ready for a 0630 breakfast then off on our 14 seater charter plane to the Namib Rand desert for our first safari tour. Exciting part starts tomorrow.


29th July 2018

Day 3
You make me nervous about going on a tour! Enjoy.
29th July 2018

You will love it. A real microcosm of people, places, etc.

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