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July 27th 2018
Published: July 27th 2018
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Another airport, another 3 lots of customs to clear and added bonus, our bags followed us.....

Arrived in Joburg at 0515 and had over 4 hours to wait for the next flight. Luckily we had access to the South African Airways arrivals lounge so we could freshen up and have a bite in comfort. Only issue was this lounge was teeny tiny. Only about 16 seats and all self service. Never mind, it was better than sitting on airport benches for a while. We had checked that what we thought our bags would do (all the way through without any collections) was confirmed so only had to check ourselves in for the last leg.

Eventually left the lounge and wandered into the terminal we had thought our flight departed from only to learn that we had to go to the other terminal to check in, then actually back to our original guess for departure - confused, imagine us wandering around a strange airport tying to find where we were meant to be......

All good in the end, except for when the check in dude says he can’t find our bags on the computer - here we go again. Finally finds them and we now live in half hope they make it with us. Had to clear customs on the way out, now we have to go through customs again - different country so international flight and customs. No problems and more stamps in the passport. Wander the shops, look at duty free and then Chris spots a jewellery store that specialises in diamonds. Nice looking rings, etc, and sees one she had seen in a flight magazine called a Protea diamond. Very nice. Store assistant comes over and tries to sell it - a bargain with 25% off - calculator out and price drops from $25,000 to a mere $14,500 odd. Get me out of here. No drama, no ring.....

Get to gate and onto a bus out to the plane, then off to Windhoek, capital of Namibia and the start point of our African adventures. Get on plane and to our seats. I notice the lady next to us sitting with her APT name badge - oh dear... Smiles and then I notice that a whole row of exit row seats are available. Check with flight attendant and once door is closed off we go -bonus. Flight is uneventful, landscape is very much like that seen on the way to Mildura. Flat, scrubby and very dry.

We land and the first thing Chris notices is a windmill on the land next to the runway. Clear customs again -more stamps, then to the bag collection. Woo hoo, see both bags doing laps. Very happy to see that one. Get out and find our pick up quite easily and our new friend with the APT name badge. All going to the same hotel, so our tour guide whisks us into his van for the 40 minute drive into town. Just out of the airport he excitedly tells us there is an ostrich in the paddock on the left. Chris and I spot it, new badge lady misses it. Informative drive in and then we get to our hotel.

This place looks like a fort sitting at the top of a rather steep hill. Rooms ready and looking good. Very Germanic town, and our hotel‘s name is the Heinitzburg Hotel. Yep....

Interesting room, mini 4poster bed, chandelier in the rounded corner area, but very serviceable and large so no real complaints. We have dinner with our badge lady and finish our wine on the terrace overlooking the city lights. Very pleasant. Now to bed for a catch up on sleep .


28th July 2018

Good work
Good job on the Blog Steve -- keep it rolling !

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