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Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz June 13th 2006

Hamid had offered to take me with him on a trip to Bushehr on the Red Sea coast but he slipped in the showerand injured his back, so instead I went and bought a new pair of pants and a couple of T-shirts, visited a traditional restaurant, the bazaar, a museum and a mosque. I moved from the apartment to a smaller cheaper hotel that evening and settled in to watch the world cup soccer matches with the guys in the hotel. Over the next few days I checked out the local restaurants found all the goodies at the bazaar I wished to buy and basically took it easy and got my ticket refunded. On the 11th it was time to pack up my bags and my new purchases and head to the airport, say farewell ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem June 12th 2006

Our tour group had a fabulous night out on the town last night. We woke up early to make it to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial. The grounds of Yad Vashem are beautifuly done and they recently opened up the new museum. The museum asalts all your senses as you are overloaded with pictures, artifacts, and exhibits about the Holocaust. The museum starts you off looking at the Jewish population before the Holocaust and progresses towards the end of the war. The museum is designed in a way that you have to go through the whole museum before you can leave. I connected with the museum when we came upon a room where the floor was once the street of the Warsaw Ghetto. For some in the group the museum was too much and ... read more
Open Air Market in Jerusalem
Children's Memorial

Middle East » Syria » South » Damascus June 12th 2006

Well I have now been here a few days and can safely say that I love it! I have been having a blast all day every day exploring and learning sooo much!!! I'll recap the last few days as best I can in the time I have. Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading pictures so those will have to come later. As I said in my first entry, I arrived local time on Thursday and got to my hotel around 10pm. I wandered around for a few hours with a new friend I met named Mina who is in my program. I got to bed around 3am and fell right to sleep. I was awoken by a knock at my door at 7:30am and it was Mina asking why I had overslept and I was like ... read more
View from my hotel room
View of hotel room from my bed
Kitten at the hotel restaurant

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 11th 2006

Fınally back ın the cıty of Istanbul. I really thınk Istanbul ıs a terrıfıc Cıty. The weather ıs cool and nıce, there ıs a cosmopolıtan mıx of European and Asıan Flavour, pple are generally kınd and nıce and ıt certaınly helps that the cıty ıs decked wıth rıch cultural and hıstorıcal ıcons. It ıs also a food haven. Today i vısıted the other sıde of Istanbul startıng from Taksım Square. It ıs a Saturday so ı guess the Turkısh publıc were out ın force. Pretty crowded....I had to take a bus from Sultanahmet whıch crossed the Galata Brıdge..(thıs ıs where the game of BRIDGE was belıeved to have been ınvented by Bırtısh soldıers). There were people everywhere holdıng food of all kınds ın theır hands...Turkısh Ice Cream, burgers, kebabs or corn. There were many Anglers ... read more
Turkısh man sellıng flags
istanbul sights from the bridge
galata tower

Middle East » Iran June 11th 2006

Reached the Iranıan Border of Bazargan expectıng a smooth transıtıon ınto Turkey but dıd not expect to be held back for abt 2 hrs because the ımmıgratıon offıcers there are not exactly sure whıch nationalıtıes do not need VISAS. The Iranıan offıcer went over to the Turkısh sıde wıth my passport and came back tellıng me that the Turks mıght not let me through.Worse stıll....he kept askıng me ıf I had extra $$ wıth me....seemıngly ımplyıng that ı mıght need to pay my way ın. Anyway, the Iranıans stamped my passport and let me the Turkısh sıde, ı was let from the ımmıgratıon booth to the Polıce offıce ....after a long long tıme, fınally ı was allowed through. Shared a cab wıth 3 other Iranıan Cıvıl engıneers to the Turkish Town of Dogubayzıt. The ... read more
Ishak Pasa Palace
Turkısh teachers & students
Nearby ruins


Middle East » Turkey June 11th 2006

Hello I hope everyone's summer is starting out well. How can it not. It's summer!!. Sorry aunt Jean... The World Cup started finally. De Dunya Kupasi as it is called here. Great stuff so far. Too bad if you don't follow it. Its even better than the Tour de France Dorothy. Try it out. I made my way back to where i started. Away from Iran and the mountain and back into Anatolia proper. I stopped in the town that Bertie and i had visited a few weeks before. I was dropped off into town near sunset and i (of course) was delayed by people stopping me and wanting to talk and meet me and have tea. I stashed my pack at the Otel and walked up towards the castle which was where the kids and ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem June 11th 2006

It was another early start of the day so we could go for a hike in the desert. We traveled to the Ein Ovdat national park. Ein Ovdat is like a small grand canyon. It is a beautiful gorge in the middle of the desert. After hiking along the river flowing through the gorge we started our ascent to the top of the gorge. You follow a winding path of steep stone stairs cut into the gorge face and in some place you had to use ladders to get up to the top. It was a hard but wonderful climb with a spectacular view at the top where we met our bus. After our hike in Ein Ovdat we stopped in Beer She'va to pick up 8 Israeli soldiers to join us on the rest of ... read more
Hiking in Ein Ovdat
Digging for Artifacts

Middle East » Israel » South District June 10th 2006

On saturday's in Israel everything comes to a halt and the religious day of rest. There are a few places open but most are closed. I slept in late, I napped in my air conditioned room, I eat, I relaxed, and at the end of the night I enjoyed watch the world cup soccer in the local pub. Israel knows how to relax and it was exactly what I needed after so much sightseeing in the past couple of days. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia June 9th 2006

Turkey: Istanbul/ Capadoccia/ Ephesus May 24- June 11 Jamming rock concerts. Women wearing covered scarves on their heads. Night life that pulsates through the night. Greek mythology, conversion to Christianity and some of the largest Muslim Mosques.. it’s Istanbul and the Turkiye of today. Turkey is a country overflowing with a vibrant life today and a history that dates back to the dawn of civilization and has witnessed several different distinct cultures, empires and seen religious movements like no other land has. The country has the metropolis of Istanbul and its 14 million people, staggering traffic and skyscrapers, and also has an eastern portion that still bears more fundamental beliefs and traditions. Most of all, Turkey is the true crossroads to the world, straddling 2 continents, bridging the 2 major religions of the world and connecting ... read more
From the Bosphorous
Underground prayer

Middle East » Syria » South » Damascus June 9th 2006

I finally made it to Syria later on last night! I got settled into my hotel and went and wandered with my new friend Samina I met from Georgetown. We had lots of fun and even managed to get into a little bit of trouble. Nothing to major but i already have stories for years to come and I've been here less than 24 hours! It's great fun and the heat isn't as bad as I thought but I am drinking more water than I thought I'd need to. Oh well. Sorry this is so short, I have lots of exploring to do but I am here and I am safe and having lots of fun! I will post again soon and hopefully I'll put pictures up as well. Hope everyone is doing well, feel free ... read more
The City at night from top of Four Seasons

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