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I’ve had an urge to go to the Amazon Jungle over the past several years, and I finally got there. It was everything I had imagined: hot, wet, dense, and teeming with strange and dangerous wildlife. Our introduction was provided by a very capable team, Laurel and Pico at the Picaflor Research Centre. Picaflor recently became an official “Concecion Conservacion” - a plot of semi-park land. It is a project in sustainable forest management and a venue for academic projects. Laurel and Pico are an Anglo-Peruvian couple, and they have a small boy named Piquito. Laurel is a PhD biologist and Pico is a lifelong forest resident/brazil nut harvester. We recommend Picaflor highly. The food was great. Being a “volunteer” at Picaflor includes three hours of work daily (in return for the quite cheap lodging). They ... read more
A Bug
Another Bug

September 2, 2005 We are picked up at the airport and shuttled to the lodge´s office. We are awaiting others for the 2 hour commute to the lodge so we head into town to buy some snacks at the market. I get separated from Dan and our guide while they buy flip flops. They are both amazed at how I can be the only white girl in all of Peru and still manage to disappear so well. We take a 45 minute bus ride then a 45 minute boat ride to our lodge in the middle of the rain forest. We see caiman (baby alligators) and toucans along the way. The water is infested with piranhas. Guess we won´t be doing alot of swimming here. We are served lunch on the boat which is more like ... read more

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