Liz and Ellory

Liz and Ellory

Liz and Ellory

Liz & Ellory-who met while working at Discovery Channel, fell in love and decided get married in June 2010. We then had the bright idea of asking for, and getting 6 months off work and decided to spend it in the Southern Hemisphere to avoid the lovely British winter!

We had an amazing time travelling around South America, New Zealand and Australia and arrived back in the UK in February 2011. We ended up blogging extensively about our travels and eventually finished writing on Sunday 12th February 2012. A mere 1 year and 3 days after we finished our journey.

Although it took us ages to finish this, we're both very glad we did. Hope you enjoy reading it and any questions, ask away! xx


Days since we got married

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 6th 2011

Day 154-157 6th-9th February And so, our travels were nearly at an end, all we had to do was get to Sydney and get ready for our flight back to London via Kuala Lumpur. I however had not thought through what happens when you fly with a cold. I have never experienced pain like it. I couldn’t get the pressure in my ears to equalise and thought for 30 frightening minutes as the pain became horrendous that I was going to burst my eardrum. Eventually after I had literally been sobbing with the pain there was a loud bang and finally my ears decided to play ball. Ellory actually heard the pop! My hearing was definitely not right for a couple of days after that but hopefully no lasting damage. My lesson to you all, DO ... read more
Huge Cruise Ship at Sydney Harbour
On the bridge
The opera house

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef February 5th 2011

Day 153 5th February We were meeting at the marina for our Great Barrier Reef trip so the next morning we wandered down to be there for the requested time. (7.30am) We checked in with no problems and were soon getting onto our catamaran and heading off to the reef! The boat was great, very spacious and they served a little breakfast while we sailed out as it was a fair distance to the reef. Ellory had decided he would like to learn how to scuba dive and what better place than on the Great Barrier Reef?! So he booked an introductory dive, I however decided to pass and just snorkel for two reasons. One, the thought of not being able to get to the surface quickly freaks me out a bit and two, I had ... read more
Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City February 1st 2011

Day 149-152 1st-4th February It was indeed a very long day of flights, first of all, a 3 hour flight back to Sydney. We’d been unable to get a direct flight to Cairns so this was the best we could do. We then had several hours hanging around Sydney airport before boarding a long flight to Cairns. We finally arrived in Cairns at around 8pm and jumped into a taxi to take us to our hostel. As we were driving along to the Globetrotters International (our hostel), the taxi driver mentioned something about a cyclone. What cyclone? We asked and then to our complete horror we were told that a category 5 cyclone, called Yasi, was on its way to Cairns and was due to hit the next day. We’d been quite isolated in Uluru and ... read more
Earlsville Shopping Centre
Starting to look ominous
Post Cyclone Rain

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru January 29th 2011

Day 146-148 29th-31stJanuary This blog is dedicated to my Grandma. She always wanted to go to Uluru and loved looking at these photos and hearing all about it when we returned. We miss you every day. xxx We had an early flight the next day to Uluru and Wade and Melissa had really kindly offered to drive us to Sydney Airport which was really cool of them because we had to leave the house at 6am! We were all fairly quiet on the way there and it was a bit of a sad goodbye to them both at the airport. The world is a big place and who knows when we will meet again? We really got an idea of how freaking big Australia is on our flight to Uluru. Its 1347 miles away and the ... read more
The road near Uluru
Thank You Grandma and Grandpa xx

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong January 26th 2011

Day 143-145 26th-28thJanuary The morning found us donning our Australia tops and covering ourselves in Australian tattoos. We loaded up the car in the morning with a serious amount of alcohol and other things we needed for the day and headed off to our location for the day. A field. With enough space for the lads to have their annual Australia Day Cricket Match and for the rest of us to set up a gazebo and spend the whole day sunbathing and knocking back the alcoholic slush puppies! We were joining lots of Wade and Melissa’s friends and we had a lovely day in the hot sunshine getting really rather drunk, which we were reliably informed is the best way to celebrate Australia Day. By the time darkness fell, Wade, Ellory and I were pretty well ... read more
Australia Man Away!
Too Many Slush Puppy Cocktails
Big day Out

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong January 23rd 2011

Day 140-142 23rd-25th January We checked out of the Formule 1 hotel and psyched ourselves up to drive into the centre of Sydney and find the car hire place, without a sat nav or a very good map. It was a guidebook one! I still to this day cannot believe we managed it without too much trouble, the car hire place was in a part of Sydney we didn’t know and although we had to circle around a block when we missed our turning into the car hire place that was the only mishap. We returned the car and got our deposit back (yay!) and loaded ourselves up with our bags so we could walk to Kings Cross station where we were going to get the train to Wollongong. It wasn’t that far to the station, ... read more
Amazing view
Cheeky peacock on Wade's car
Enjoying a 99 with a flake

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Narooma January 21st 2011

Day 138-139 21st-22nd January After our slightly weird stay in Sale we hit the road early, planning on stopping for breakfast at the first decent sized town we could find. This ended up being a place called Lakes Entrance which was a touristy town on the shore. We had a little wander around and some beans on toast in a café which was very nice indeed! Most of the day was spent driving, following Route 1 all the way round the coast of Victoria and into New South Wales. I’ve just looked it up on googlemaps and we covered 478km that day, pretty epic, and I finally decided I’d done enough driving just before we got to a town called Narooma which looked pretty nice and we found a place to stay called The Tree Motel. ... read more
Highly Amusing but Rude Sign
Thunderstorm over Narooma
Thunderstorm over Narooma

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda January 19th 2011

Day 136-137 19th-20th January The day arrived for Ellory to get his dreads, there wasn’t really room for me to hang around the shop while he got them done, so I was to undertake a most important task. Booking our flights home. Yes we had decided that we were going to head back to England at the beginning of February, we were due to start work again on the 6th March and we needed to find somewhere to live so we thought we’d give ourselves a couple of weeks in England to deal with that. We’d spent the previous evening listing all the things we’d like to do in our remaining time and worked out we should be able to do everything and fly home on around the 8th February. So I had a list of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Yarra Valley January 18th 2011

Day 135 18th January It was an early start but we were looking forward to our day out. We’d had a look around and decided to go with APT Tours for our Puffing Billy Trip, which included lunch at a vineyard and an afternoon at a wildlife reserve as well as the train ride. Puffing Billy railway is one of the five narrow gauge lines of the Victorian Railways and opened around the beginning of the 20th century. The steam train runs through the southern foothills of the Dandenong Ranges to Gembrook. (just outside Melbourne). To be honest it was something neither one of us knew anything about until we were putting our wedding list together all those months ago. I’d spotted it on a website and thought it sounded cool! We had to be a ... read more
Ellory and an army of birds!
Thank you Meryl, Leon and Sandra!
Koala, bless!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD January 15th 2011

Day 132-134 15th-17th January We finally arrived in Melbourne after that dreadful train journey. We hadn’t booked anywhere to stay but I’d had a quick look on the internet and knew there were several hostels very close to the station. So while Ellory waited with our bags in the station I went off to find somewhere for us to stay. Unfortunately both of us had failed to realise that the Australian Tennis Open was due to start in the next few days and everywhere was full! I’d been to the 3 hostels I knew about and no one had any space…. So I came back to the station and used one of their internet terminals to find somewhere for us to stay. Flinders Station Backpackers, I booked our room online and we decided to walk over ... read more
Sunset at the Botantical Gardens
Botantical gardens

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