Photos from Middle East

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Hungry Cat
Chuck in the Garden of Relics
And in the seas......
Lighthouses guide the way and keep us safe.....
A favourite corner.......
For those.......
The sea looking at it's best......
Wood and rope.....
In sepia.....
That's some rigging......
Safely into the deep pool.
Picking the bargains.....
How much.....
Little Petra
Camel Ride
Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum
Yeni Mosque
Kocatepe Mosque
Communist sculpture
Amer (from RISE Foundation) and I share a sheesha - Erbil, Kurdish Region, Iraq
Erbil looking beautiful at dusk - Kurdish Region, Iraq
Woodsmith and his wares - The Qaysari Bazaar, Erbil, Kurdish Region, Iraq
Young man in the Qaysari Bazaar - Erbil, Kurdish Region, Iraq
The Joy of Simit
No Health Regulations
Sunset, Galata Bridge
Long Shadows
Spice Market Alley
Feeding on the Ferry
Hungry Seagull
Üsküdar Mosque
quase 1km de altura...
Blue domed mosque, central Beirut
Waiting in the cool Siq
The Treasury (5)
The Treasury (2)
Horse and Carriage
Colourful Duo
The Metzuda beach
Nemrut Dağı
Coptic Church
Old Meets New
New Zealand Headstones
North Beach From Ari Burnu
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