Photos from Amazon Rainforest, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru, South America

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Andrew Relaxing at the Anaconda Lodge
Lake Candenado
Buttresses and Vines
A Saddle-Back Tamarin
A Beetle
The Brazil Nut
Wandering Spider
Sunrise Over the Amazon
In the Boat
A Tarantula
A Giant Toad
Sunset on the Tambopata
The Bathroom Frog
Living in an Emerald World
A Bullet Ant
The Tambopata River
The Tower Platform
A Big Spider
Rainbow Over the Canopy
Looking Up
The Giant Kapok Tree
Macaws chewing on clay
The Group
Mating jungle frogs
River Boat
¿Te gustas cake?
view of Lake Sandoval
Dan and Pepe
Licking the clay
Colourful plant (not sure of the name)
Heliconia fruits
Spiny legged bush cricket
Amazon Pics
swimming with the Piranah´s
I'm watching you.
Parrots and macaws feeding on the sand bank.
Brendan holding the baby caiman.
Banana boat
Monkey business
It's Willie!
Jungle Leaves
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