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Leaving the highlands of Peru, we flew out of Cusco to the small town of Puerto Maldonado to our last stop in Peru - the Amazon Jungle and Basin. From Puerto Maldonado we took a mini-van for about an hour and a half across a rough dirt road through the verges of the jungle to get to the dock at which we boarded our motorized river canoe to make the roughly two hour trip upriver to our eco-lodge bordering the well regarded Tambopata Reserve. The Tambopata river is one of the major tributaries that flows into the Amazon, so while it was a surprise to us that we weren't actually on the Amazon River (will have to go to Brazil to see that) we were definitely deep in the Amazon Jungle. The first thing that jumped ... read more
Scarlet Macaw
Monkey and Friend
Caiman at Night

Jenny: We flew to Puerto Maldonado the day after finishing the Inca Trail, a day to rest would have been a good idea, but the flights were cheaper this way. It was only 30 mins in the air, so before we knew it we were arriving at the tiny airport of Puerto Maldonado. We were met by someone from the tour company, and then had a bit of a waiting game, first at the airport, then at their offices and finally on the boat that was to take us to our lodge by the Madre de Dios river (this bit was really hot). It was about 45 mins on a long thin boat with a motor to take us along the fast flowing muddy river to the Tambo Londge, our home for the next 2 nights. ... read more
Maria the Parrot
Can you spot the otters?
Sandoval Lake

Ok, so I´ve just got back from the Jungle and what an experience! I flew from Cusco to Puerto Maldonada and the adventre began as soon as I got off the plane. We drove to an office in the town where we had to ´repack´our stuff into green duffel bags so that we would only take what we needed for the four days. These bags would be carried for us by porters which is great cos I don´t think I´d have made it with a big bag on my back! We were then driven to the port where we boarded a motorised boat to take us down the Madre de Dios river to the Sandoval Lake reserve. Once there we had to hike for 3km down wet, muddy paths to get to the lake. Luckily they ... read more

Thursday October 5th - The Jungle. Yesterday was spent relaxing in Cuzco, resting from the Inca Trail, repacking for the jungle and having a nice meal as a group at the Inca Grill. The food in Peru has been nothing short of spectacular. A wide choice, very tasty and ridiculously cheap. After the meal, Big Tony and me hit the local night club, full of young Peruvians salsa dancing. It was a great little place. Friday was an early start after a long night of yet more noisy neighbours. Once again, I had to get my clothes on and knock on next doors door to ask them to quieten down, which they did for about ten minutes. The second time I had to go I asked them to take their private party downstairs to the bar ... read more
Puerto Maldonado
Avon Calling....
Our motorised canoe

After travelling through central america Jo was quite sure she had had enough of rain forests and the associated creepy crawlies but I could not go through south america without visiting the Amazon basin, eventually Jo had agreed to come when another solution presented its self, we had met up with our friends Helen and Michael in Cusco and had some time to spare...... I jumped on a plane and flew off in to Puerto Maldonado deep in the Jungle on my own. Once there I tried to get the boatmen down at the docks to take me into the jungle but they were all employed by various jungle lodges so I had to give in and go to a tour operator, I´m glad I did as they sorted me out a great deal and I ... read more

22nd September Although we were afforded a relative lie in, we were woken by the dawn chorus, and breakfast was at 7.30am. We had picked to visit Gamitana Creek which is a waterway that flows into the Madre de Dios river. Packed lunch was provided, and we had a half hour boat trip to reach the mouth of the creek which was our starting point. We followed a really narrow trail for 3.5km, with palms and trees that overhung the trail. Our Guide led the way, machete in hand, to clear a path for us to follow her through the forest. The palms at the start were all those that produce varieties of the Bird of Paradise flower. This was our most challenging day so far, as the temperature was over 35 deg, and the trail ... read more
Fire Ants
Our Trail through the Jungle
Russ along the Trail

21st September We had another early morning, with the wake up call coming at 5am, with breakfast at 5.30 and meeting for the canopy walk at 6am. Our Guide Karina led us onto the boat to tak us the short trip downstream to the canopy walkway. The walkway was built 3 years ago by American engineers from local wood from the Iron tree, because of its strength. We walked to the education centre, which is currently being developed into a shop and technology area for visitors to research the jungle flora and fauna. From here we walked to Tower A and climbed to a height of 32metres. The towers are joined by a series of six bridges, giving us the opportunity to view the jungle at canopy level. We were able to take our time up ... read more
Russ walking one of the Bridges
Kathryn makes her way across
Wood Pecker

Hello everyone, thanks for the messages, just back from the Jungle where there was no Internet, so we will try and catch up. 20th September Another early start with the alrm going off at 5.30am. We had packed the majority of things the night before, but were ensuring we had all the items we needed as we would be leaving some of our luggage at the airport beofre heading off into the jungle. Our flight went via Cusco, before carrying on to Puerto Maldonado. As we flew into the airport, we got our first view of the jungle, and we landed at a small airstrip - proportedly an "International" airport with one runway and two baggage carosels! We were met in arrivals by representatvies from our Lodge, where we were shown to our transportation. This was ... read more
Reception at the Butterfly Farm
Exotic flowers

caught the train back from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo where our bus was waiting to take us back to Cusco. Slept on the train and got bitten to pieces by mosquitos all over my legs as i was wearing 3/4 lenghts. Next day we headed off to go white water rafting on the sacred river. it was really good fun. The guides and equipment was excellent. we all paddled down the river with everyone elses boats capsizing or flipping except ours ha ha BEST. Decided to celebrate our last nite in Cusco and the fact that we have been to Machu Picchu. ate at a really nice tapas bar and went off to meet the others at the irish bar. Dunno what happened but i got completely wasted. don´t remember a thing after the irish bar. ... read more
White water rafting

After a day back in Cuzco to recover we then got a plane, a bus and a boat to the the Amazon basin jungle. On arrival we had a quick lunch (chicken and rice wrapped in a big leaf) before heading to monkey island. It lived up to its billing with hundreds of monkeys, as well as some impressive jungle vegetation and a great sunset. After dinner our Spanish failed us and we followed our group into a boat not knowing what we were doing. The Italian next to us informed us it was a search for alligators so it was with both excitment and trepidation that we set off in a flimsy looking boat in pitch black in search of creatures known to prey on man. The trip was a double success - we saw ... read more
Sunset in the jungle
Pedro and machete
A big tree...

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