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We flew from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado - possibly the shortest flight I've ever been on at about 25mins! We were met by our latest set of guides - Delford and Manuel - and set off on a boat trip down the Tambopota (spelt something like that...) river to our jungle lodge. It was about 3 and a half hours on the boat, and we saw lots of wildlife on the way - cayman crocodiles (including one huge one), scarlet macaws, a capybara (kind of a giant guinea pig..) and lots of other birds. We were also given lunch - rice in a giant banana leaf - which was very nice. The lodge was a bit of a surprise - very luxurious compared to what I was expecting (especially as last time I was in the ... read more

Ok we're on our way in the morning. We'll post something when we get to Cuzco, so that will be sometime after the 19th. We fly all day May 15th and arrive in Lima the morning of the 16th, well it's 12am. We have several hours to wait for our next flight. So we're hoping to find a bench to catch a few hours of sleep. Our first four days will be spent in the Amazon (Puerto Maldonado), we'll be staying at the Refugio Amazonas. We will not have internet access while we're in the Amazon so you'll have to wait till we get back to civilization (Cuzco) to hear about our trip. We plan to find internet cafes or use the computer in the hotel if ones available. In the meantime here's some information on ... read more
Amazon Canoe

Hi all, here are some more photos, including those of Chun and Shabanas visit, and more beasties. hope you are all well lots of love Yaz and Jack... read more
Big catfish
Spectacled owl

After going bird mad when Gary the birdwatcher was here a couple of weeks ago, we have since changed our recent mania to herptiles (reptiles and amphibians) due to the arrival of a rather mental Swiss herpetologist called Conrad Mebert PHd. He is really a genetecist back home, but evidently has enough money to go on a mad snake frog spree in the Neotropics, catching as many things that creep as possible and taking photos of them. We went out numerous nights in swamps and on trails and came back with backpacks full of snakes and frogs for him to photograph. We also took a fair few, and these are on the blog. We´ve also been to carnival, which takes place every sunday of February in puerto and where people can throw water and paint at ... read more
Bufo glaberinus
Female Rhinocerous Beetle

Well we are here in Lima for another camp out- think we are in double digits now in this airport, we ARE the GIA´s here! Ok were we left off was the canopy and you can see how it better fitted Andrea than Roberto! That was Wednesday and then on Thursday we got up early and headed for the the Tamabopata Reserve-park and hiked 5 km into it mostly through mud! lots of techniques were discusssed and Roberto had flashbacks on mosuito control in the eastern sierra, but with treatment he should recover. Along the way we saw a great group of yellow-blue macaws feeding at a palm tree and making a total racket!! Good pics hopefully and good close viewing. We made it to the lake, a swamp and really were right back in the ... read more

Hola los todos!! As we arrived by plane to Puerto Maldonaldo via a short trip - 45 mins, we quickly saw the canopy of trees covering the earth. And yes there was the RIO winding continuously throughout the jungle. We stepped off the plane expecting the slam of humidity and heat, yet it wasn´t that bad at all. The airport building was open air, we loved that it was very small and unassumming. Outside the taxis were 3 wheeled motorcycles with a bench seat in the rear. Our flight was late so we had to wait a bit for our transport. Then our open air safari-like bus appeared and took us through the city of Puerto Maldanaldo- that was an experience in itself. There are 2 rivers that come together at PM- Tambopata and Madre de ... read more
Aud on the canopy bridge
Boating into the swamp

Hello again, hope you´re all well and enjoyed the last lot of pictures. Here are a few more pics from the selva, decidedly more wildlife orientated this time, with particular emphasis on frogs (Tom we´ve been thinking of you a lot). We have been enjoying ourselves as always and have been busy clearing trails and doing other very important resident naturalist duties such as searching for caimans on the nearby oxbow lake and camping there so that we could count agami herons in the morning. We are adding to our list of animal sightings, the most exciting of which is probably a jaguarundi, no photo sadly as jack was too busy chasing it at me and i was too busy running for my life. We have recently got a new RN Georgia from Oregon, she is ... read more
resident Pink-toed tarantula
Rio Tambopata, the local highway
Scinax garbei

1/8 We got up early this morning to try and see the famous clay lick that the TRC is known for. It then began pouring rain. After getting up at 345 to see them, we watched the clay until the boat came back instead of the birds. That was the only rain we suffered, for which we´re really lucky during rainy season! On the walk to the clay lick, we saw a tarantula which we later visted twice more. Very scary looking. We also scared and smelled an armadillo, without actually seeing it. Tarantula- Clay lick- That afternoon we took a hike, starting to use the cumbersome tall rubber boots provided by the lodge. We got to see a very rare mammal, the black tayra, which looks kind of like a river otter. We ... read more

We´re back! Our jungle trip was very exciting, starting on the 6th of January. We´re now in Puerto Maldonado in the pouring rain, so we have plenty of time to give a long account of it day by day haha. We booked our trip through and Rainforest Expeditions planned all of it. After speaking with a guide, we learned that they form partnerships with area communities to staff and run the lodge. Profits are split between the community and the company for twenty years when the community takes it over. Everyone spoke great English and had a ton of knowledge to impart. We were along the Madres de Dios region on the Rio Tambopata river in the jungle. Enjoy! The river- 1/6 We started out with an hour long bus ride from the ... read more

Hi Just to let you know we are having a great time and seeing loads of animals. We work in the rainforest every day and get free run of the jungle. We have pet macaws (one nice and one evil) and can hear the howler monkeys every morning. If you would like to get in touch you can write to us : Explorers Inn Fonavi H-15 Puerto Maldonado Madre de Dios Peru (the one i sent out in the first email to some of you is spelt wrong) Unfortunately we will be able to get to the phone and the internet very rarely as lightening hit the satelitte at the lodge 4 weeks ago and I doubt it will be fixed any time soon. We can only use the internet when we come to Puerto Maldonado, ... read more
Pretty beetle
Yaz and Ara

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