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So, Zach, Robbie & I went to the Amazon. It was pretty ridiculous. I´m going to do my best to share everything with you but I´m sure there will be parts I forget. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy. We started off Wednesday morning to catch a plane to Puerto Maldanado in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. It is roughly a 40 minute plane ride over the mountains and into the jungle. We were greeted by 90 degrees and palm trees. It was a nice change of pace from the rain in Cusco. Our guide, Cesar, met us at the airport where we traveled to the port on the Madre de Dios River to catch a boat to our home for the next four days, Tambo Jungle Lodge. It was roughly a 20 minute, scenic ... read more
river boats
so relaxing
dead tarantula

After a hectic two week whizz around Peru and a few near death experiences I've made it back from the darkest jungles of Peru and my first foray to the South American continent, bear with me, it could be a long tale. I'd always wanted to fly over London on the 5th November to see all the fireworks displays and so the journey to Peru began on the 5th, sadly first thing in the morning and there were no fireworks to see. A quick hop over to Amsterdam and myself and mi amiga Escocia, Maureen, got on the flight to Lima and settled in for the long haul. All was going well until the mean Dutch air hostesses seemed to think three drinks were more than enough on such a long flight. And I used to ... read more
Yeah, yeah, it's a jungle out there
Keep heading west...
Rebuilding an empire

Welcome to the Jungle Ha!! Like the last blog, we are actually in Lima, the Capital of Peru with over 8million people, and a crazy amount of smog and pollution. But it has some amazing buildings that we will upload and talk about in about 8 hours, for now, it's off to the jungle!! On Wednesday, the 10th November, we all packed our bags from Cusco and headed on the plane to Puerto Maldonado, a little place on the cusp of the Amazon Jungle. From there we got picked up at the airport, and after leaving the majority of our luggage at the lodges main office, it was off in the motorised canoes to our lodge for 2 nights. It had been raining a fair bit (our luggage was wet) so the river was high and ... read more
The Tambopata River
Onto the boats we go!!

Day 61 5th November This was our last day in the Amazon; I had been looking forward to being in such a magical place and was sad to know I would be going and was adamant to make the most of it. The weather had turned rainy... and boy when it rains in the Amazon it really rains! Luckily it didn’t rain for very long and I spent the morning taking pictures around the lodge as animals would often wander in, there was a Macaw nearby the restaurant area who always stayed in one tree, almost certainly because it had its wings clipped, pretty sad to be honest. I also saw an Agouti under our lodge. At 10:00 we hopped on the long boat and went on a long ride along the river, because it had ... read more
Us fishing in the Amazon
Mating butterflies
Yeah..his is better!

Day 60 4th November – Jungle trek and the lost Cocha On day two of our Amazon tour we went to the Cocha Perdida or (lost Lake) we had breakfast and got on the boat for a short ride into the jungle, we trekked for a short way until we found some still water with a couple of row boats moored, jumped into one of the boats and took it in turns to row. As we went some macaws flew above and we saw yellow vultures, the wildlife was around but not really on show most animals would see us coming from a mile off and be well out of our way before we could identify let alone photograph them, however one heron stood very still and let us take pics as it was hunting a ... read more
Trekking through the jungle
Spider Monkey 3

Day 59 3rd November – Tampobata reserve So much for a lay in (I am rather keen on getting out of bed in my own sweet time) the woman at the reception desk in our hotel gave us the wrong pick up time so while I was still in the shower the phone rang in the room, Liz answered it and freaked as we hadn’t even started packing and the chap was waiting downstairs at reception to take us to the airport 45 minutes earlier than we expected, it wasn’t even 09:00 and I hadn’t had a coffee or even a coca tea and instead had to pack all my stuff in record time... however I think I remained pretty calm about it as it wasn’t our mistake so I said to Liz “it is what ... read more
Monkey 3
Blind as a bat

Posada Lodge After departing Lima in the dark we flew to Puerto Maldonado where we found a tropical daint airport awaited us with scorching humidity. We met our guide Armando, repacked the basics and bumped along a dusty road to the river port. An hour up river by a motored canoe, we arrived at the secluded Posada Lodge. A surreal but simple open aired structure, no doors, just curtains and mosquito nets. Over the next day and a half we climed a 32m tower to look above the tree tops, watch the sunset over the jungle, spotted endangered river otters, caimens (aligators), fished for paranha, spotted brillant red macaws and went on a night hike to see the trantulars. We also made a visit to the local Shaman (medicine man), who talked about the local plants ... read more
The river port
Eating lunch from a banana leaf

Well, we're back from the jungle and no one was eaten by jaguars or caymans so we're good! The trip was fun. We did it through the hostel (Tambotata hostel in Puerto Maldonado). Because there were 7 of us on the tour, it cost us less and we were able to do the whole thing for about $150. This included transportation, lodging for 2 nights, ALL meals for 3 days, and our guide/tours. About $50/day and totally worth it considering how well they fed us and all the things we got to do! On the first morning, we all woke up and enjoyed breakfast at the hostel together. It was bread and jam but ALSO an egg and fruit salad with yogurt! Then we walked about 5 minutes down to the dock where we caught a ... read more
Giant Snake Sighting

Day 17: After the highs of Machu Picchu, the transfer back to Cusco didnt get us back into town until almost dusk.... by the time we went to bed, we'd already been up a whole 24 hours. So it was rather lucky that we had a free day in Cuzco the following day, a bit of a lay in, a lazy breakfast, laundry as i'd almost totally ran out of clean clothes. And just wandering around Cuzco city which in the midst of everything is actually a beautiful, vibrant town. Suvenior shopping for the girls and lazy lunches. We had our final night in Cuzco by going out for dinner at "Fallen Angels" which is a beautiful restaurant. I had steak cooked in its own juices yum, and after hardly any sleep the past week, what ... read more
Our 3 walled room
Tambopata river
Lunch on the boat

Hola amigos, It’s been a while, and I have been many places. I’ve written this entry on a bus, in Cusco airport, under my mosquito net at Lagunas Surf Camp in Mancora, which is just south of the Ecuadorian border, during my cruise cabin in the Galapagos Islands, and now back in Quito. My days have been full enough that on numerous occasions I have found myself lying in a bed thinking, “Have I slept here before? Was I here last night?” My Bolivian experience was like that, which was unfortunate, because I liked it there. I live without schedules as much as possible, but other people’s schedules can sometimes drive my decisions. My first morning in Copacabana, Bolivia, I began researching tours of the Peruvian jungle and saw that they all departed on Sundays. I ... read more

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