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Middle East April 22nd 2006

Blog 73432 repeated Doh! deleted blog by accident- hi everybody! have some time to kill before an interview so heres wat i been up to, was fine on the plane, was deaf in 1 ear for a while though, first plane didnt have t.vs in seats though and nat was pretty gutted, 2nd 1 did and she let out an entirely inappriate F*** YEAH! with fist pump action. but she spoke to soon coz the hostess asked up to move from our mint seats at the front of aisle to shitty back one for a girl who had been freakin out on the last flight and our tvs didnt work and we had low riders in front of us.stink. We arrived in Dubai after 20+ hours of travel to find that our dodgy as hotel had ... read more
worlds lamest sand castle
nat of the desert
gold souk

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 22nd 2006

Arriving at 6:30pm after a delayed flight and long queues through visa and passport control, we arrived at the Sammy’s tour stand and realised the scale of Sammy’s tours. Milions of guides shuffled us to a bus stand where we had to wait forever for a bus due to Istanbul’s terrible Friday night traffic. At least there was a large group of Aussies to have a laugh with and we were finally dropped off at our hotel at 8:30pm! In search of a quick bite, we got a kebab – a regular occurrence in our Turkish journey. Our tour organises left us for dead and I went to the Internet Cafe to try to make sense of it all. We weren’t concerned as the tour didn’t officially start until the next night. We wake up early ... read more
Bosphorus Cruise
St Sofia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Gallipoli April 21st 2006

Hello Everyone Today we got up early at 05:30 to catch the bus to Gallipoli. We stopped at Eceabat for Lunch. After Lunch we visited all the Gallipoli Sites such as; Proposed Landing Beach, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine and visited many cemeterys and saw the grave of John Simpson Kirkpatrick (Man with the Donkey). We saw both Turkish and Allied Trenches. It was interesting, it bought many sad emotions to my heart with how many young lives were wasted. We then took the boat from Eceabat to Canakkale where we stayed the night. The hotel was good but the service was hopeless. On our tour there were about 24 people and Lucy and I met many girls who we are now friends with (aged 16 to 30). Hope you enjoyed reading about todays events Hoscakal (goodbye) ... read more
Istanbul Arrival
Istanbul Arrival 2
Istanbul Arrival 3

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 21st 2006

Arrived in Istanbul, Turkey at 1620hrs. Had to wait for about 40minutes for the ‘Tour’ company to be ready to leave. Traffic was something that can only be seen to be believed - bumper to bumper and there is really no rules except for the largest and brashest and most constant horn driver taking priority. Whilst sitting in the bus in a traffic jam we saw a young run coming sprinting up the street with a crowd of people in pursuit. Just as he crossed in front of us, one of the pursuers grabbed him and pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the young guys head. A tad freaky. The tour guide informed us (after getting off the bus ant joining the crowd) that the young guy was a pickpocket and the person with ... read more

Middle East » Turkey April 21st 2006

... started at Stansted airport in a Thompson Tours plane to Turkey and ended at Antalya airport. They all got on a bıg bus heading East to the resorts and I got a bus into Antalya's old town (Kaleıci) to find somewhere to stay. A met a German who was going to Bodrum to go sailıng wıth some friends. I dropped my bag at Pensiyon Sabah and we went for a couple of beers. I had a wander around the Roman (but still used) port and then Hadrian's Gate and the Clock Tower. Pictures to follow. This place ısn't well set up for cameras and is really slow. On Wednesday I went on a tour to the Roman ruins at Perge and then Aspendos. Perge was very impressıve but quite ruined. I'll try not to go ... read more
Perge Main Street
Alexander's Gate in Perge
View of the Theatre in Aspendos


Middle East » Iran » East » Mashhad April 20th 2006

Hi all Remember how we promised to get things up to date before leaving Iran? Well, we blew it I'm afraid and a proper rundown of the last 6 weeks in Turkey and Iran (as well as KP's foodie post) will just have to wait until we hit Uzbekistan. We're in Mashad, north west Iran, right now and will get up at the ungodly hour of half 4 tomorrow morning (20th April) to catch our taxi to the Turkmen border. From there we'll be whisked away by our local guide to the ancient city of Merv, which hasn't been properly inhabited since a certain Mr G. Khan and 7000 friends swept through 8 or 9 centuries ago. We're told Turkmenistan had a little less than 3000 tourists last year (that's around 8 a day, for a ... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District April 20th 2006

Sup, So I've essentially given up on the blog for now. I think it becomes tiresome to write about things you are doing rather quikley and I lasted faily long all things considered. Plus the stupid comments the guys back home wore on the patience a wee bit. eg. "Hi Rhys, this is friend A. You should gave seen friend B at the bar last night; he did such and such and such and such and is such a fag/uggo-jumper." To that I add thanks for enriching my life. Anyhow since I leave the kibbutz relatively soon I'm going to use this site as it was originally intended - as a store for digital photos. Cheers, maybe I"ll update before I go back to Europe.... read more
more haifa

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 20th 2006

Hello, We have arrived safely after 24 hrs on the plane with 2 stops along the way in Singapore, Dubai and finally arrived today at 07:00 Turkish Time which is 14:00 Australian Time We left for this trip of a lifetime at 14:45 Australian, Time. Today in Istanbul, Turkey we visited the Grand Bazaar and we had many sales men trying unsuccessfully to sell us their goods (knock offs of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Von Dutch and other expensive brands) We have tried many Turkish foods today such as Donor Kebabs, Turkish Meatballs, Calamari, Fresh Fish and also some Savory Treats from the Turkish Bakery. The Savory treats were so good we went back twice. We went to the street markets and found many more knock off goods! We also bought some fruit from the local ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha April 20th 2006

I’m behind on the blogging and I don’t think I’m going to catch up before heading out tomorrow to Bangkok with Mom and Daryl. I returned from my holiday with Christine last Monday and two days later Mom and Daryl were here! We’ve had lots of fun, but for now I’m going to share some pics and an update on my trip to Doha, Qatar. (For those of you who haven’t already looked it up—it’s next to Saudi Arabia, to the east.) My door to door traveling time from Seoul to Doha was about 16 hours; 11 of those hours being in flight. You’d think I would have known that before boarding the first plane, but nooo….no. In my mind my flight was going to be maybe 6 hours max. It wasn’t until the captain of ... read more
In the souqs
posing in the souqs
Spices and...stuff

Middle East » Bahrain April 19th 2006

Today, we went to swim with a beluga whale! His name is Senja (not sure about the spelling, and it is short for Simone, I think, but it is the equivalent of Simon in Russian). So, he is a Russian whale. The place was a big indoor area used for dolphin shows, but only the trainer and a few other people were on hand. Shawn was the first to go and hopped down into the chilly water. Senja was waiting beside the edge. Thin instructor, Alexander, spoke very little English. Shawn put his hands on Senja’s front fins, leaned back a bit, and then Senja began to swim around the pool with Alexander guiding him around with a training pole (not sure what else to call it) and throwing in a fish or two along the ... read more
Augusta, Kai, and Shawn
The Pottery Makers
Shawn and Senja

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