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After a night at sea we arrived in Rio de Janerio. Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer statue greeted us. Our travel companions, Larry & Lisa Ingraham, choose to visit Mt Corcovado and the iconic statue of Christ which overlooks the city. Barb and I chose to hit the beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema. While the temps were only in the 80's, the humidity was the hardest for us to adjust to but, hey, we're in RIO!!! Barb got to see many hard bodied studs in their speedos and I got an eyeful of butt floss and nipples. The day we were there was a national holiday so the crowds were fairly large. We observed a march by a group of people, half clad in bright orange T-shirts with language that we could only partially interpret. Portuguese is ... read more

Sarah: Man down! Nick has unfortunately been struck down by a tummy bug. After not much sleep we've spent this morning trying to rehydrate him so that we can get our bus to Paraty. It's touch and go at the moment but think we're going to go for it. I picked up some travel sick tablets that the pharmacist warned 'would cause extreme drowsiness', which was what I was going for and hopefully should do the trick for the 4-5 hour trip.... Anyway, we managed to fit a lot in in Rio. Tuesday's walking tour was a big success. We saw the tiled steps, the 'brutalist' cathedral (ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside) and had a lot of history of Brasil and Rio explained, most of which involved 'this happened because the government lied ... read more
Christ the Redeemer
Nick in happier times in the beautiful botanicals
Giant bamboo!

Nick: After all these months of planning we are finally here. I write this entry from the air-conditioned comfort of our hostel room, at about 06:45 on our second morning in Brazil. Our journey here was quite a slog, taking a good 16 hours in total. The trip got off to a bit of a bad start when the delightful people of Alitalia refused to let us board our first flight as we did not have sufficient proof of onward travel from Brazil; clearly our round-the-world itinerary was a sham we had masterminded in order to facilitate our illegal immigration to Rio! Needless to say, a panicked negotiation of this red tape ensued and we spent a good ninety minutes acquiring the necessary information to get us on that plane. Eventually we made it through security, ... read more
Bean enjoying some well-earned hammock-time!

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 21st 2015

Parque Nacional da Tijuca is one of the worlds largest urban forests. The park is 15 square miles and is home to countless species of plants, birds and mammals. The park also has waterfalls and is a peaceful escape from the city. We hired a private guide to take us for a hike in the forest. We used Trips in Rio,, Alexandre Ghiggino was our guide. There are no public buses that go to the park so you need to rent a car or take a tour. The trails are not marked so a guide keeps you from getting lost. Be sure to bring water and a snack if you go on a hike. Our guide picked us up at our hotel and drove us to the park. We stopped to take pictures at a ... read more
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Waterfall - drought year

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema February 21st 2015

En voyage d'affaires, ma sœur m'a fait d'honneur de sa présence pendant trois jours trop courts. Non contente de voyager en éco à 4 mois de grossesse, ma chère sœur me demande à peine arrivée si l'on peut faire l'ascension des Dois Irmãos (les deux rochers que l'on voit en arrière plan de toutes les photos prises sur la plage d'Ipanema). Dois Irmãos en portugais cela veut dire "Deux frères".... arf! C'est un signe, les deux sœurs monteront sur les deux frères! Nous voici donc au sommet du plus haut des deux monts, en petite robe et claquettes..... Trois trempettes dans l'océan, quelques bons plats partagés, une rencontre avec mes nouveaux amis et la voilà déjà repartie. En laissant ma sœur dans l'aéroport je sens un gros pincement au cœur...... les Rio/Lyon seront moins fréquents que ... read more
2 irmas.
irmas nos irmaos.

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 21st 2015

We took a city bus to Sugar Loaf. We use Google Maps to find the correct bus to take. The busses in Rio are easy to take because you don't need coins to ride the bus. There is a person on the bus who takes your money and gives you change. You can also ask this person to let you know when you should get off for Sugar Loaf. Ask them in Spanish because they do not speak English. The bus dropped us off a block away and we walked up to the base of Sugar Loaf. You can purchase your tickets on the Internet then go to a machine to print your tickets. We did not buy our tickets on the Internet but bought them when we arrived. The ticket line is set up for ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 21st 2015

We took a City bus to Christ Reedemer. We used google maps to find the bus from our hotel to Cosme Velho. We knew we had arrived at Cosme Velho when we saw the train. You can also take the metro to Largodo Machado metro stop then take a bus to Cosme Velho. Once you arrive at Cosme Velho you can buy a ticket for a train ride up the mountain. We arrived at noon and the next train available was 4:00. There were people selling rides in a van up the mountain so we decided to do that. We were able to pay by credit card so that was nice. You can also take a taxie. Once we got to the mountain base we had to wait in line to buy a ticket to get ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 18th 2015

Rio de Janeiro- Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf and Carnaval We are still in the tropics. 22 degrees south of the equator. Hot, hot, hot 90 degrees and almost 100% humidity. Today is Fat Tuesday, the last day of Carnaval (Carneval, Carnival, Carnivaal…take your pick of spelling depending on the country ;-). The streets are filled with people in amazing costumes heading off to the beaches and parks where the Samba Bands from the various schools will be playing tonight. We are people with a purpose today. With only 2 days in Rio, we want to see the most iconic places; Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, the beaches and of course eat some great food! Rio is a city of contrasts. There are beautiful new skyscrapers and terrible slum areas snaking up into the mountains. There are amazingly ... read more
Aquaduct through Rio
Sugarloaf 1
View from Sugarloaf

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 18th 2015

Comme chez les Beaumel on adore la "bonne bouuuufe" et on ne s'en cache pas, après les avoir gavées de viande dans un des restaurants de viandes les plus connus du Brésil (Fogo de Chão), voilà un merveilleux endroits pour déguster toutes sortes de salgados achetés dans l'épicerie du coin. Les salgados sont des en cas (perso cela me fait un repas entier, mais nous sommes au Brésil), auxquels je défie quiconque d'échapper lors d'un voyage au Brésil. Ce sont très souvent des beignets, friands, roulés, croquants, chaussons bref des trucs plein de graisse, farcis à tout (poulet, viande, légumes , formage, crevettes, morues...). Ahhhh cela faisait longtemps que nous n'avions pas parlé de nourriture.... Mais le point principal de ce post est tout de même le Jardin Botanique qui a été créé pour la culture ... read more
jardim botan
jardim bo
Dans la maison des orchidées

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana February 16th 2015

Beautiful sunrise as we entered the harbour of Rio, Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer hit you in the face, a spectacular site from the water, Christ the Redeemer just sitting above the cloud, like it is floating! Breaky early and head out into the thousands for the last day of carnivale, 3 street parties to go to!! First one on Ipanema Beachfront, fantastic costumes and music and dancing, then onto a more suburban one, could hardy move! Last one was the best - Brazilians sure know how to party - doesn't matter how big! - those bodies just shake and dance! Millions of litres of beer consumed in Rio today!! Then headed out to Copacabana beach for dinner at a Churasscaria restaurant, absolutely stuffed full of lovely meats bought to our table and carved in ... read more

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