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When they say the roar of the jungle, I now understand what they mean. We slept for 3 nights in a lodge set deep in the rainforest, right on the banks of Lake Sandoval, called Sandoval Lake Lodge. During these nights we were aided to sleep by the many fascinating and sometimes quite disturbing, noises of the rainforest. You would not believe what sounds can come out of such tiny insects, fragile looking birds and sweet looking monkeys. A racket that is what! A good kind of racket though, not like the disco on the other side of the wall we experienced in Lima. The sounds of the rainforest are definitely more soothing than those of some drunken Peruvians attempting karaoke that is for sure! One particular noise I was fascinated by was coming from the ... read more
Turtles chilling on a log
Lake Sandoval
The trees in the raindorest are enornous!

The Amazon Trip Tuesday 13th Left Cuzco at 6am to fly to Puerto Maldonaldo and then our group of 16 enjoyed a 3.5 hour motorised canoe trip up the Amazon to the Libertador Tambopata Eco Lodge. The scenery along the banks of the river was great with palm trees and banana trees plus lots of other tropical vegetation. We spotted caiman, heron, the largest rodents in the world (can’t remember its name), plus lots more. The Lodge was great. We all had our own rooms, 2 per bungalow, under a thatched vaulted roof with hot showers (heated by solar panels), and we had mosquito nets over our beds. It was clean and atmospheric. There was no electricity except between 6pm and 7pm when the generator was on so you could charge batteries etc….so the rooms, pathways, ... read more
Hard working Ants at the lodge
Wildlife enjoying Brazil nuts
Flowers at the lodge

Buenos Nochas Blog Readers! So this is our final blog of this incredible journey. We´ve found a really nice hostel in Lima (just down the road from the Stop and Drop Inn but a hundred times better!). We´ve just found out that the airport charges a 92 Soles tax on anybody going on international flights so to save us having to withdraw any money from an ATM (which costs about $5 a time) we´re saving our pennies big time! It should be possible to get through tomorrow on the money we have though! We landed in Puerto Maldonado airport on Monday and picked up by the owners of the Anaconda Jungle Lodge - Donald and Waddi. The lodge was absolutely amazing. It was honestly paradise and we´re so jealous of the owners lives! They have about ... read more

Hi all, Just to let you know that we are both still very well, on the day we published the last blog post on the jaguar, we returned to the lodge and saw him again on the way up! This time we got half decent photos, so here are some more as well as the most recent pick. Aside from that, yesterday we had a very exciting morning following a herd of white lipped peccaries (wild pig type things). We walked for about five hours and bumped into them three times. There were at least 50 of them and them make the most exciting noises, screaming and grunting and clacking their huge teeth. Running around eating and fighting. We are leaving the lodge and the jungle in two weeks now, which we are sad about as ... read more
Capirona beach
Big catterpillar

It started raining as I sat on the sofa in the lodge waiting for my group to leave. It wasn’t just any rain either, it was a torrential downpour reminiscent of the rainy season and I wasn’t really all that happy to see it. As I sat and talked to the three tourists that would be making the journey up river with me, my mind wandered to my lonely backpack, the one that I had left leaning up against a tree near the river. I thought of all of my dry clothes and my electronics and my extra books and I wondered if, after nearly five exciting years on the road, the pack’s ‘water resistance’ still functioned as it did when I first bought it. I didn’t linger too long on my belongings though. The mist-filled ... read more
Heads in the Jar-O
A Creature From Your Nightmares
Looking Down River

By my fifth week living at Posada Amazonas I was ready for a break. The eight to ten hours I was spending on the trail every day, while immensely enjoyable, were taking their toll on my body. To make things worse, the lumpy, sagging mattress I had been sleeping on had resurrected an old pelvis injury, which I had earned in a fit of stupidity during a mountaineering trip in Yosemite many years before. I spent a few days resting in my bed, hoping to prevent a total flare up that would eventually spread to my lower back, rendering me useless to the project. After my second day in bed it became clear that I was not going to recover sleeping on the same moldy mattress that had caused the flare up in the first place, ... read more
Moon Over the Amazon
The Giant Mussurana
Sunrise Over the Amazon

For those of you who have been following my blog you will notice a large gap. I have decided to start writing about my current travels, but I will fill in the gaps as quickly as I can, so stay tuned and enjoy. A quick glance through the window revealed a seemingly endless blanket of green where, a few minutes before, there had been huge, snow-capped peaks. Just below us a wide ribbon of muddy orange water sliced through the green in a winding, haphazard manner. I knew the river well, though I had only seen it on maps - It was the Tambopata, one of Peru’s last wild rivers. As we got closer to the ground individual trees became distinguishable in the blanket of green and it hit me for the first time just how ... read more
Rainbow Over the Canopy
The Giant Kapok Tree

Hi all, We have almost made 6 months in Peru, and so are down in town on the way to Brazil to get another passport stamp. We are making a bit of a holiday out of it and have 4 whole days off accompanied by books and newspapers sent by our parents. We are fully enjoying the onset of dry season, which has brought with it two new RNs, George and Shelley. This has greatly changed the dynamic of the place and we are getting a lot more things done with them and being very productive. We have been making a big effort to replace all the plants in the medicinal garden and to get the trails clear and in better condition for the high season. The good weather has also meant more animals, and I ... read more
Yaz feeding tamarins
Jaguar you?

8th April 2009 After our long trek we had a well deserved lie in. When we finally got up we headed to the highest Irish bar in the world to watch Liverpool play in The Champions League. Although the score wasn't good the food was. Today was Mike's (one of the guys from the trip) 30th birthday so in the evening we all returned to the Irish bar to help him celebrate. After a good night, a few beers and tequillas we were on our way back when Mike noticed his wallet was missing. After trying to search for it, they discovered that it was either lost or stolen, could anyone have worse luck. Unfortunately this meant that they could not come to the Amazon and were stranded in Peru with no money or cards. ... read more
health and safety market
Our transport to the lodge
Macaws chewing on clay

Ok we're on our way in the morning. We'll post something when we get to Cuzco, so that will be sometime after the 19th. We fly all day May 15th and arrive in Lima the morning of the 16th, well it's 12am. We have several hours to wait for our next flight. So we're hoping to find a bench to catch a few hours of sleep. Our first four days will be spent in the Amazon (Puerto Maldonado), we'll be staying at the Refugio Amazonas. We will not have internet access while we're in the Amazon so you'll have to wait till we get back to civilization (Cuzco) to hear about our trip. We plan to find internet cafes or use the computer in the hotel if ones available. In the meantime here's some information on ... read more
Amazon Canoe

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